Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good old times, good old friend :D

Last Friday, met up with this girl. A childhood friend? I suppose. Cousin's cousin so counted as friend right? yeah friend, best friend.

Used to play together when we're still in primary school with her cousin (my cousin also), then stopped for a long time cz we went to different secondary school. We still meet up a few times then end of story. Funny thing is I was so shy when she came my house during CNY with my cousins and we didn't really talk. Like excuse me, I shy what sia!? LOL seriously duno what's wrong with my mind. It's just so funny when we mentioned about our good old times when we were still in our primary school. ESP during primary 3,4,5 like EPIC sia! We play masak-masak and barbie doll LOL like girl does right?! Normal for us right?! but it's just so funny! Yeah, good old times! *reminiscing

She's one of those who knows me since I was a real kid and ofcz not to forget another babe , Vivien and then we kinda lost contact during mid-secondary school, then now, we finally in contact back again since beginning of the year then now back to best friend. Never thought we would really contact back each other for the three of us cz we didn't contact each other for like 3-4 years? but it's great to be best friend again :D

So before I'm back we promised to meet each other and yes we did.
So that day, we just decided to go Baba and Siam cz she wanted to have lamb chop, like craving. So yeah, the moment she stepped into my car I just laughed until the moment she got off. Ofcz got rest in between la.

Can see I'm so happy in the pic right? Like my smile so real LOL
Bare with me sia, another pic of me :D My face is seriously uh! But still wanna post LOL

So that night, she had her lamb chop.

As usual I had my chicken chop with brown sauce and she described the sauce as funny LOL funniest description I had ever heard! :'D

Then, french fries! I finished 3/4 of it! WTH

She's just so funny and I just enjoyed too much! Enjoy until I forgot to fetch my brother from tuition! *oooops totally guilty la! like how can I forgot my brother sia hahaha! until he phoned me, "CEH, where are you ah?" Then I'm like, "errrrrrr OHO sry I forgot. go right now!" LOL then send my bro back home first, then went to her house, continue talk and camwhore outside her house in my car for like almost an hour! LOL like what's wrong sia last time also! Told her the next time we meet must find a brighter restaurant and camwhore more first instead of taking pic in car cz it's dark and it's like so weird LOL but we still managed to capture like so many lah! Like there's no tmr and must capture back what we didn't capture for like the past few years LOL
This is the nicest pic liao like you know lah inside the car so dark so we were like finding the best angle, best spot best lighting LOL

Outfit of the night :)
 Mum said she prefer me like that. Like a bit more dainty... LOL can't help
Peplum top from Bugis
shorts from H&M
Bag from taobao

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