Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's Sunday! :) Went to study law early in the morning at 7.00am! Woke up at 6.15am. Get changed and everything, off I go. It's a terrible morning. Sleep y like hell and cold like hell too. The first teacher there teaching law (fyi an old man around 60-70) gosh my first time listening to a man talking in such a blurry way. No kidding, I can't understand what the hell is he saying. I know he speaks BM. Without the power point, I can't even understand him. He teach and like he's teaching in his own world, talking his own language. I bet no one can really 100% get him. And all of a sudden, he come out with a sentence: " 他把车当飞机开啊?! 妈...!" Which means someone drove a car like driving an airplane then he nearly poops out a harsh word. WOW. Shocked me! That's the terrible one. The good one was after the break, there comes a nice girl teacher. She's good. So soft. She only teaches the MAIN POINT! Awwwww that's so nice :D

Then after my law lesson, I went to parkson to get myself a new lens. I'm so loving it now :D
It's FreshKon. RM 40 a pair :D LOVE IT!

Saw it? Natural ei? :D Haha

After that, went back home and got myself ready cz I'm going to Zen again :D (I LOVE ZEN)
Before heading to Zen, went to Carey's house. We reached Zen around 6.00 pm, we're the first one but we left at 8 sth. Don't worry I'm not that kind of selfish customer. That time not much people so me and Carey just sat down there enjoy ourself talking, gossiping and eating. We were too busy gossiping so I forgot to take to delicious food and did some camwhore :(

Outfit of the day :)
Top and bangles from Cotton On
Shorts from Bugis
Bag from SG
Headband from Forever 21

And and and I did my nail polish. People can't understand my nail polish (I guess) if you do let me know :) You'll make me feel good :)))) LOL. Well I just love the colourful :)
My thumb with dots and love.
(cz i duno what colour to paint ler)
purple, orange, blue, pink
( I'm too dark so many colours don't suit me D: )
My feet :( Ew too fat :(
My toe looks weird right?

Tomorrow's Monday. Decided to watch the girls drill tomorrow morning at 8 sth but I'm just worried that mummy cnt send me :( And tomorrow I still need to study. I mean I MUST STUDY! YESH! MUST! :D Nights peeps. Enjoy :D *yawns

Thursday, May 26, 2011


What day? Holiday. What time? Fun time. :D Finally, holiday starts:) W

Went to watch Fast and Furious Five at 4.00pm yesterday.
IT'S A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! They have cool cars, gorgeous people with nice body :), nice gadgets, cool place an a nice plot! Don't miss it or you're gonna regret.
Introduce a few cool cars in Fast Five :))
1965 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Fast Five Cars (1)
1965 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
1996 Toyota Supra Fast Five Cars
1996 Toyota Supra
2006 GMC 2500 Yukon Fast Five Cars
2006 GMC 2500
2010 Dodge Charger Fast Five Cars (1)
2010 Dodge Charger
(love the black)
2010 Lexus LFA Fast Five Cars
2010 Lexus LFA
In Malaysia, police cars are just Protons and some lousy cars. In it they got this:
2011 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor Fast Five Cars
2011 Dodge Charger Police Interceptor
Gurkha LAPV Fast Five Cars
Gurkha LAPV
Koenigsegg CCX Fast Five Cars
Koenigsegg CCX
Nissan GT-R Fast Five Cars (3)
Nissan GT-R
Nissan 370Z Fast Five Cars (3)
Nissan 370Z
Dodge Challenger and Nissan GT Fast Five Cars
Dodge Challenger and Nissan GT
2010 Lexus LFA Fast Five Fast Five Cars 2
2010 Lexus LFA
2007 Porsche GT3 RS Blue Fast Five Cars
2007 Porsche GT3 RS Blue

Cool enough? Be a billionaire and get 10 for yourself. Nothing is impossible :D
Outfit of the day.
Blouse from Bugis
Singlet and leggings from Le Ann
Bag from SG

My holiday is not going to be extremely awesome cz I got ulcersssss on my lips and my tongue 2 on my lips and one on my tongue and now my lips were like super duper thick my lower lip was like five times thicker than my upper lip. SHOOT! Fml I cnt even take nice nice pictures! And my tongue even hurts! I hope it will recover soon :(( Or I can't have a good appetite :((( And I can't even eat nicely :(((
Stay tuned and keep following my blog :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's night time now and I really feel like blogging :) Really put much effort on blogging cz I LOVE it :))) *winks haha :P

Well, today's the second last day of exam and tomorrow's the very last day of exam :D Weeeeee :)) *Hi-5 people!!!!! After the exam, it's gonna be holiday!!!!!! *Hi-10 peeps!!!! Had Biology test today. I didn't even read yesterday since there's three hours for me to read at school before the exam. So, I did read for like about one n half hours then started talking there cause I scanned through all the experiments and did like 10 or 15 objective questions from the past year questions. Main point, I can't really understand the experiments. Potometer, enzymes, plants, starch, acid, iodine.... They know me, I dunno them. Sorry.... I'll try to know you more during the upcoming holiday :D

Very lucky, some of the objective questions (1/2/3) did came out from the past year question. And very luckily I know how to do or I'll slap myself for not remembering it. And luckily there's none of the question I did saw it on the past year question book when I was scanning through it on the exam paper OR, I'm gonna knock my head on the wall and slap myself three times for not looking through it carefully :D Tomorrow, last two papers, Add maths and Maths :D

As I said holiday is coming so so soon :) I still got tons of things to do :)
My holiday to-do list:
2. Go to Zen with friends
3. Go to study law
4. Pass my law
5. Buy lens
6. Go shopping
7. Watch PPS
11. Uniform camp
13. ENJOY :))))

Randoms shots! :D
All of my accessories :)
Trying to fill it up.
I don't mind you to help me :)))
(on suggesting me nice ones larr haha )
earrings :) *spot the pink round one sweet and simple
but the camera just accidentally focus on the big rose.
That was a bit over LOL

*Spot for the Smiley face and ribbon earrings. They are from Diva
The Ribbon one was my LOVE
From Cotton On :)
Ribbons from Forever 21
Heart ring from Diva (seems like killer)
others from Cindy. It's cute :)
From Diva :) Ribbon my LOVE :)

*Spot me :) Haha :D
One morning, the BIRD.
This curtain seems so sweet, lovely and romantic. LOL :D

Finally finish my post. It's late already. Nights peeps!!! :)))

Monday, May 23, 2011


It's 24th May. Left two more days, exam is going to end and my amazing holiday is going to start. :)) This exam is making me so freaking sad cz I did quite badly for most of the papers especially History and Chemistry. I always failed for my History since last year. The worst was last year's last exam I only got 20+/100. ZOMG terrible. This time, I predict only 32-36/100. OMG how am I going to live?! that's so terrible and horrible for me :( *SAD Chemistry, I was too sleepy when I was having the test and I did extremely bad for that paper. Well, "I'm so sleepy"<--- that was just a horrible excuse of mine. I shouldn't find an excuse to cover up my what I've done. The truth is, I didn't study as much as I can.:( *REGRET. There's no more next time. I'm gonna work extra hard this holiday since there's two weeks. BUT I only got one week to study cz the second week was all about CAMP. YAY!!!!!

CAMP!!! Monday and Tuesday, there's uniform camp at school. I didn't take part due to SPM this year. BUT I'm gonna go and support them. And and and the most exciting part was the fun night on Monday. Everyone's gonna perform and I'm gonna sit down there clapping my hands and scream out my lungs :))) Tuesday morning, which is the very main point of the uniform camp, that's the drill competition. I'm still going there to support my GB mates :) Wednesday to Saturday, I'm attending the YLRALT- GB cam :) It's my very last GB camp. Again, I'm going to have fun with all of my friends, laughing non-stop for the 4 days, scream out my lungs during all the fun moments. LOL *CRAZY

Spot my specs. Bought it last year BUT BUT BUT I wanna change one cz I'm bored with it.

I'd always one this since long long time ago. BUT I just can't find it. Anyone please tell me, in Sibu, where got sell? Or internet. :)

These two are still not the cutest and the best. It's hard to find something perfect.
My lens had just expired. I want something more to natural. It's hard to find again. I had no idea why. Stay tuned to my next post.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ellooo again peeps!!! :))) It's still the exam period and what am I doing here? *slap slap slap Answer : Facebook-ing, blogging online-ing. fml =.= Gonna have add maths test tomorrow :(
School finish at 12.30 today. Had my nap after bathing. *slap slap slap Lying on the bed since 1.50 pm and I don't feel like I did sleep till2.45 pm. I HATE THAT FEELING! I'd been lying there for almost an hour but I just feel like I had been thinking of sth useless for one hour and I didn't sleep !!! :(((
3.45pm, add maths tuition. 3hours!!!! Till 6.45pm and had my add maths tuition at 7.oopm. What a tiring day. So that's why I'm relaxing here now, blogging :))

Not a picture of mine. Is a picture of Lewis Walt's flats. ISN'T THIS CUTE?! Heard that it's extremely comfy. It's now very HOT!!
It's extremely sweet and gorgeous esp the candy colours :) Will blog more about it when I'm free. Keep on following my blog :) Tata. P.s Wish me luck in my History test tomorrow. Hope that I won't fail again :) *peace

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hellooo!!! Exam still on la!!!! Didn't study anything yesterday cause I overslept in the afternoon :( . Then night I got my Physics tuition. After that, "date" with my lappie till late night.

Woke up 7.oo am in the morning (ZOMG!!!) to have breakfast with my parents at YUMMY. Had ROTI BOM. Absolutely NICE!! :) Cheese was not bad too but not choc :) Then had tuition from 8.00 to 10.00 am. Geezzzz... After that, got myself ready for mummy's friend's daughter birthday bash at Sugar Bun at 12 sth.

Outfit of the day :)
Top and shorts from Bugis.
Headband from Sereni and shentel :)
and Guess' flip flops :)

Playing with Sereni and Shentel's headband :)

Then had my nap again till 3.30 pm. Studied my Sejarah till 6.30pm. ZOMG! I HATE SEJARAH (fyi, history) esp Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam. Don't misunderstood. I don't hate Islam. I just don't like the topic about Islam cz it's hard to study and memorize esp the names and hard-to-understand-words. Goshhhh the names are freaking long! And the names are repeating but I don't think they are the same person =.=

Gonna have my BM test tomorrow. Studied a bit just now. RANDOMLY :) Wish me luck then :)
I can't wait for this exam to finish ASAP! I wanna go ZEN again to have my soft shell crab and I wanna go shopping, I wanna sleep till late late late morning and Mummy will say 太阳晒到屁股了咯!LOL Time to sleep now or I'll doze off again during my test tmrw :) NIGHTS :))

Monday, May 16, 2011


It's Monday night and I'm blogging now cz there's no school and exam tomorrow. Yay! *hi-5!!!
But I have tuition at 8.oo am and gonna have breakfast tomorrow morning at 7.00 am.

Mummy and daddy went to Kuching this morning for Daddy's body checkup or wat de. Doctor say his blood vessel was blocked again. Geezzzzz damn scary when mummy told me. I don't know how to describe cz it seems very complicated and I'm still blur blur.
Conclusion, Daddy's health not very good now :( *sad face

People, health is very important. If your health is terrible, you can't do anything thought you have tons of money. So, take good care of yourself. Eat more vegetable and fruits. BUT, I hate vegiess!!!! HATE!!!!! What can I do. I just need to eat. :(

Wanna have this? *pointing down.

There's a package for Maxis click here to take a look :) or here