Sunday, April 20, 2014

Updates :D

Hi guys, sorry for abandoning this space for so long, had been really busy these days, rushing for assignments, preparing for internship and stuffs.

I had just done blogging. Finally updated my blog on the review of Magic Any Cushion. I'd drafted it ages ago but I've got no time to take pictures. Finally took the pictures yesterday and uploaded the complete post. Please forgive me if it's not a good review post. It's only my second makeup review post k.... :) Do comment if you find it useful :D I'll be so happy to read it :)

If you haven't check it out, here it is :)
Magic Any Cushion Review

So now, this post is gonna be a casual update about my life.

Talking about depress, i believe everyone will have the moment when you feel super duper depress, no matter how cheerful you are in real life. I'm not the super cheerful type, but still considered fine. I'm not the type that got so drag away by my mood. Or maybe I did but I never realise, well those things only your close friends/family will know. Or maybe I'll only express it in front of the people who I'm close with. When I'm happy, ofcz I'll be so happy 24/7. But, if there's something bad happen, I'll feel down, depress, sad, moody, but only in my own space, my own world, my room. Once, i step out, of my own private area, to face other people, I'll make sure I won't bring that sad, depressing mood/face to others. Well, for sure I'll complain to others, that's how I express and release my stress.

There's just some time, things just don't work like how you imagine it would be. Things just go wrong, fail and crashed. If one/two things fail, it's still fine, acceptable, easy to deal with. But if two or more, I CAN'T TAKE IT! If so many things don't go well as what I pictured it would be, I just can't get over it. I'll be super depressed, super stress cz it's like so messed up! I'll just stuck there for a while, think about it and I'll question myself WHY? And after that, it's time to express, first I'll start to cry. (lol, crying baby! I KNOW! but please everyone got their way to express/release their stress ok!) Then, I'll pamper myself first, treat myself a good meal or shopping if i gt the time and extra pocket money. Lolllll

I believe that's what everyone's gonna face, especially when you are getting older (sounds like I very old here, but I'm not k!), when you start to enter the real working environment, being an adult. Every time you fail, you will learn from it. Then the next time, you'll be aware of, then that's where you'll succeed. Well, sounds like I'm so grown up, so experienced, so successful. That's just what I believe and what I thought la! #stilllearning

So there's one day, I just slept like for 1 and half hours. I went to bed around 4 am, insomnia strikes, or maybe I was too hungry, can't get to sleep. Only slept around 7 am and I woke up around 9 plus or 10 am. (I KNOW IT'S CRAZY! BUT I CAN'T HELP! I PRAY THAT THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANY MORE!!!) And that day I got one assignment due date. Not enough sleep, assignment due date, scared that I can't stay up late, it's stressful enough. Then that morning, my landlord just scolded me due to some 'issue'. Ok, BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Ok, so, I'll conclude it as, everything is still gonna move on no matter how depressing you are. That's life! So, get over it! and nail it like a diva!


Ok, so after the depressing moment I'd few days ago, I'm so glad that it's over! And so, yes I went for shopping after that! It's like ages since I shop! I'm so happy!

It's April now, I'll start my internship in 2 months time! So, in this 2 months time, I need to start preparing myself for those interviews.

Bought these shoes. I pray that these won't hurt, won't kill me like how some of my other shoes did! 

Ok, I'll end this post here! Toodles :)


  1. congrats for your internship^^
    ganbatte :D


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  6. Hi Jacqueline, I think we all get those feelings of being down too. Sometimes when things get overwhelming, it can be a little too much so I just distance myself from whatever is causing the stress and get my mind off it when possible.

    Cute shoes though! Shopping therapy hahaha.

    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  10. To everyone commenting above, thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. I'll visit and comment on ur blog whn i gt the free time :))