Monday, October 7, 2013

3CE Review

3CE, stylenanda has been really popular these days. Stylenanda's clothes and also 3CE's cosmetics. Every k-pop celebrities wear their clothes onstage and offstage. It's just so pretty! Really wanted to get some of their outfits! And next is their sister, 3CE. Every blogger is like blogging about this and so many people are posting it on insta and the packaging and their lip products' colour just attracted me so much. Never thought of really getting it cz it's quite pricey. But after that, I got too attached, every day I see lots of people posting about it then yes I was like I MUST GET THIS! And there's so many people selling it with price like lip pigment for RM 60 or what I can't really remember, it's just quite expensive lah. But I still thought of getting some lip products cz it's just too tempting. And thank goodness, one day, a seller followed me on insta and I was like I'll just try and ask about the price. AND MY GOSH IT'S LIKE DIRT CHEAP! A lot cheaper than other sellers lah! Lip pigment for RM 48. At first I hesitated and thought if it's authentic or not but after I see those reviews I decided to order. For the first time, I ordered 2 lip pigments, 1 waterproof creamy eyeliner, 2 lip crayon and 1 lip lacquer. NEVER DISAPPOINT ME MAN! Those things are just so damn good! Okay there's pros and cons lah but still, I'm in love with them!

Things arrive and are nicely packed with a sticker sealed.

Items ordered with some freebies :D 
I love freebies :)

Gonna do some review now... My favourite item gonna be the lip lacquer #pink boom

I'm so in love with the colour. It's so pigmented. It's kinda like bright hot/darker pink? And it gives a matte effect. I thought it would be like glossy but no. AND I LOVE IT.

Can't directly apply like that cz it's really really really pinkish, like too much? So I tend to use the lip brush and just apply bit by bit like not too much :D

Thing that I like is definitely the colour but it seems like it's not for people like me who has dry lip.

Another favourite item is gonna be this creamy waterproof eveyliner #les miserable (brown)

 I have oily skin and whenever I apply eyeliner with liquid or pencil eyeliner it's just terrible, I can't see my eyeliner after like 3-5 hours later like terrible. And I hate the pencil eyeliner, it's just so hard to apply. When I ordered this I still worry like it will just work like others, easily gone after few hours just that this is super waterproof.

But no man, it's so damn easy to apply like easy to draw and it lasts! No joke, and I'm in love!

It's designed to be like convenient cz there's a small sharpener behind it and you can just sharpen it whenever and you won't need to bring a sharpener out. But the cons for me is the sharpener. It's so small and so hard to handle la and you need to clean in every time before or after you sharpen and it's so hard to clean. And when you sharpen it, you need to be so gentle cz I once broke like one small 3cm of the eye liner lol. it's so fragile or maybe it's me too harsh LOL

Next is the lip pigment #issue #electro pink, it's one of the top selling product. The special thing about it is you can mix two or more colours together and have another new colour. Cool right? 

Again, I think it gives a matte effect. And it's damn long lasting lah! It's also quite pigmented and the colour. 

Again I didn't apply much, just a tiny bit with the brush. It gives me a lighter pink :)

 #issue gives me a darker orange 

Jumbo Lip Crayon #ohmypink #poporange, it's kinda troublesome cz you need another sharpener.
 To be honest, I didn't like it at first, cz when I apply it seems so light and my skin tone is darker and it seems like my lip kinda disappear? LOL like too light for me la the colour and some more my lips thick and it seems thicker after that. BUT...

After I apply a few times, I think it's fine. I found that it's quite natural and quite suitable for school like not so over lah...  So I'm quite ok with it now.

 But for #ohmypink I think I still havn't apply it like individually but I did tried to apply with another lip product which is like brighter hot pink red and mix together, it's just so nice.

And this time, yes I ordered 4 items again (concealer still haven't arrive yet) cz there's to much people giving good reviews and I just wanna try it out. (Ah, excuse lahhhh :DDD)

Haven't try them out yet, so no reviews :) Reviews will be up after I tried them out :D

Lipstick #CHUCHU

 Lip and Cheek #ringgo hoho somehow seems quite like one of Etude house's product which is also for lip, cheek and eye. And I own it also lol

 Marble highlighter. Saw like some hk bloggers posting reviews about this and so yeah I decided to get this :D


  1. You r now a Korean! XD *anyway, like finally you blog again! Love to the max! ❤ *

  2. mind to tell me which seller in instagram sells it?