Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Going back home :)

Previously I'm just so busy dealing with assignments and also exams. yeah, crazy assignments. Then after dealing with assignment I got one week to study before exams. Something weird which is I tend to day dream when I study especially when it comes closer to holiday. I tend to just imagine and think and plan for my holiday. Like what will happen, what am I gonna do, what I wanna eat when I get back, who I wanna meet and stuffs... it's really hard for me to concentrate but well in the end I still managed to finish my exam. So before that I have been so excited and can't wait to go back to Sibu and yes! The day was finally here (last last Sunday, 29/9) and I can't believe I'm back here for a week already and I'm leaving again this coming Sunday. SUCKS

I was so excited and I'm so energetic. The night before I think I only slept for like 2-4 hours and I still manage to wake up at 7 am without feeling so sleepy or like reluctant to get up. So I had my breakfast, prepare myself and yes left home and headed to airport by myself ofcz.

Airport outfit? LOL

Headed to the airport earlier to shop at the duty free but still ended up buying nothing. And I never notice that Singapore's airport is so nice like the design, facilities and everything. In the past, I just don;t even bother to walk around, I just go in on time and board to plane that's all. 

So I went to Kuching first for transit. I had like 4 hours before my flight to Sibu and thank goodness my good old bestie is there or else I'll be bored like mad.

This girl, she just never fail to make me laugh. She's just such an amazing friend :D One of my childhood friend, maybe she's my first best friend in Sibu :) I think. 

She fetched me from the airport and we headed to a korean restaurant. and yeah, her driving skill is just WOW LOL. I kinda screamed lol. Laughed like mad seriously. I think people just thought we're some crazy woman like just too insane, too much saliva, talking non-stop until no time to eat. LOL

 The side dishes and I missed the sangyupsal! The food tastes er so-so like not that yummy until jaws drop lol.

Went to City One after that to just walk walk. My parents just too scared I'll talk too much until I forgot the time and missed my flight. Yeah great. Luckily I didn't! :D

So I arrived Sibu around 6+ pm and had my dinner at some where at Lanang like super far sia....

And ok, the next morning straight away I told Mummy I wanna have Kampua, Gong Piah and Pian nvk. Like these three are like perfect match! No idea why, before I leave this place for further studies I never ever craved for these but after I left, every time I came back, I just kinda craved for this like a bit lah...

Then, night time, we had dinner with mummy's friend at some new Thai restaurant called Thai Sawadee (if i'm not mistaken). The food is just SO DAMN AMAZING! Never ever a fan of a thai food but now, I'm a fan of Thai food. Man seriously! Must go try their Fried rice. Their fried rice is just so amazing. One of the best fried rice I have ever had in Sibu! And others is like er yummy too but I can't remember their names and no pictures. Maybe next time I'll post when I visit them again :)

Casual outift :)