Saturday, April 19, 2014

Special Mission by Etude House + Magic Any Cushion Review

Few months ago, Etude House Singapore recruited 12 lucky fans for a special mission prior to launching their new mysterious product. Ladies chosen got to try the product and walk away with $200 worth gifts.

As a fan of Etude House, i didn't hesitate at all. I joined! I followed the instructions, left my details, skin condition and stuffs. Few days later, they pm-ed me on FB and told me that I was one of the 12 lucky ladies, I was invited to attend the special mission! I totally forgot about that, that I joined sth like that. I WAS SO HAPPY!

When my friend saw me leaving the comment she was like impossible de la. Then when she knew that I was chosen she was like WOAH! LUCKY AH YOU! I KNOW RIGHT!!!

Okay so that day after my school ended, I headed to their office at Raffles Place. I was sooo excited. I had never attend such an event before. 

So we were brought to a room I supposed it's their meeting room. There were macaroons, cupcakes and drinks on the table. We were asked to sit according to our names.

Name card and that's their mystery new product, the Magic Any Cushion. 

So we were questioned with questions related to skin care and makeups like what we know, what we use, what we prefer, what we thought about. 

Macaroons were served because the packaging of Magic Any Cushion looks like macaroons.

Firstly, the Magic Any Cushion comes in 3 colours, Magic Pink, Magic Peach and Magic Mint.
Each of them are meant for different type of skin tone.

  • Magic Pink is for pale skin tone, to bloom up your skin tone
  • Magic Mint is for red skin tone, to cover redness
  • Magic Peach is for dark & dull skin tone, to brighten up your skin tone

So the main function of the Magic Any Cushion is to express flawless skin after a few pats with the whitening effect. Furthermore, it contains moisture-lock formula that prevents moisture-loss after a few hours of makeup.

This product definitely helps you to achieve the korean look, the dewy makeup instead of powdery or matte. Besides, it also works as a highlighter where you can apply it at your t-zone and cheekbones.

How does the so called 'dewy look' looks like?
If you let me express this term 'dewy' i'll say it's like a layer of water on your face. Your makeup will look refreshing, bright, 3D, moisturized...

It doesn't work as a foundation or bb-cream as it has really low coverage. However, it does work as a base or primer.

How to use:
After skin care, apply it as a base with a few pats over your face. After that, apply foundation/bb-cream.

However, please remember to remove it with makeup remover cz after all, it's still a cosmetic product not a skincare product.

The Magic Any Cushion has an SPF of 34 so you can skip applying the sunblock. I would like to describe it as creamy texture. I found out that the creamy texture makes it slightly harder to blend your bb cream/foundation. I LOVE THEIR SCENT! It smells so good, so refreshing!

The before and after. As you can see, it really brightens up my skin and also it's shinny and seems like glowing.

In my case, I didn't buy the product personally but was given by Etude House. I mentioned my skin condition as I have a dark skin tone and have lots of pimples and acne scars. And I think they forgot that I have a dark skin tone and mistaken that I have redness over my face as I mentioned I have lots of pimples. So they gave me the Magic Mint. So I was pretty confused.

Conclusion, it is a bit too bright for me. The first time, I apply is as a base, I thought that it is too bright. Besides, I always apply powder after bb cream. Hence, if I apply it as a base, after I apply powder, I won't achieve the dewy look. After that, I use it as a highlighter, just slightly pat a bit at my t-zone and cheeks. And I have to say I think it makes my makeup stays longer.

As it has low coverage, quite light and sheer, it is quite suitable for people who have less skin problems and are looking for light makeup.

Asking me if I would use my own money and buy myself, I would like to try again on Magic Peach. But I still don't think it's a MUST HAVE product. I would prefer having a better coverage bb cream/foundation + concealer. 


It's announced on Etude House Global that the Magic Any Cushion will be officially launched globally this coming 1st May!

Tell me how find it if you purchase it :)


  1. The event looks really great! And macaroons are something I would never say no to! :D
    I have on product from Etude House at first I was very excited about it, but then as I started using it, I understood that their products don't exactly fit with my skin type and when I read the content of the product I was not pleased as some ingredients are a bit harmful!
    Thanks for the review, but I believe I'll pass on Etude House products!

    1. Hi. Yeah, it's more suitable for asians esp those with fairer skin. And yes, i've been told from one of my friend that it's not so good to use Korean products on face/skin but it's fine for eye/lip products. I'll pay more attention to that next time :D Thanks :)

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  5. it's look great, i really love Etude too ^^


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  7. The cake is look delicious :D


  8. I did not know EH was coming out with these bases in cushion form. I have brown skin, so when I apply something lighter than my skin tone, it just looks weird. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am following you via GFC and Bloglovin' ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  9. Love the honest review, keep them going x


  10. congrats on the win. love the glow the product added, thank you for the recommendation.

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  14. I love this review. I really like Etude House, their products are amazing. :)

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  15. Hi, thank you for the review. For the logo on the compact, can it be removed (was it a sticker) ?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. It's not a sticker and it can't be removed. :)