Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy life :D

Okay, I was like blogging in the bus with my iphone, trying to be a responsible blogger. I was like "Deng", here comes my inspiration! So I started blogging and I had no idea how to place the pictures, move up and down and all those, and my phone is almost out of battery so I decided to save and I'll place the pic in place from the comp then I post. I did press the "SAVE" button, then now I was where the hell is my post huh. GONE! WEIRD! And I have to reblog again SHITT!

Okay, today was a nice day :D A happy girl, having a happy life :) p.s cz I bought new outfits for myself and I super love it :P 


Outfit of the day.
Top from one of blogshopping's featured blog.
Vintage ring
Rubi bangles
Rubi bag
Rubi animal printed shoes

Went to Somerset to get Mummy's stuffs then went to H&M. OMG their FASHION AGAINST AIDS collection was like OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE too AWESOME liao! 

Big big love. BUT whenever I OMG at the first second the next second I would like STOP you're buying too much! So in the end, I bought nothing :(

After that, I got no idea where to go. So, I sat at toast box alone, high tea-ing.

Ice sour plum soda (I guess)
And I forgot what cake is it

Then I took MRT and took bus to Parkway to meet my grandma and auntie and back home. On the way home, I was on the bus, blogging, and there's those high school students gossiping. A likes B and B doesn't like A. Who this who that, this and that and bla bla bla. I was like awwwwwwwwwwwwww that's what I used to do back in my school days.I mean like I also do that now in my age but now in Sg I don't have any best buds to do this. I kinda miss my high school life. Gossiping there with my BFFs and talk heart to heart. I miss them. Awwwwww. Anyway, I'm going back soon :) 30th. Hehe :D
Oh yea! I got approved by MDIS! They just mailed me my Offer letter few days ago. HEHE! :D Now, everything's settled, waiting for school to start. BTW, school only starts at 18th June. So, I got one month plus in Sibu. Sad and happy. Sad because I need to wait till another one month plus so I can start my school life. I'm already rotten for like 4 months :(( Happy cz I can stay longer with my family :))) Sometimes, I kinda miss them :(

3 days more! Gonna pack now. Daddy bought 20 kg luggage for me. Most people was like scared they will overweight and I'm like trying to find things to bring back so I can reach 20 kg or it will be wasted. LOL


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Big big hi to my readers. Long time no "see". Okay, I got good news and bad news. What news first? Bad news first then. Bad news is, the school I mentioned last time, I got rejected cz it's FULL. Shit right?

Never mind, here's the good news. I found another better private school and maybe I'll get the offer letter by tomorrow. There's more foreigners there and that'll make me feel better. I guess :D Second good news is, I'm going back to SIBU :)))))))))))))) cz the school will only starts at 18th JUNE. So yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't been talking like a super chit chatter for like AGES! Going back I'm definitely going to talk till JAWS DROP! Teehee :D So everyone who's going to talk to me, GET READY. I'm going to make you INSANE! Muahhahahhahhahhahhahhhha :D

LIKE FINALLY!!!! *tears :D
Let me reveal more on her until she gets dressed NICELY :D

Haven't been blogging for ages cz I haven't got my Iphone and I can't take any pictures cz I don't have a camera with me. And now, I finally got it, everything's flooded with pictures :D Soon, I'll break the record, I BET! :D

And now,  I do me a favour please
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I've been in Singapore for like 3 weeks, I'd been shopping and eating and do the same thing back in Sibu :( This is the very first time ever in my life that I wanna go to school and study so so MUCH! I WANNA GO TO SCHOOL! I'm almost rotten :( And I still need to wait for one month plus again. SAD :(

Went out today, or I'll be rotten.
Outfit of the day.
Top from Forever 21 
My new Converse

Singapore is just flooded with people. People mountain people sea. Every where, there's PEOPLE! Today, in the bus, I was like standing right in front of the door and there's those kids don't wanna move into the end making people stuck at the door there. QIAN DA. Then, walk walk and I had no idea where to go. Then around 5 sth I decided to go back. I always walk to the end of the train to avoid people squeezing here and there. But still many people and there's one guy, I was like DAMN. He didn't stand properly and he knocked on me and I knocked on another guy. SO DAMN EMBARRASSING MAN! And another woman, lean against the bar and I cnt even hold on to the bar and I almost had muscle cramp. What's wrong with me today huh. =.=

And today's Xin Nee's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! Love ya! Mwaaahhhhhs !!!! :D
18 years old. Wow. An legal AGE! Hope that you got a NICE and MEMORABLE one. I guess you have it right? Hehe :D


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Okay now just wanna let you all know I'm now safe and sound in SINGAPORE :D Teeheee :P

Woke up super early this morning to wash my hair then went to the airport with mummy and daddy :D
Boarding Pass.
Luggage checked in:D

He looks sad right?
I know :')

They made me here :D
*Proud face :)

With mummy :D

Did I cry? Ofcz I did. The security was like watching me there. OMG. Yeerrrrr..... Arrived Kuching around 9 am. And sat at Old Town watching dramas for like 4 hours until my lappie is out of battery. 2nd time taking a plane alone. One word LONELY.

When it was my turn after queuing up for 20 minutes at the check in counter, and when it was my turn and I handed out my boarding pass and passport, suddenly the guy said sorry counter close. I was like WHAT?! And he was like giggling there and said, "don't worry , don't panic , don't nervous ya, we are now bergilir, changing, you know? Take turns?" And I was like, "Owhhh, okay okay.... haha......" And waited for like more than 5 minutes less than 10 minutes again. Seriously, the guy almost freaked me out at the first time LOL.....

Reached here around 5 pm. Safe and sound :D 
Gonna do some important things tomorrow. ;D Wish me luck and everything will be fine. :D

Monday, April 2, 2012

最后一晚 :D

 好久不见的华语。哈哈..... (lame...and i know just bare with it please cz I just feel so like typing in CHINESE ;D )

大家好 :D 终于,我那逍遥又自在的生活要画上句号了!兴奋惨了但......也有很多的舍不得。太多的舍不得了 :( 舍不得我的家人  :( 舍不得我的家 :( 舍不得我的狗 :( 舍不得我亲爱的朋友们 :( 舍不得每天什么东西都有人帮你打点好的生活 :( 舍不得衣服人家帮你洗,家有人帮你打扫,饭有人帮你煮,什么都有人陪的生活 :(((((((((((((( Aiguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 

去到那,什么都要自己搞定虽然是有亲戚但是,还是不想什么都麻烦人。  :((((((((( 我很客气是吧? :)

几天前,叫妈妈来我房间, 看我到底收拾到怎样,还差什么,还叫他赶快交代我到那里有什么要做的。他边交代,我边收拾,我都快哭了..................................  :'(((( 当然,要先忍着啦,要不然,有点不好意思。:P 边睡边想,我........ 哭惨了!

隔天,眼睛肿到~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 也没有很肿啦,就是肿就是了啦。
我, 应该吧。
我妈,那干嘛我看到那个 tissue box 在你床边?
我妈,你下次不要这样了啊, 你的眼睛太明显了。
oooooooooooooppppssssssssssssss, sowwiiiiieeeee 我说谎了 :( 如果明天在机场我大哭怎么办??????????????????????????? 惨了。。。


Ribbon and watch.
别太jellyyy . haha :D

And mummy 的朋友还送我东西。 Adddduuhhhhh.... 超感动又感激的。 


我会好好过的 :D and 我一定会拍很多照片让你们jellllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 到~~~~~~ hehe :D just kd :D

到了那里有太多麻烦事要做了,祝我好运吧 :D 

刚才收拾到我快疯了。30kg 不够我用。我真的几乎把我的家产都带了。因为我就是舍不得他们嘛 ;P 结果呢,我把东西搬进搬出,搬来搬去,弄到刚刚好30kg, 手都快断了 :( 结果,还是有些东西叫妈妈慢点帮我带去。
hehe :D

accessories :D

太多东西了,真不知道明天我一个人要怎么般。明天还要在Kuching 机场带上 5 小时 :( 疯了。

大家, 再见了。 准备见在新加坡的我吧 :))))) Annyeongggg. Please continue to support my blog. LOVES  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥