Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back to reality

Okay it's been like more than 6 months since I blog. Done rotting and growing mushroom on my head back in Sibu! Now, I'm here in SG and it's been 2 weeks liao! See how time flies! Half of 2013 is almost gone, going to to the next half soon! GREAT!

Now, I'm here in SG, studying Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management and it's basically about designing and planning events and etc... It's more in Hospitality and Tourism industry and touched a bit about business and also some management course, pretty fun, yes. Explained, so please stop asking me if you meet me after like so long, getting so tired explaining :(

 So the first week when I came was all about organizing my room and my stuffs and getting ready for school. Moved to a new environment. It was super exhausting! Like the first day i came, I arrived around 5 plus in the evening and I straight away went to my relative's house (old place whr i used to stay) took all my things and just throw every single thing into my luggage and i didn't even bother to put properly just THROW, then rushed off to the new place. Set up the bed, cleaned up the small room and tidy up my stuffs until 2/3 am!

Next day, went to school to register then I was late in the morning. I actually reached school but was late so I decided to go back then come again in the afternoon, pretty stupid.

Went to shop around for the next few days then met my friends on FRIDAY at Ikea. Ate curry chicken and had my FAV bubble tea!!! LIKE FINALLY!

The day at Ikea was super tiring. Ikea was super big and I walked like three big rounds there. First on my own, sec with friend and another time also after dinner. Well, it's actually pretty fun shopping at Ikea! Too bad i hvn eat their meatballs yet! Have been craving for it for so so so long :(( Didn't have it that day cz that day Ikea had some great deals and live cooking lol, and auction some more. So Ikea decided to have promotion like $2.50 for 10 meatballs! AND GREAT JOB! The queue was like LONG but still can't compete to the queue when one meatball was only 10 cent (queue like until the bridge outside the building lol)! But the deals are actually not bad, got a long mirror at $29 (ori $59) then my rack! LOL at first, it was out of stock then the person told me to come the next day so I went to pay for my other stuffs first. Then, when I was on my way out, there's this auction and it's so crowded and I asked my friend what is the item. just curious. Then didn't care much, I just walked away. And my friend was like " HEY IT'S YOUR RACK!" And yes! I got my rack at $10 (ori $19.90) coincidentally LOL

It arrived 3-4 days later and yeah I only paid for delivery not for assembling so i need to assemble MYSELF! Never thought how hard it was and yes it's super hard and so tiring! Remembered that day, the delivery company called me ard 11 plus and I'm still halfly awake on my bed and he said he's arriving in 5-10 minutes time! And great, I quickly got off my bed and simply tidy up my room to spare some space by just er putting the things of my bed or under the bed.

So the first thing was this table! It came in pieces so I screwed those things in and yeah it became a table and still can fold. absolutely love this table but behind this table got my hard work! hahahhaha my hand like damn pain sia after screwing those things and my sweat is like can fill up the bottle liao loh!

The rack, that I got it from the auction haha pretty okay lah but I scared one day will like collapse cz now it's like slanted I HAD NO IDEA WHY!

So school started last Monday but i missed the first class cz i didn't receive the timetable by the time i receive, the class is already started like halfway and i'm still on the bed! Okay, it wasn't only the school's fault for being irresponsible for not sending me the timetable, missing me out, it's also my fault being too innocent/stupid thought that they would send it at the very last min! And who knows the class will start at 8.30 am, usually like 12.15/3.30!!!

So sec day was a bit awkward for me but fine luckily i met a girl who was also alone like me :) others mostly in gang cz they were in their year 2/3 uhhh which is so hard for me to meet new friends :( what to do? Was pretty stress for that! So one week just end like that lohhhh... Wake up in the morning, go to school, go supermarket to do some groceries shopping then cook dinner. Well, i actually enjoyed myself at the supermarket lol

Long post. The END! I'll blog again SOON!