Thursday, May 1, 2014


Sup everybardiiiii.... I hope everyone is having a good week! Hang on there, 2 more days to weekend! Well, i just assume that my weekend is here now since today is Labour Day and Friday I got no school :)) YAY!!!

So yesterday, I had an interview with a company at Ang Mo Kio, some where very far from my place. It's my first official interview, I was so worried that I cnt get the job, I was so nervous... Can't sleep last night but i guess it's not totally because of the interview, it's just because I was hungry lollll

So when the interview was over, me and my friend decided to meet up and head for dinner together at Tanjong Pagar.

Tanjong Pagar is always famous with lots of awesome Korean restaurant along the whole Tanjong Pagar Road near Duxton Hill. The most famous one i bet it's 2D1N always heard that the queue is freaking long. I heard of Superstar K and hear that the queue wasn't that long so we decided to go there for their charcoal bbq! Who knows, there's a queue there and it's pretty long, and we were so hungry and exhausted. So we decided not to wait, just hop in to any restaurant nearby since there's tons of Korean restaurant there. 

So we just went in to one small casual looking Korean restaurant next to Cake Spade called Ramen sth *oops, cnt rmb the name.

They don't serve chic or beef like what others do. They serve ramen, ttokbogi, korean pancakes, cold noodles, egg rolls etc. I called those light and easy traditional Korean food perhaps?

This thing came first, and I thought hmmmmm not that generous? Lolllll can refill de la. Lolll i like all the tauge, ikan billis and ofc the kimchi!

Ordered this. There's sausage, luncheon meat, ramen, tofu and kimchi. Perfect combi! Just like what I always see in those Korean show. I like all except the tofu. I drank all the soup! It's so nice, not so spicy, a lil bit sour, i love that taste, well, basically kimchi taste la...

Ttokbogi. When it comes out, i'm like uh, that's not right. The colour is not right, it's not like what i saw from the tv show lehhh. Loll i had no idea how the authentic one tastes like cz i had never try any before. Every time i watched those k-show when they eat the ttokbogi, i'm like geeeeeeeezzzzz looks freaking yummy. But this, it's like erm not what i like, it's spicy a bit thn sweet, it just tastes weird. Loll prolly i should try the authentic one before i comment on if i like or not.

Best best part, the korean seafood pancake. It's forever my favourite korean dish. The crunchy outer part of the pancake and the soft inner part, the veg, onion and seafood. Perfect! Had the kimchi one at Big Mama last time, it's even better with their sauce even marvelous! This one, i duno what sauce they gave i think it's just the normal light soya sauce, not that perfect match with the pancake :(

Before i finished the meal i was like probably we can go cake spade to have dessert after our dinner. But after our dinner, i was too full and it was close :(((((( super sad :((( i wana try their strawberry tofu cheesecake and red velvet. NEXT TIME I MUST! 

Was craving for lots of food so badly. There's just some moments when I crave for so many food at one time and I wanna have all! Lollll and so I decided to go to the hawker nearby my house today. 

Looked what I did............

Chicken rice, prawn noodle, chwee kueh,  ji chiong fan, beancurd. Obviously i didn't eat all at one time. I eat bit by bit lolll. Then leftover one, i kept it for dinner and also for tmr's lunch loll just in case I feel too guilty. Hahaha  I REALLY LOVE HAWKER FOOD 

Was craving for waffle with choc/peanut butter so so so badly these days but I can't find any :( should continue searching for it again tmr lollll food craving can never ever be fixed :(
ok, erm and i'm also craving for cheese fries, twister fries, criss-cross fries what ever FRIES.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nexcare Acne Patches Review

Acne. Acne are just so irritating!!! People who has acne problems, you'll know how I feel. I had so many friends with acne problems, but I bet I'd the most serious acne problem among them. 

In my case, my pimples are like big ones. First, I'll have a big red bump. Second, the red bump will turn into zits (yellowish, disgusting thingy, so called pus). Third, I'll poke it cz I got no choice, I'll look freaking ugly with those zits and I ain't going out with that! 

I'm a picker. When I was in my teenage, I just can't stand with those bumps, zits! I'll either pick it or poke it! I know it's disgusting, it's not good, but I just can't control myself! I believe most of those people who suffer from acne did that k.

Soon, when I grow up, I start controlling myself, I pick less, but there's still some nights I'll try to poke those acne and squeeze those heads out. Then the next morning, I'll look freaking fugly with red bumps all over my face and worst, scars. So now, I'll warn myself to never pick on my pimples!

Few weeks ago, I did mention on how crazy my pimples are! It's so insane, so luckily I had no school, I won't need to go out so no makeup! I just wait for the pimple to heal itself, but it take ages! and those pimples just grow bigger. One day I need to meet my friend nearby my house for dinner, and the pimple is just so awkwardly lied near my nose there. And one of my friend, she told me to use the Nexcare Acne Patch. She said it's super duper good! And yes! IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! It's a miracle for me!

P.S previously, before my friend recommended me this thing, I did heard before acne patches from those gurus but I never looked into it. Cz I thought it's just a piece of sticker that you used to stick on your acne cz it's so freaking ugly. That's all. I never know it can actually heal your acne in a faster way. I know I sound idiot. lollll

So after my friend recommended me, I straight away went to Watson and buy. I bought the smaller pack one, i can't remember how many patches they got. In one pack, they got two sizes, small and big patches. Btw, the pack I bought is 40% thinner, I had no idea how thick the original one is, cz I never buy it before.

The second time I purchase, I bought the bigger box, with 30 patches, 40% thinner (like the pic above).
However, this time this box only contain small size patches. But I had seen people posting on the normal original ones, they got big and small size patches. I had no idea why. I'll try to find it out soon.

Those patches act as a barrier to prevent yourself from picking your zits, reduce hand contact and infection. It acts like a sponge that absorbs the oily secretion, fluid and pus.

How to use:
1. Cleanse your face, dry your face with a towel. Stick the patch to your pimples before you apply any skin care product. Make sure that your hand and face is dry. Otherwise, it will not stick well.
2. Once the colour changes to white, it means that the oily secretion has been absorbed. Gently peel it off.
3. If wearing makeup, applu the acne patch first.

For me, I'd prefer to use it during the night time. I once use it when I go out. In the end, I ended up looking stupid, a girl with a sticker on her face. Lolll cz it's not completely transparent or skin colour. It's slightly yellow instead.

So during the night, after I cleanse my face, I would stick it onto my acne. After that, I'll apply my skincare products. The next day, when you peel it off, you'll find a yellowish spot on the patch. That's the pus. And then, your zits will be gone. No blood, no pus. Awesome! 

Pickers or I should say anyone suffering from acne should really buy this! Esp those who have big big big pimples like me! Don't pick your pimples as it will leave scars! I'm also saying this to myself! Lollll

I hope you find this post useful :D

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Updates :D

Hi guys, sorry for abandoning this space for so long, had been really busy these days, rushing for assignments, preparing for internship and stuffs.

I had just done blogging. Finally updated my blog on the review of Magic Any Cushion. I'd drafted it ages ago but I've got no time to take pictures. Finally took the pictures yesterday and uploaded the complete post. Please forgive me if it's not a good review post. It's only my second makeup review post k.... :) Do comment if you find it useful :D I'll be so happy to read it :)

If you haven't check it out, here it is :)
Magic Any Cushion Review

So now, this post is gonna be a casual update about my life.

Talking about depress, i believe everyone will have the moment when you feel super duper depress, no matter how cheerful you are in real life. I'm not the super cheerful type, but still considered fine. I'm not the type that got so drag away by my mood. Or maybe I did but I never realise, well those things only your close friends/family will know. Or maybe I'll only express it in front of the people who I'm close with. When I'm happy, ofcz I'll be so happy 24/7. But, if there's something bad happen, I'll feel down, depress, sad, moody, but only in my own space, my own world, my room. Once, i step out, of my own private area, to face other people, I'll make sure I won't bring that sad, depressing mood/face to others. Well, for sure I'll complain to others, that's how I express and release my stress.

There's just some time, things just don't work like how you imagine it would be. Things just go wrong, fail and crashed. If one/two things fail, it's still fine, acceptable, easy to deal with. But if two or more, I CAN'T TAKE IT! If so many things don't go well as what I pictured it would be, I just can't get over it. I'll be super depressed, super stress cz it's like so messed up! I'll just stuck there for a while, think about it and I'll question myself WHY? And after that, it's time to express, first I'll start to cry. (lol, crying baby! I KNOW! but please everyone got their way to express/release their stress ok!) Then, I'll pamper myself first, treat myself a good meal or shopping if i gt the time and extra pocket money. Lolllll

I believe that's what everyone's gonna face, especially when you are getting older (sounds like I very old here, but I'm not k!), when you start to enter the real working environment, being an adult. Every time you fail, you will learn from it. Then the next time, you'll be aware of, then that's where you'll succeed. Well, sounds like I'm so grown up, so experienced, so successful. That's just what I believe and what I thought la! #stilllearning

So there's one day, I just slept like for 1 and half hours. I went to bed around 4 am, insomnia strikes, or maybe I was too hungry, can't get to sleep. Only slept around 7 am and I woke up around 9 plus or 10 am. (I KNOW IT'S CRAZY! BUT I CAN'T HELP! I PRAY THAT THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANY MORE!!!) And that day I got one assignment due date. Not enough sleep, assignment due date, scared that I can't stay up late, it's stressful enough. Then that morning, my landlord just scolded me due to some 'issue'. Ok, BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Ok, so, I'll conclude it as, everything is still gonna move on no matter how depressing you are. That's life! So, get over it! and nail it like a diva!


Ok, so after the depressing moment I'd few days ago, I'm so glad that it's over! And so, yes I went for shopping after that! It's like ages since I shop! I'm so happy!

It's April now, I'll start my internship in 2 months time! So, in this 2 months time, I need to start preparing myself for those interviews.

Bought these shoes. I pray that these won't hurt, won't kill me like how some of my other shoes did! 

Ok, I'll end this post here! Toodles :)