Monday, October 21, 2013

Last week in Sibu 1

Right now i'm back in SG for a week. Again to mention, man time flies Face screaming in fear

So now, gonna blog about my last week back in Sibu first. So my last week there is just basically eat eat eat and eat while hanging out with friends.

Sad thing is I still didn't manage to visit to most of the newly open restaurants that i hvn try before. Gonna try them all when i get back next time. Joyce was telling me to have a food trip next time when we are back. Like going to eat all the nice food in Sibu in a day lol i think we need to start at 8 am and end at 12 midnight LOL and after that i think we need to run 20km for the next day!

Went Noodle House with vivian and carey for brunch. Wanted to try the 心太软 there but friends recommended me not to cz it's not worth it and it tastes not that good, so we had

Tiramisu Cake
My fav Gyoza but it tastes fine only. Man I really wanna have awesome gyoza! Awesome taste not so-so only
Caramel icecream toast.

We waited for everything ordered to be served and take some pic of it before we dig in. and great, after the last dish to be served the cake almost melted LOL #girlsbeinggirls
With Carey at her house, just chilling before she leave the next day.

Met up again with Wendy and had dinner at Secret Recipe. The reason we chose there is not because of the food or the cake it's just simply because the lighting there is perfect enough for camwhore. And yes, we did camwhore until like there's no tomorrow like that. LOL

LOTD with 3ce lipstick #CHUCHU super in love with it. Gotta blog about it soon for my 2nd batch of 3ce items :D

Had this that night and ended up still hungry when I got home. Isn't it too small? gosh it's not even kid's meal tho and it looks exactly different from the picture. I swear that the portion was 10 times smaller as shown in the pic. How can? 

Now, her's was really kid's meal lol

So while waiting for our dinner to be served, we were just goofing around and camwhore there with tons of stupid faces can't stop taking ugly shots, can't show it here or my image will go until -100 LOL 

A candid shot, posting this cz I look skinny? LOL die die wanna post. bare with me lahh~ hahahha

Camwhore will never come to an end. Continue right after our dinner since there were not much customers that night.

She was just trying to play with her hair like how I normally do LOL in the end she fail
Enough of the too much silly faces, lets go back to the basic, with 0 expression :) 

She laughed extra hard when I had this face! LOL what's so funny?

Play until we got nothing to play LOL

Ok, now post some nice one to gain back some image

To be continued...

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