Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last week in Sibu 2

Some day later met with vivian, mabel and bing shortly. At bistecca bistro first then to espressence.
Was too full that day so I didn't eat anything at Bistecca Bistro, head to espressence after that cz I wanna had Share Tea. Seriously, I find no other reason to visit espressence anymore. Their food are no longer that nice and no need to say about their service. The best thing there is their lighting LOL good for camwhore during night time especially.... #girlsbeinggirls

The last Saturday there, I went to attend the prize giving in my secondary school. Obviously, not me receiving prize liao lah. Already attending uni liao still receive what prize from secondary school sia? It's my brother lah, he kindly invited me and my mum and so we agreed to attend. YES freaking early in the morning 7.10 am and I woke up at 6 plus woah! Such a good sister :D

Morning with my bun face :O
Went to my old secondary school, glad to see some of my old classmates but everyone seems to be busy. And yet yes I remember when me and my mum walked in, there's a girl at the registration there spoke to me "IBU SILA SIGN DEKAT SINI." excuse me? IBU? I was wondering izit I look too old or that morning most of them were parents so you just assume me as mother? Seriously? I still wear a flare skirt k! So cute, some more which mum on earth will wear a flare skirt?! ok kidding but still forgive and I just laughed and told my mum about that LOL

So we watched but not till the end cz it was just too boring. oops...  

So while watching, I was recalling back my great old secondary school days, not long ago lahhhh just 1 and half years back ONLY I'm not that old lah :D I honestly missed a bit of it, waking up early in the morning, head to school, sit in class, goofing around with friends, some times rushing for homework, cz forgot to do, attend the assembly twice a month every Wednesday, going to the lab, I missed add maths and chemistry the most :(, then walked out the school under the hot sun with my friends, have my nap before tuition, attending tuitions everyday sometimes two in a day then GB ofcz geezzzz I just missed everything there :(

OK, back to the point.
Met with the gang again at sushi tie in the afternoon, I didn't eat, so no food pics :D

 After that, we just camwhore in the car while accompanying mabel waiting for others

So for dinner, my parents had some special dinner going on so me and my brother had to head else where to gao dim ourselves. I suggested Cafe Cafe cz I missed the food there. Drooling while I'm typing this... hhaha kd. I still missed the food there.

So that night, it's just the two of us. And man, we just fail to order the right amount for just the two of us EVERYTIME! Need to practice if not, we just ended up wasting money and got home gaining extra 5kgs.

Potato Salad

Soft Shell Maki

Fried Rice

Chicken Karagge

And one more dish I can't remember what is the dish. Anyway, we just ended up laughing at ourselves for ordering too much, we were like super full after that.

Had such a great night with my brother, listening to him talking about his school life, he seldom tell me about it so that night was pretty good. Still remember another epic scene that night, two guys sitting opposite our table were flipping through the menu while one guy accidentally, don't know how he did, his menu was on fire (small one la) LOL the menu was paper obviously, and there's a small candle, in the middle of the table and so yea, when clumsy strikes. I was like OMG with my mouth wide open. I guess the waiter or some other customer will be shocked while flipping through the menu LOL...

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