Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey hey!!! Am here to blog again! :) Seems like my first chinese post was loved by most of you. It's one of my popular post! :D Thanks for your support! As a feedback, Imma blog in chinese again today. P.S Don't laugh! ;P

Okkkk, now get ready. Click play, listen, follow the beat, read and feel! A cute song by 王心凌.
今天,都过得好吧!先来几张上星期六GB Sunday 的照片现吧!:)




Hmmmmm... 今天,终于下雨了!!! 爽!终于不用开冷气或风扇也觉得冷。
下午回到家,就忙着订年尾的机票。个人资料打进去了后,到最后ERROR 笨死去的 air asia 浪费我半个小时的睡觉时间 疯去!过后,老爸还是帮我订好了。真迫不及待想赶快到年尾去。几乎有半个月都在旅游。真爽。光想都死了太多脑细胞因为太风狂了!哈哈。
然后,我那超级长的午觉时间又到了。告诉我自己只能睡到三点谁知道一睡就睡到四点(疯了). 超猪的!
感觉整个post 都没有什么main point 那样。
让我分享些我觉得超级丢脸的事吧 :)
1. 当你和朋友边走边聊的时候,因为某些原因那位你一直以为都走在你旁边的朋友突然消失了 而你却在那一直讲你自己的。然后你一转身,在你后面却是一个你不认识的人惊讶的脸 + 有几度想笑你的脸看着你然后走掉。而你却在那里假装没事 默默的在找你那消失在后面的朋友。丢脸死了!
2. 在茫茫人海当中跌倒/当时只有你和另外一个人时,你不小心跌倒了。丢脸死了。
3. 当你在说别人坏话时,而且说到很爽的时候,突然发现你在讲的那个人或是他的好朋友就在你旁边。
以上,除了2以外我都有做过3还超常发生的 :) 还有更多 只不过我没那么勇敢说出来。

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday *winks ;P

Hello hello hello again peeps. Here again to blog :D Love blogging, sharing some part of my lives to ya all :D Your support makes me feel good too :)

Okayyyy, back to the point. Hmmmm woke up around 10 this morning. Hungry like hell. Walked down, hoping there's something nice to eat to feel up my hungry stomach. Who knows muummy asked you want cheese cake or shake? Gosh I ate both :)

After that, of course I studied some History. Some only. After that, went to Popular. Bought two books and some stationaries.

Then went to church for GB Sunday. Brought my camera decided to record down the performance by kids and take some pictures. Who knows when I press the 'ON' the screen says battery EMPTY!!! Gahhhhh =.= Then all the pictures are not with me. Will post it after it's on FB. Then used my phone to record. Half way, memory FULL. =.= Erhemmmmm..........

Now, take a look at this. Katy Perry's Last Friday Night. Very cool and creative MV.

*Spot the man with the six packs. He got AWESOME body LOL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random :D

Decided to blog in chinese today. First complete chinese post o! :D
昨天,午觉睡到一半还停电 真要命。热死我了。没办法睡,只好起来坐在客厅的地板读书。冷冷的很爽。终于电来了。真爽。:D 晚上,去补习又来了,热!!!

今天更死。早上有周会。虽然能坐下但是还是很不爽 因为很热。好死不死今天礼堂的冷气出了问题。坐在上面的我,一眼望下去,大家的脸就写着“不爽,很热!”大家都忙着扇自己。现,是校长致词。二,是 Mr. Lee.  过后,是Mr. Ling。 好不容易以为他们那超长的话都说完了 谁知道还要多三个同学在上面致词。更本就是多此一举因为没人在听。

过后, Swinburne 的人来更我们说了很多关于 Engineering 的东西。我的妈呀!闷死我了 因为我对它没兴趣!过后给了我们几样东西做个会走得玩具车之类的东西。感觉不错啦。然后就到了道德节。我又疯了。老师给我们看开刀生孩子的影片。恐怖到~~~~~~~~~ 几点!还看监狱里光着屁股被打鞭的影片。够可怜的。让我正真的见识到屁股开花。超恶心的!


在补习和朋友们聊了些事, 发泄了。真爽。

啊!!! 累了。看电视去。
别忘了安我 nuffnang ads 哦!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late post, Happy Papa's Day :))

Hahahhahhhahha so how am I going to start first? Hmm picture first la :)
Sorry for the bad quality photo :(
Out fit of the day:
Top & accessories - Cotton On
Belt - MANGO
Shorts - Bugis

Okayyyyy. Remember about my Mama's day post? No? Click here It seems like pretty touching. Mummy loves it. And Papa's asking for one too. LOL.

One day, at facebook,

Mama: Thanks my lovely girl, I enjoy the dinner
Papa: what about the Papa's?

Lol it's only 12 May and he's already asking for it.

Okaayyyyy now, here it is. Here we go!!!!

It's Sunday. Obviously I didn't say Happy Father's Day to Papa. Cz shy ma~~~ :)) Then, we went to Payung for dinner. Hmmm food were okayyy. Didn't take pics cz we were busy eating :(

Okayyy well, my dad is a really impatient man! EXTREMELY IMPATIENT! He got a 啤酒肚 LOL and he got 老花了.

LOL Father....
Father of course plays an important role in our life :)
Without him, there's no me. Without him, I got no better life.
He earns real hard to support my family. 1 big thanks.
He pays to let me study. 2 big thanks.
He pays to let me go for tuition. 3 big thanks.
He earns to let me and my family live in a better environment. 4 big thanks.
He earns to buy me goods 来满足我人生很多很多的欲望和诱惑. 5 6 7 8 9 10 big thanks.
I forgot what to say liao. LOL... Hahhahhahhaha...................................

Conclusion: 我家老豆是个很凶而且也很 harsh 的爸爸. So, don't bully me or he'll work with my mama to tear you into pieces and throw you into the deep blue sea to feed the shark! (just kd) :))
贪吃的他 :)

Happy family :P

That's all for my Father's day post :D
Gonna go for tuition later. Byeee~~~
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun and memorable night ♥

Wei wei wei. Blogging time :))) Today, SATURDAY :))) Went for Chemistry class this morning at 7.30am to do experiments. Luckily it's experiments or I'll be sleepy like hell. After that, GB time :) FUN

Deng deng deng deng. Night time at Li Hua Hotel. GATHERING and FAREWELL. Had so much fun. First, the camwhore part. Took the lift from 1st floor to 8th, 8th to 1st again. LOL camwhore, screaming and jumping inside the lousy lift. LOL. Next camwhore camwhore camwhore.

One of many :)

Then, we were like hey lets sing "朋友". Ka-cha (fyi let's go!) Then we sang and sang and sang. And camwhore again. It's really fun :)

*Pictures are all in others phone and camera so still need to wait for them to upload :))

Follow up for my next post ba. Stay tuned :)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey hey. It's blogging time again. :)) It's Friday. Finally :))) Finally school day comes to another end thought it's only two days break :)
Very glad that I got no tuition tonight:)) Gonna "high fan tian" myself tonight :)
Okay, what's my day-time schedule just now?
1. School
2. home
3. eat
4. bath
5. tuition
6. home

That's all. Actually, I'm very 宅. :) I can stay at home all day for many days doing my-very-own-personal-happy-enjoyable-things unless I really feel like going out for shopping. I'll only feel like going some places with reasons not for just walk walk "gai gai" like that. :) 宅吧 :) *winks
In case you got bored. Pictures first :)

Ok ok!!! Something serious now! It's Father's Day this coming Sunday. DO YOU KNOW THAT???!!! If you don't boo you! How can I know it but you don't. C'mon spare some time with your dad. Show just some of your cares and love to make your daddy cry. *just kidding. No idea through what way? Don't wanna say it with your mouth cz you're shy. EASY. There's something called FACEBOOK :) Post it and ask your dad to read it. Or just like me post it on blogger like on Mother's Day :) Papa was asking for the PAPA'S. LOL *how cute? Gonna post another touching one this SUNDAY :)) Can't wait for it.

Papa's day. What to do? Planning to go to PAYUNG to have dinner :) That's all SIMPLE :)) Haven't start earning so can't buy anything for papa. Next time I'll *PINKY PROMISE. Two years later wait till I earn some from nuffnang and churp churp. (So, remember to visit my blog more often and also click on the nuffnang adds and and and also churp churp. thanks :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. Dinner at Li Hua Hotel :)) Nights :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


TWILIGHT Breaking Dawn?! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))) Too bad I don't think I can watch it in the cinema due to SPM (I GUESS) Jacob's SEXAY! Edward too :) Love both of them :D *winks. Edward and Bella got married :) Gonna be interesting :D

Going for camp tomorrow :( I just don't like to be divided into groups :( I wanna be with my bunch of friends, having much fun :) And I hate to be separated with my friends into different rooms. Then I'm going to sleep with some sort of strangers and I can't even sleep until 2.00 am and I kept waking up in the middle of the night. FML hate that!!!! Geezzzzzz This is my very last camp. I hope it's gonna be extremely FUN and EXCITING! :) I'll only be back this Saturday. Sad :(

One weeks ago, holiday just start. Now, it's gonna end so soon :( My schedule tmrw is gonna be efffff-ing FULL. Morning, extra class, afternoon camp and all sort things. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( Hvn packed yet Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :((((
See me four days later then :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


Boo! Hey hey... :)) Boo boo boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just found out this cute cute BOO from someone's blog :))) No idea what's Boo and who's Boo? Look here !
Cute kan?
Wanna find out more? Click here

Saw my post about my hair yesterday? No? Click here

I've cut mah long hair :( And now, it's short. Mah friend said that it's so not obvious in the pic I've shown in my last post. So here it is, my short hair :)

看我那慈祥的脸儿 :) *winks haha

Very very short right? Compared to my ex-hair :( And now I just have to wait :)

Song of the day :) 太完美 by Super Junior M :)))
Well, 没有一样东西是完美的更何况是太完美?Nothing's perfect :( There's the up and down in our life or our life will be boring. There's difficulties to make us stronger. Happy things to make us feel better :)
Some issues surrounding me nowadays :( Geezzzz Is that why I'm always hungry? LOL I'll just keep on praying to God. I hope he'll help me :)
Gonna save more money for next month cz some events coming up and for my future life :) Going elsewhere for studies next year and I don't have much money :( Terrible :(
So, keep viewing my blog and click the thing down there :) Like this you'll be helping me le :) I'll appreciate :) Thank kieww those who are keep viewing my blog and thanks for your support :) *awww tears :') (just kd)

Geeezzzz PIMPLES!!!!
*If you had any idea on curing it, please tell me. I appreciate :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cut hair 记

Hey hey. Long time didn't update my blog cz i got nothing to blog about.

Today, it's my cut hair 记. Long time didn't cut my hair. Since last year I guess excluding cutting my fringe. Well, how long is my hair?
It's this long!!!!!!!! And I'm loving it because I can curl it anytime with the curl thing or I just tie it up in a bun and it becomes like that :) And now, my hair's short. very very very short :((((( As short as,
ZOMG!!! I guess it's me or my hairdresser is out of our mind. This is extremely short for me. Not that it's not nice. My hairdresser he's pro enough. it's nice and lovely.I love it. It's just that I love my long long hair. And I'm missing it now :( Now, I don't think I can curl it :( And now, how long do I need again for my hair to grow back????? One year?! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot! Wrong decision again :(

*Last night.
Me: Ma, I wanna cut my hair.
Mum: When?
Me: ASAP. Tomorrow la!
Mum: ok then.

Mum: Cut where?
Me: Fringe.
Mum: Fringe nia?! Your hair is too long k!
Me: back too la but not too much arh.
Hairdresser: How?
Me: Erm fringe until mouth there then back I want it to be like ping ping de :)
Hairdresser: Ok la like this short can? (showing me with the mirror)
Me: ok
Hairdresser: Ok you wait first arh.
Flipping the magazine while he's dealing with other customers. I was changing my mind that I don't want it to be ping ping de I want a little bit V de.
Changed my mind and I told the hair dresser.
He started to cut a bit and showed me the length.
Hairdresser: ok ma?
Me: Hmm shorter a bit.
Hairdresser: ok.
then he started to cut cut cut. And in my mind, I was like shoot! I wanna cry liao, it's damn short. After he finish cutting, I was like hmm ok la short jiu short. It'll grow back soon. Plus it's quite nice de :) Well, I just miss my long hair.:(((((((((((((

To my dearest hair:
FAST FAST GROW BACK ARH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
I miss you hair.

Btw, I didn't meant to blame my hairdresser. He's still very good. He's awesome :)