Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The four days with Mummy

Everything is back to normal. Mummy just left yesterday and now i'm alone again :( pretty sad :( I miss my FAM and home :(

Sunday, we went to Singapore Cricket Club to have some buffet with the big family. It's located beside The Padang, some atas place with lots of ang mos lol. They are quite strict with guests' attire, jeans and slippers are not allowed. No phone calls in the lobby. Mehhhhhhh....

Met auntie and her family who came all the way from London. Mummy had some great time gathering with her sister plus my grandma, talking non stop from the moment they met each other. You know lah girls, women, all the same, talk talk talk. Just like me and my friends. haha

Buffet starts. They got everything, from Western to Asian, asian still got sg's style, jap style! Quite awesome tho
Chicken, beef damn awesome! Didn't try the lamb cz I don't like lamb. The potato was awesome too! 

This plate got some weird combination lol. French fries with sushis and also salad hahaha. Anyway the sushi was fine, taste like sushi (what am I saying? LOL) French fries and nuggets are awesome I think I'm the only one having it cz it's under kid's corner LOL. First time eating oyster it tastes hmm fine maybe becz I don't like the weird taste but it's still fine for me :D

Another weird combination lol nuggets I LOVE french fries oh gosh I'm so hungry now typing this! and there's the duck salad not bad tho

Last one, desserts. Desserts there were just fine, wanted to have the chocolate cake but all gone :(
That day I really eat a lot I think more than what I'd shown here, cz even my cousin was shocked, she said I REALLY EAT A LOT! My auntie too lol and ofcz after that my stomach is incredibly big :(

Then we all took photos. It's really important since we hardly meet each other, we only got to meet each other once a year or twice since we live in diff places. Now, I realise everyone only uses a phone to take picture, we don't bother to use a camera. All pictures are taken with iphone. Iphone is just too awesome, pictures taken, edit then share, everyone will see it! Awesome right?

After that, we head to orchard for some shopping at Taka, and I got myself a rolled clutch and a Charles and Keith purse. Didn't have a picture of my rolled clutch now, gonna show it when I got to use it :D I LOVE IT

Night time, me and mummy decided to shop at orchard also. Went to Ion Orchard.

Polka sheer top from COTTON ON
Skater skirt from COTTON ON
Shoe from RUBI

New babe from my aunt.
Can't stop loving Longchamp it can really fit in tons of things. This time, I chose a shorter handle cz I realised the long one which I always carry it had caused some damage to my top esp cotton ones :( but short one now I realize not so convenient when you go shopping and it's really heavy but I still love it :D

Next day, mummy went out to have some gathering with her old friends, starting from 11 am. I was at home and she asked me to shop some things for my bro first so I went to Vivo alone and after that went to Somerset to meet her. By the time I reach there, it's alrd 3 plus and she's still with the same gang and we left around 4 plus so they were there for around 5 hours! POWERRRRR SIA!!! After that, we just shopped around Somerset and left to Vivo AGAIN cz mummy wanna look for some gifts for her friends and seriously I was so tired and hungry and my hands almost broke. After that we had Hokkien Mee for supper and head back to auntie's house.

Top from H&M
Skirt from COTTON ON

Woke up early to send mummy to the airport. 

Dress from H&M
Look skinny here right? Lol cz my legs are covered by my bag! AWESOME lah!!! hahahhaha honestly in this photo i'm not looking at my face or my outfit, I'm looking at my ankle! It looks so small for me and I assume my legs are skinny too lol! (wth I'm saying) And I realize, every morning, my hair looks damn awesome if I didn't wash it in the morning! Seriously! 

It's always so hard to send someone off :( had some teary moment at the airport :( Uhhhh can't wait for September to come! I WANNA GO HOME!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Friend is back again from Penang like so sudden, so i had an impromptu sleepover at another friend's house last night.
After school, just travelled to auntie's house to visit grandma and then travelled to the west to meet friend to meet friend. We had our standard meal there, Curry chicken + bread with our alishan milk tea. Like every single time.

Wanted to have yoghurt but we were too full, so we headed back to the east cz friend's house is at east side.. So the whole day I traveled from west to east to west then back to east again. =.= waste my money :(

Friend's cute doggie. She's super loyal loh like don't let me carry, and keep on ignore me one. Whenever friend went out of the room and close the door she.ll cry and wanna follow her out.
Surprisingly, I straight away fall asleep as soon as I done bathing and lye on the bed. And I sleep quite well. normally in a new environment, I can't sleep well. I stay awake for few hours then sleep a while, wake up a while then sleep then wake up again. Maybe because I was too tired yesterday. 

Then, this morning we actually planned to wake up at 10.30 am in the end we woke up at 11 sth nearly 12. So fail. Then we walked to the 328 katong laksa since we're at Joo chiat.

The morning face sucks :(


All of us had no idea why is it so famous and so many people cz it only tastes fine for us. Btw they still got the photo of the lao ban niang with HK top stars like 金城武 wahhhhhhh sia

So, after brunch, decided to head back to west to before heading back to east to meet my mum. I thought mummy will take a long time to reach SG from JB cz of the jam. So i decided to take bus, who knows, the traffic kinda sucks and mummy reached earlier than expected. SO I rushed home, and bath and this and that then rushed back to east again. From east to west to east then to west again :( tired siaaaaaa :(((

Then after that, went to Parkway to do our meni pedi. Enjoying siaaaaaaa.... hahaha The pedi part was damn shiok, getting those dead skin out lol

Chio not?
The gel meni was fine lah, neon pink + the glitterish cost $88 normal $78 one nail diff colour/add glitterish add $10 more WTF I had no idea what to choose and the lady kept giving me stupid suggestion like the colour damn ugly. And she chose one orange and she showed me her nail and she said " neh like my nail lah nice ho?" I'm like errrr IT'S NOT NICE LOH! uhhhh And I got damn sien half way cz they keep on promoting stuffs to us like do this do that and the price is all like amazing bombs. Ewwwwww just can't stand. Like  please I know they wanna earn more but when people say no means no liao, we already so paiseh saying no to you then you keep on promoting like in a bueh paiseh way, like half forcing, can't stand! I would rather go Bugis for cheaper one.

We only had our dinner around 9 when most of the stall wanna close already.

Hungry looking face

Wanted to have Pepper lunch but they say they got no rice liao :( so I was walking around and I remembered earlier my friend said the 盐鸡 nice but what she said is in somewhere else and suddenly I saw the word 盐鸡 and I didn't even know if it's the one she meant. Since it's chicken some more got rice also, so I had that.
And great I ATE TOO MUCH TONIGHT! I even finished up what mummy couldn't finish! DAMN IT! :(

Today the weather is like AMAZING! Not a second of hot. All the way cold. SHIOK! Gotta sleep now, super tired! Tomorrow's gonna be another fun day, eat and shopping! TOODLES ! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Had been really busy these days cz the due dates of my assignments are just right around the corner! pffftttt lets not say about that first! 

Had my second meet up with old friends at ikea last last week, catching up with each other. It's really great! We just sat there for hours, keep on talking! The feeling is just so great!!!
 So going ikea, the standard thing is, to eat their meatballs! Like seriously! Freaking awesome! And oh yea! Craving is finally satisfied after like half a year! GREAT!

Then last week, Cat is back from Penang for only 4 days, so we just managed to squeeze some time out to gather at our old place LE ANCHOR POINT! Yes, so we met up at school first then drive to Anchor point! Lol why at school, while some of them are not the student there any more? 
Cz everyone misses the popcorn chic combo there! Hahhaha Remember I used to have this almost every single day with my friends during break time. Now, somehow I quit cz it's just too FATTENING! :D

Somehow, everything just reminds me a lot about my Diploma! Gosh! I just miss my Diploma lah! Seriously! Dip is like way more awesome than now! As in the people around me! Not saying the people around me are bad or what, it's just that the chemistry and atmosphere not as good as last year loh... Lol like talking some romance sia... Totally not kay!

I wanna say this tho I sounds childish or what, during Dip me and my friends, will go to the toilet together during break time and after school and we wait for each other. But now, I got no such friend lol.... I KNOW I JUST SOMEHOW SOUNDS STUPID but it's true kay! You know, like back in the secondary school like that! So I always have a lonely trip to the toilet alone! But we some times will at least go buy food together tho! Hahhaha sounds lame IKR! Okay only sometimes we'll go buy food tgt and ok right everyday we take the shuttle bus tgt. 

So last week, I just had too much of those yummy food and I overspent! So this week, I just decided to eat grass and save some money! :( Sad case Coming back here just waste all my hard work dieting so hard when I was in Sibu for the damn 2-3 months! I NEED TO START EXERCISING!!!!! 

So, it's Sunday nw, and I just can't wait to pass up my last assignment next week and have my study week! So called study week but for me it's HOLIDAY!!!! And yesh! Mummy is coming over next week!!!!! Double yay!!!!

Showing my face to end this post :D

Monday, July 8, 2013

Coping with food

Okay it's been almost a month already since I moved to this new place, I'm getting used to it right now. 

So this time, the biggest different from last time is, I got to cook more. Last year, i lived with my relative, they cooked so i didn't really bother to cook. But now, I'm on my own, no relative, no mummy, no kakak :( mehhhhh.....

So, I cook almost every day except week ends. I just cook simple food lah don't expect like the zi cha at the kopitiam everyday got fish, vege, meat, soup and rice. Still not that level yet. Since there's no frying pan and oven, the food that i can cook is actually very limited. So, i can only boil, steam or heat with microwave. 

Seriously, my first time ever experienced touching raw chic breast! And the way I cut is like super cacat! I don't even bother to use a chopping board, I just like cut and tear lol. Some times i even laughed at myself

The sec thing is fruits. Ofcz I got touch and cut it before lah..... Just that the apple cut liao doesn't look like the proper apple it looks super cacat and yes only people who doesn't knows how to cut an apple does that, 1/3 of the meat that can be eaten, GONE, being chopped off! Wasted....

Then few days ago, i decided to have eat some rice but there's no rice cooker. So i just googled how to cook  rice without a rice cooker? It's so easy just cook it with water with the ratio of 1:2 means 1 cup of rice:2 cups of water thn cook it for 18-25 mins. Seeeeee so easy! So okay, bought 1 kg of rice back, it's only me eating so I only cook like less than half cup and thn add water thn cook and I cnt really count how long cz I forgot whn i started and I just agak agak. So the first time I tasted it seems not fully cooked so i let it longer and then when i open the cover, okay too late, the bottom like chao da liaoooo so I dig out the upper part an throw away the chao da ones. But still not enough to eat, so I cook another time, telling myself must count the time, 18-25 mins and I did still put alarm some more! 15 mins later, CHAO DA! And okay I decided next time I should put it to maybe 12 minutes lah! TOMORROW! Hopefully no chao da rice please!

And I had no idea why the not chao da ones taste crunchy! 

Le fishball! Seriously, just any fishball you purchase here in SG is like AWESOME! Can't find that in Sibu tho. Seriously! In love with fishball!

This still tastes fine tho. Chicken soup plus not garlic bread but bread with mayo and cheese/ tuna! :D

The easiest yet not bad one, Carbonara! Chose the 'skinniest' looking spaghetti cz mummy said it's easier to cook.

Okay fine, best is this lah! LE MEE GORENG! Can't resist this! Add an egg is like MARVELOUS!