Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yamamoto+ZenQ+Te Amo+Korean BBQ

Yamamoto+ZenQ+Te Amo+Korean BBQ. Everything in one day. Goshhh I always say that 都我自己把自己给吃垮去 means I eat a lot, too much until I got no money. Lol seriously duno I spend how much on food. 

Okay, so last last Saturday, I planned to meet with my gang of high school besties at a Yamamoto cz I never tried before. So yea...

 Must have a selfie first LOL
Duno what she's trying to do

 Everyone ordered a main and 2 side dishes. Potato Karoge and Spider Maki (soft shell crab)

Was meant to share but in the end, everyone was too full and they asked me to finish up the whole plate of Spider maki! There's 5 biji and each of them is like so big! Great and I ate 4!!! After that, so damn full but still insisted to go for dessert cz we hvn finish talking and the restaurant is closing so yea...

 After that ZenQ. Their signature one with matcha and another with er I can't remember (got terrible memories these days, got nagged by my mum I'M ONLY 19!)
I remember I went there few months ago and I'm so in love with the matcha one cz I love matcha  and I was craving for it ever since that day. Tried to go another day with my parents but it's so full. Now, it's quite ok even on a Saturday afternoon, and well it just doesn't taste that good any more :( sad case :(

Had some difficulties stretching my hands to take a pic and fit everyone in lol hand too short :(

Went to Te Amo after ZenQ cz we wanted to cut the birthday cake at ZenQ but the staffs there said NO OUTSIDE FOOD not even cutting WTF so we went to Te Amo. Love the ambience not bad with the cute deco :)

Another selfie. Bare with me please. One side of my eye looking WEIRD :(

Okay here comes the birthday cake. Us and the birthday cake. Belated one, but still appreciate it much, girls :D (P.S although the cake looks so ugly and it tastes so meh~) 

 Like must take some different shots with the birthday cake tho it's ugly but still! LOL (no idea where I'm looking at)

Some selfies with my girls :D
 With Zhi Wen :)

Xiao Zhe 


Me and the polaroid photos LOL like this also want to take bo bian #girlsbeinggirls :D

Nice ambience to must take picture, candid shots. BUT PHAILEDDD LOL this one more like some er kena tou pai or wat or some paparazzi shots like I'm dating with a ghost LOLLL

Ended the date around 5+ and I'm still so full and was meant to head out for dinner with FAM. So dinner we went for Korean BBQ.

Video shots below,

Had beef and chicken. I think sauce is just so important to make it tastes better and more special or significant :)
MY FAVOURITE SIDE DISH EVER! Name called "something-seaweed" duno what the something is. Failed to order the correct one for so many times and I have been there for great 2-3 years. FAILLLL 

At last, ended up going back with a big tummy LOL

OOTD, damn love with the denim skater skirt lah! One of Girls Generation Dancing Queen's stage outfit lah! (LOL die die wanna mention this) :D

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