Friday, April 29, 2011

Girls' Power!

It's time to blog again:) If you know me and you've read my last few post, you know I'm real stressed and tomorrow is gonna be my big day. Cz I'm gonna have drill competition with my team mates :) wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~

If I say I'm not nervous at all, I'm lying you. How is it possible right?! Geez.... Because of this competition, my team and I put so much effort in it. Since the day after the first exam, we've been practicing till today 3.30 pm :) hardworking-nya~~~~~~~

Since the first day of practice I've been scolding and screaming due to stress.Esp these few days because the time is pushing me so hard. Felt so sorry for my team mates :) Sorry guys :( The competition is like we need to march basics and formation in 17 minutes anything more than 17 minutes it will not be counted. So we try to change some thing of the formation to make 15 minutes. At the beginning I lost my hope but now I did gained some confidence like only 30/100. We're still in danger. I'm so worried about it. I just don't want our hardwork to be wasted. :( God, HELP! People, PRAY!!!!! We appreciate your prayers :) Thanks to you all first :D Geezzzzzzzz...
Gonna reach school tomorrow early in the morning at 6.00am. The road will be like no one.... No cars, no people, no . NOTHING. Then took bus to Sacred Heart school then the competition will begin. Time ticks and tocks, everything will glides, slips, pass, walk, go, run. VANISHED. Geezzzzzzzzz PRAY :) Will post the video if we win or top 3 if no then oh no :((((((( Pui pui pui CHOIIIIII we'll win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We, GB must show everyone our Girls' Power!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

After that, probably I'll be going to Poppies to catch up with sereni and shentel
They are selling hair bands and making hair bands there tomorrow if I'm not mistaken. Their hair bands are AWESOME and GORGEOUS. Trying to find a simple one in other shopping malls and stalls but I just can't find any. Hope that I can find one tomorrow :)

This Ice Ice Baby was not bad. Simple but yet elegant.
Ice Ice Baby
It's not that suitable to wear Kuching Cat here in SIBU, unless you are a kid or you are brave enough :) *winks
Kuching Cat
It's gorgeous right? Click here to know more :)
It's not that obvious. But never mind :) Btw it's from Forever 21 :)
Fat face :(
Click on the thing below first before you go :)
don't worry you won't loss anything but probably you'll gain something :D *winks :))