Sunday, August 28, 2011

Screw me! :P

Oopsieee, haven't been blogging for so so so so LONG. My last post was 13th August. Heheeeeeeeeee................
My time organizing SUCKS! So so sooooooo busy these days. Gonna be more concentrate next week. STUDY STUDY STUDY. LOCK MYSELF AT HOME, STUDY! :((((((((((  
Still remember my last post? The western food post :D It was last last Saturday and last Saturday, I went to Mummy's friend's house to have dinner. TONS OF YUMMY 

Outfit of the day :D
LOVE my hair ! <3

See it's that much.
Chinese food,
Malay food,
Indon food,
Japanese Cuisine too :P

And and and...... my lovely CRAB!
One of my wish after SPM,
eat one whole table of crabs at home with family/friends :D
Hahhahha....... weird right? LOL

After dinner......
My stomach was like super duper FULL.
Full to the MAX.
Until I feel like it's gonna explode :P

That's last week. This week, Saturday and Sunday, went to the Ramahdan store to have some awesome food! Bought mee goreng, kueh tiao goreng, kebap and cakes yesterday. Since it's the last day today, so, I told mummy this morning to go there again to buy food. The mee goreng and kueh tiao goreng was like exrtemely AWESOME. So, we bought it again today! :D and some satays more more more food :D FATNESS =.=

Trial is one week away, SPM is just two months more :( Haven't got myself well prepared :( OMG *nervous face.......... So, won't be blogging much :( 

Picture of the pictures ! :P
She's Victoria from f(x). Super pretty! LOVE HER! :P <3 
Vic omma, jang joh-a! :D

Annyeong :D
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Giant" Trend

Hey there!!!!!! A very happy Saturday to ya'all :D
If you are a Sibu-ian you should know that there's something crazy these days about GIANT!
YES! The shopping mall "Giant" near my house is opened now :) But, it brings some trouble to the neighborhood there these days since it's Grand opening and there's like tons of crazy sales that you can't imagine. Thanks to Giant there comes the biggest traffic jam in Sibu. Live in Sibu for like 8-9 years first time see so huge traffic jam, cars queuing up just to go in to the shopping mall. The shopping mall has 1000+ car park and yet the roadside still full of cars parked along the road like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LONG. Like the furthest car parked need to take 5 minutes to walk to the mall. THIS LONG! Probably more than that.
Giant is still a bit far away from the traffic. It's hard for this round about to have traffic jam but yet it's happening these days. :)
 Just imagine you park your car thousand miles apart from the mall then after you buy tons of things from the big big sales then you still need to carry your goods back to your car then when you want to go home, you still need to get stuck in the traffic for more than 30 minutes.
But, still a big round of applause to those who did this because you are so energetic and PASSION! Thumbs up!
For me, when i passed there for the first time, it was yesterday afternoon at 4. When I saw those tons of cars and people, I told mum, "I think, we should just go home. My head will feel so itchy when I see so many people and I'll get very hot!" LOL The second time was just now after my dinner, I was on my way back home. Told daddy not to go that way but he still wants to try. So, we got there. Half way, we're stuck. Luckily the traffic jam is still not that terrible. But on the way there's still many many many CARS. IT'S CRAZY! Because the sales is really really crazy so people went crazy buying tons of goods as if tomorrow the world is going to end LOL. Mommy and daddy is on their way there now and it's 11.00 pm now since it open till 12.00 am for these four days.

Went to school this morning to listen to a Physics Talk on how to answer questions. BORING. Then, went to Parkson before to GB. At Parkson when I was QUEUING up buying the McDonald's Sundae Cone (my love) there come two teenagers maciam orang buta can't see there's people queuing up they just straight away stand beside the counter there and ask for ice cream. I WAS LIKE big eyes staring at them. HOW DARE THEY?! I HATE PEOPLE CUTTING THE QUEUE, EXTREMELY HATE! Luckily the workers told them  that they need to queue up first or else................. urgh! @#$%^&... :P After that, off to GB. Thought that Mdm is coming today then we want to pass our GB month collection and KK card to her. Who knows, she didn't come today then, we so maciam good girl, do our homework there. Around 3 sth, went to cardio.

Mummy always want to go to eat western food somewhere at a house. Anyway the western food is made by an ang mo and everyone who been there only got one reaction - "NICE!". But, due to my busy schedule, and daddy is not in Sibu every Saturday so we can't get to go there until today. Changed my tuition to Thursday, and we went there tonight.

 Outfit of the day :P

 Bangles from DIVA & COTTON ON
Necklace from Bugis
 Ring from Mummy.
P.S Mummy say this ring is even older than me LOL

Before going :P

Picture in car :P
It's in a house and the house got tons of dogs. There's one BEAUTIFUL doggy, Husky. It's the one we usually saw on the TV. They pull something behind them in the snow, cold weather.

 There it is. It's scared of the camera flash.
It's just like a big lazy dog. She just kept lying on the floor. 
She's not even attracted to the food LOL.
Her tail is super fluffy, furry and GORGEOS!

See.... so lazy punya...
Ok now, to the food. Seriously, honestly, no joke. It's extremely NICE. Even daddy kept on praising it. Let me introduce you now.
 These are the chicken chop, beef, lamb and pork. Everyone says the steak is extremely NICE.

 Next, is the pork belly with the bread. IT's EXTREMELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The bread is also very nice the sell it 1kg for RM10.00 ONLY! It's really NICE!
 Then, it's the soup. Pumpkin Soup and Mushroom soup. Daddy loves the pumpkin soup so so much. He said it's the best soup he had ever tried before. Even better than those he ate in ang moh places LOL.

If you're a western lover, you should go and have a try. It's EXTREMELY YUMMY! :D Before you go, you need to make a phone call and order first because they need to prepare the ingredients. :)

Finally, song of the day. Ugly :) The chorus part is the best!  

Chorus: I think I'm ugly and nobody wants to love me just like her I wanna be (pretty), I wanna be (pretty) Don't lie to my face, telling me I'm pretty, Cuz I know I'm Ugly X2.

Camwhored ofcz. :D
 Spot RING :D <3

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Annyeong :P
안녕 <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life of life.

My life is just stuck with school, tuition and studies... and not much interesting things to blog. *sad face :( 20+ days Trial exam is coming up so soon :(

31/07/11 :

Went to Thai Chicken Rice there to have lunch with mummy and daddy.
The chicken :)
The Rice :)
It's nice esp the sambal! :D
5/8/11 :
Puasa started. Malays started to sell things near Parkson there. Ofcz I can't miss it. Went straight there after tuition. Lots of things to eat. And, we just bought some Nasi "Beyani?", roti canai, mee goreng (AWESOME), Roti bla bla bla .....

The man making KEBAP.

Gonna go there next time so many things to eat.

6/8/11 :

Tuition look :P

Camwhored before going for tuition.

Tuition for threeeeeee hours. =.= Duhhhhh

7/8/11 :
Outfit of the day :
Top from MNG
Shorts from Esprit
Hair band from S&S
一脸睡饱样. LOL
Seems like my hair is growing longer :) YAY! :D

Had been so busy these days, busy doing revisions. Finished revising Add Maths. Chemistry half way. :) Started reading some chinese novels since two weeks ago LOL CHINESE NOVELS/LOVE STORIES. Everyone was like "WOW! You read CHINESE?! ZOMG!" and the other one " I thought you only read English books..." That's the reactions I've got from my friends. LMFAO C'mon guys I finished four leh hahahha *clapsss. The one I just finished was AWESOME! Love it! Gonna borrow more from friends :P
English love stories and chinese love stories are just totally different. English love stories is just more straight forward and quite "open" and the english type of sweet. Chinese love stories is just all about the day dreaming, handsome prince and "夸张", girls inside are all day dreaming, reactions are so... erm so 花痴 just like the Taiwan dramas. BUT I just LOVE it. LOL *don't laugh! The plot everything are AWESOME! :P Teehee :P

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August!


最近,我已经成为了一个 total K-POP freak 了:) 爱死 2PM 和f(x) ! hahaha :P

先来一首歌,f(x)'s Hot Summer! Love it! Hot summer, hot hot summer :P
班上,还有个疯子,疯了似的,常常做些超白痴的动作,以为自己很好笑那样。疯了!Eg. Yo XXX you're my man BRO! / March when he was walking?! / Hey XXX , you're so handsome! (arhhhh main point please?!) He even screamed as if he was shocked and fell on the floor purposely when he was cleaning the blackboard today after the class. Actually, we're the one who's totally shocked like hell. 他是脑袋进水了吗?/脑袋里全是草?!不了解...


好了,就到这儿。Nights 人们 :P