Saturday, December 31, 2011

CHARGED. 2012 I'm coming!

  Deng deng deng deng. Drum roll for 2012 please. 3 and half hours to go and it's a NEW YEAR, 2012.    
See.... 2011 is going down and 2012 is coming up. I'm already charged for my 2012. What about you? I'm so so so excited for 2012. I'm turning 18 next year/ 3 and half hours later :D I'm soon going to be a grown up. YAY! Teehee :)

Since 2011 is going to end soon. So, lets recall parts of the moments of my 2011. :)


Joyce was leaving soon at that time I guess, so we kinda gather for breakfast then went to her house.


CNY ofcz :)

Skype-ing with Joyce in my house :D


I opened this blog on March


Still remember this? The marching competition. We've got No.2 and I cried. LOL. Btw, we hvn got our trophies yet. :(

With Sereni and Shentel

B'day celebration at ZEN :)


I duno why this turns to be one of my most popular post. ---> Click here :D


GB Church Parade

One of the best night.

YLRALT Camp :)


Joyce is back

Tanahmas for The Queen Singing Competition 

A farewell 

Crab Day. LOL

Opening of Giant made the dead road jam almost everyday for few weeks.


My b'day :D

Can't find anything for October :(


Ofcz it's SPM. It's over YAY! *peace
Small celebration

Had my law test (failed once).
Disgusting engine lesson.
Car lesson. 
Cut my hair :D

Cousin's wedding.

Christmas celebration.

Holiday trip.
(I'll blog slowly next year)

Don't laugh

2012 wishlist :
1. Get my driving license 
2. Dye my hair
3. Blog more
4. Go college
5. Earn from nuffnang (readers help me please :) )
6. Diet
7. Learn to cook awesome dishes
8. A semi-pro camera (possible?)
9. A Polaroid 
11. Meet new friends in college
12. Have an awesome year
13. Learn and grow

2011 is going to end soon. Hmmmm everyone sorry for what I'd done wrong. Thanks to everyone who done whatever to me. Good things to make me good. Bad things to make me even stronger. N thanks to all my readers though it's not much yet, I'll work harder next year to make my blog more interesting :)
OMG 15 minutes more. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for the departure to 2012! 


Friday, December 30, 2011

Home sweet sweet home! :D

Ellllooooo peeps! I'm finally back! OMG I can't believe my 15 days had just ended. 15 days, 说长不长,说短不短.Say long not long, say short not short. 
OMG I missed my home super much. Felt super good when I reached home. I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight on my AWESOME bed! :D

Super sorry readers. I didn't take like super much pictures this time :( I'll post as much as I can. So please stay tuned to my blog. 

1 day more to 2012. It's definitely gonna be an awesome year for me. I hope you too :) PRAY PRAY PRAY :D 

It's just a simple post today. Stay tuned to my upcoming post :) Byeee :) 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Finally the day has come. I'm escaping Sibu tomorrow :D Muahahhahahhahahhahaha FINALLY!!!!!!

Had been packing since two days ago. First I feel like I packed too much so the second time I remove some of my clothes cz I dun want to bring too much clothes since I'm buying more. Third time, that's just now. After packing everything I weigh it. It's 11.1kg! SUPER OMG! Some more, I didn't buy any check in baggage. Gonna share with my friends but still over weight! Urgh! Still need to hand carry some things :(

I bring like only 3 of my GB T-shirts, 3 shoes, wearing 1 (so it's 4), 5 casual outfits ( including 3 shorts, 5-6 tops) , 1 tracksuits and some other things ONLY.

This time camp is a fun camp but it seems like super strict! Living at the PLKN camp site. NO HP. NO CAMERA. NO TOO MUCH MONEY! =.= super OMG. No camera?! How am I going to take pictures?!

Not going to blog for 15 days maybe... Hope that I can find some places that have free WI-FI and a computer for my to blog :)
Weird picture. What ever la. Sayonara people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm going to DROP THE BOMB in 15 DAYS :) *winks
Wish me luck. Hope that I got a nice trip and I can meet awesome people in the camp and and and I can shop for those things that I wanted to badly these few months :D

Monday, December 12, 2011


 "cooking" - " O.O OMG" that's what I thought last time. Now, "OMG I feel so like cooking! I wanna learn cooking!" Seriously, now I so damn wanna learn cooking! I can still remember I learned to fry an egg first when I was in primary school, then MI GORENG. Then some simple simple simple dishes in GB.
Now, I'm gonna start to learn cooking from my mum. My mummy and her mum, that's my granny really knows how to cook well. Western, Chinese, Japanese (sushi), Indonesian, Nyonya , Malay and bla bla bla. THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT A BIG DEAL! I ain't kidding! I'm gonna learn and post it in my blog next time.

Just learn the simplest one yesterday - Fried Rice :)
Gosh so like the "suri rumah tangga"

Went out early in the morning today to have the practice for the performance in the camp. OMG - exhausting! I nearly crashed my mind thinking everything and following the beats of the songs kept murmuring and counting the beats - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.......... run out of saliva. Finally finish practicing one song going for the next song tmrw :D

5.00 pm went for my first driving lesson. SO OMG! So gam chiong. Gonna have the second one tmrw. Then, escaping Sibu in 2 days! Muahahahahahahahahahaha! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Christmas? I miss it and want it so badly! Just miss the feel of Christmas. Shopping mall and shop lingers with Christmas songs. Awwww.....
Went to Mummy's friend's house to celebrate Christmas and mummy's friend's b'day.

Saw the big big yellow rice in a cone shape? My mummy's brand Nasi Kuning. LOL And and and the crab. MY LOVE!

Presents. Waaaaaaa *bling bling bling... Eyes grew larger. I want CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! :D

Group photo:


Going KL for camp in 5 days. YAY!!! My last GB camp. Felt so lazy and tired again cz gonna practice everything in the very last minute again :( 10.00 am - 6.00 pm. *big eyes It's seriously WA! SUPER LONG TIME!