Saturday, September 17, 2011

A September BABY :D

Happy Birthday to ME :D I'm a September BABY! Born on the 17th September :D Cheers to all September BABY! :D 
Let me reveal a stupid secret of me last time. I used to get confuse which day was my birthday. I mean I need to think a few sec like two to three sec when someone ask me when was my b'day. In my mind, I was like: "erm, 14th or 17th?" LOL Now, I still got this problem SOMETIMES  haha TERRIBLE! Luckily I can memorize my IC num. so whenever I got mixed up, I can like memorize my IC num. STUPID RIGHT?! FML  
It's an OK birthday this year. Can't celebrate with friends due to SPM this year :( So, I just can celebrate my birthday with my lovely family :D

Mummy, me, bro and Daddy :D
That's my family :)

Went to my favourite Japanese Restaurant - Zen, to have dinner :) Really enjoyed a lot. :D BUT it seems like the price of the food these days really increased a lot cz the food there all decreased in size LOL. When the Salmon Shio came out, I was like SHOCKED cz it's totally different from the one I ordered last time. It became smaller, BUT it's still YUMMY :)

Mummy actually wants to bring the cake there to celebrate for me. BUT it's way too embarrassing so, I SAID NO! Haha... So, we blew the cake at HOME :)

*Ta-da! :D

Cheese cake :)

Cake blowing and cutting ceremony :)

 Outfit of the day :)
Top - Cotton On
Skirt - from JOYCE
Tried to make a slight change from the curls that I usually curled BUT obviously, it PHAILED  :(

Photo taking session :)

 "Operation" was going on. LOL

 Uli appa :) 
 I had no idea why my face looks kinda EVIL today :(

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