Sunday, February 26, 2012


Okay crap I haven't again blog for one week. Lazy just kept staying with me :( and I got nothing special to blog about. Hmmmmmmmm, so just let me blog about what i've been thinking recently then.

I've been like repeating this for so so so many times in my blog. I'm going to Sg for further studies soon but there's so many things just kept freaking me out recently.
#1 I hvn enrolled yet cz they only want my actual result and my actual result will only be released on 22nd March. 
#2 YES! 22nd MARCH! *killme. I'm gonna be so dead at that time once I know my result. (if it's bad) I'M SO SCARED!
#3 I'm going there without any friends :( Friends are like so damn precious to me. Can't live without friends. So, in order to live, I need to make new friends. This makes me so damn excited but yet so damn scary.
Why? Cz I'm so a socially awkward type of person. My PR sucks. I can't start the first step, trying to talk to a total stranger and try to make friends. I mean I love making tons of friends but I'm just not good in it. The first step is always hard for me. But once the first step is over, and we are already in the 'friend state' instead of the 'stranger state', I swear you'll found out that I'm so totally different. Many people said that I'm so fierce and unfriendly. I swear you're wrong! Maybe I'm a bit fierce, I can scold and roar at someone if I'm pissed. But I'm so a friendly person okayyy :D First, I don't have a friendly face (can't blame), and I don't always smile. I mean like why do I keep smiling when I don't meant to smile or kept smiling to strangers. People will think that I'm weird right? #Don't get me wrong, I love to make friends just that it's hard for me. I need people to approach me first. :D
#4 Due to I'm a socially awkward person, and I always feel hard to adapt to a new environment, I'M SO DAMN NERVOUS yet EXCITED. I kept thinking about the orientation day and the first day of college. Most of the people say orientation day is the main point cz you'll get to know new friends. Socially awkward person, me, thought, should I bring my mum along so she can accompany me LOL but I think I shouldn't right? 
#5 I wanna go to a church when I'm in SG! BUT due to the factor, I'M A SOCIALLY AWKWARD PERSON, I had no idea what am I going to do. I needa find someone to accompany me to a church. Sorry about that but I can't help myself too :(

I'm so excited too other than freaked out :P
#1 I'm going back to a place which I used to study there for four years and where I wished to go back there and live there so badly :D
#2 Shopping there is much more convenient than in Sibu :D <3
#3 It's hard to put on weight there and it's easy to keep fit and slim down there. Cz I'm going to walk walk walk walk and walk. I'll walk a lot there.
#4 I'm going to have a college life. OMG. After living like a empty minded person, not studying, kept playing for 2-3 months, I SO WANNA GO AND STUDY! I swear I wanna go there and study ASAP! I swear, I'm gonna work my ass off to study as hard as I can in order to obtain awesome results for, MY FUTURE! :D *good girl ei? :D
#5 After all, I'm a big girl. No parents beside me. Independence. *PEACE. 

Okay, I'm recently so into this cover by SJM's Henry. It's so damn awesome!

Listening it almost everyday :D
And also Block B's Nanrina. Love this song too! If you are a K-Pop freak, I bet you know about Block B's recently issue. Okay, maybe they are just really way over the top but they apologized already and Zico even shaved his head. I mean people, just forgive and forget. Get over it. I mean, who didn't done something wrong ever. They are sorry about it ler. Enjoy their live show, it's AWESOME.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Feb baby's b'day.

SHE IS......
Mabel Wong.
She is a Feb baby.
P.S "Fab" baby :D

Went to Ark AGAIN, to celebrate her b'day. 

Outfit of the day.
Jumpsuit from Cotton On.
Super love it! 
Simply casual ;D
So, we ordered, Fried Rice and Noodles.

It comes in a super big plate. 2 of this sharing with 3 people, still too much I nearly suffocate from stuffing too much food LOL I'm still not a big eater cz we still left some noodles.

When girls sit down, they can just start talking non-stop. That's GIRLS :D So we talked for like 2 and half hours, then we went out for camwhore :D


That's all. No blowing candle, sing b'day song and cut cake. WEIRD EI? Sorry MABEL!!!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Mabel, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Love ya!!!!!!:D
So proud of myself
*Good job!
Teehee :D

 So before that, I was just driving shifu's small car when I was learning. After I passed, I drive Camry and Hilux. It's like super big difference. Good thing, it's auto. Bad thing, it's so BIG, LARGE, LONG and WIDER! First passenger, my mum. So, what she do? I guess 99.99% of you who passed your car and drove your mum out had the same experience as me. That's scream, shout, ROAR! LOL, no kidding. I found out that 99.99% of mums do the SAME thing that includes my mum. The 0.01% of mums is either those who won't get gin tiong easily and just relax or will only scream at you once you BUMPED and screwed up. :D My mum got gin tiong so so so easily. So, I just kept asking my mum when my dad is going to come back. Finally, daddy's back today. And ofcz he's my third passenger (2nd is my bro). He sat beside me and I drove Hilux out so nervous out there LOL. Daddy won't put a gin tiong face. He seems so relax but he's actually a bit nervous so he put his hand on the hand brake so he can pull it whenever i'm in DANGER. JUST IN CASE OKAY? :D Funny right? Mummy did that too. So that's why they insisted me driving Hilux instead of Camry. That's the afternoon one. Went out again at night cz I never tried driving out during night time.

Luckily, everyone's safe and sound back home. Haha :D Daddy said my driving skill was ok ofcz still need some more improvements lar :D Gonna drive again tomorrow hehe. Practice makes perfect or male will always say female's driving skill sucks. Okay erm 80% of boys did that kay. Eg, a car infront can't park or reverse the car skillfully, 80% of the boys will like " Aiya, no need to say, must be a GIRL! or apek or ahmu. " Unfortunately, most of the time is like BINGO! So, I must be a skillful girl driver. Boys, don't look down on girls.
P.S don't curse me for posting this. I only mean 80% maybe you are in the 20%  BOYS! ;P


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living like a birdie ;)

No school, no tuition, no driving lessons, no test. I'm so free now! As free as a birdie :) Oh! I just passed my car test on Monday. YAY! Hahaha. Which means, I'm gonna get my license soon and Imma DRIVE! :D

Okay, back to topic, last Sunday had a BBQ party at my house with mummy's friends at my house's pondok. 

Let  me introduce to you my pondok :) Say hi :)

 Fried chicken, Corn, Green Tea and Rice

Now, I seriously wanna have FOOD PARTY at my house having all sort of AWESOME food. Crab, fried chicken, pizza, french fries, wedges and etc. It's gonna be like AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE TO EAT! My hobby? :)

Went for a movie today with Carey. Only two of us. AIDUHHHHH lonely and weird cz it's only two of us and we usually have more than 3 people.
We watched, Journey 2.
Outfit of the day.

It's only RM 5 today.

Not much people cz it's afternoon time. I swear I had never ever laughed so hardly in a cinema before because of the Hank's boob's part. You'll know what I'm talking about if you did watch this movie. Maybe it's because I seldom watch comedy. Feeling like going for a movie every Wednesday with friends before I'm going to Singapore since it's cheaper on Wednesday and I wanna go for a late night movie!!! BUT it's so creepy out there. 

Okay, here's something from noodle house,
that's crazy right?!
20 layers of choc crepe,
20 layers of ganache
40 layers of HEAVEN!
this is way too awesome!!! :P


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love or hate?

Love or hate?
Top from SG
I'm recently so into those kind of outfit
(short at the front and long at the back)
Shorts from ROMP
Flats from RUBI
I'm so in love with my flats now :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Went out for Xin Nee's farewell the day before she went to Melbourne. There's six of us.
There's no me, cz I'm taking the picture ma. :)
Left to Right.
Carey, Evelyn, Xin Nee, Shau Tian and Mabel.
We took pictures there, then went to Parkson.

This is funny. haha
(sowwwieee friend)

Love this pic so so much
And this too!
Love my outfit?
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Cotton On
Shoes - Rubi
The shoe is simply so casual, simple and comfort :)

Well, this is the time when everyone (my age) decides where to study and what to study. Some friends choose to study overseas or local and some choose Form 6. Friends are leaving slowly. And soon, me too. I got mixed feeling. Excited + happy + nervous = WEIRD. I'm excited cz I'm gonna have a new life out there and I'm going back to my hometown where I spent almost my childhood life there. EXCITED YEA! That's SINGAPORE!!!! YESH! I'm going there to study my diploma. I chose to study Event management. I'm going there this April. I'm going there first by my own with my "properties" then mummy/daddy will go later. Btw, the enrollment thing is freaking me out. It's so troublesome lar! Happy because haha Singapore is way different from SIBU. I can go anywhere whenever I wish to. Cz there's public transport and it's easy for me. Btw it's not easy to gain weight there cz you'll walk walk walk WALKING everyday. I'm nervous cz, I'll be alone, I got no friends going there to study. The first day is going to be weird. SUPER WEIRD. Okay well, I'm still more excited than all those other feelings. :D Anyone, wants to go there with me? LOL

Funniest B'day Ever!

Last Saturday was Mummy's b'day but she went to celebrate with her friends first at Le Ark Cafe few days before her b'day.
 The food there was quite delicious. They sell mostly chinese food.
我是......饭桶.Hahahhahha :D

 Mummy and I :)
 Mummy and her bunch of friends.
Nic :) 
Mummy and CAKE.

4th FEB, that's mummy's b'day, we went to the same restaurant again to have dinner with daddy.

 The man tou is super cute right?!
 Pumpkin Soup.
 Fish or Chicken, no idea.
Not bad
XO bla bla bla.
I dun really like it 
It's NICE!

After that, we went to Giant.
Super random shot at GIANT.

On the way home, I nearly laugh till I faint cz Daddy just gave the present to mum surprisingly with the help of bro and I. We just secretly place the present as soon as mum got down the car. And when she was back, she was like, " Ei? What's that? Aiyoooooo when you guys buy it? How come I didn't see it?" LOL when daddy was cerita-ing how he get the present and all that I was worrying will he just pop out all my secret plans? It's just under my prediction, YESH DADDY DID. :) He just say 1/25 out, and he stopped and said, "OHO!" and everyone went laughing so hardly. Daddy nearly ruin my plan.  
Here's daddy's present for mummy.

As soon as I reached home, I dashed to my room quickly cz the presents and card is not ready yet. Mummy was already waiting for me lol. Then I just bring down the present and placed somewhere. Mummy was like, "Now, it's ur turn where's my present?" "I told you I didn't prepare la. Oh yea, I got sth for you." I took out the RM30 parkson coupon which Daddy got it from buying the perfume. Haha.

From Aroma Bakery.

A family photo :)
After we cut the cake, mummy goes, I don't believe you didn't buy the present, now, I'm going to look for the present! LOL and she goes EI!!!!! Wa! SO BIG!

It's a tupperware box but inside it's not tupperware hahha

Present BY ME :)

Look from right to left.
1.  Opening the box with my bro's help. LOL
2. WA! What's inside?!
3. Why so many things?!
4. OH! Here's my tupperware!
(LOL I took my mum's tupperware secretly to put her present. And she was asking me did you took my tupperware? The maid say she saw you taking the tupperware box. And I was like NO! I took the box to put my old stuffs nia. It must be you borrow it to your friend la.)
5. What's that?
6. Pose. It's a mask with herbs
7. WA! Olympus camera?!
8. Cheh, it's only two photo frames. LOL
BTW, I just simply took it from home and put two pictures in it. LOL
(Don't get me wrong mum, that LONGCHAMP is mine LOL I didn't want to give you. I only used it to put sth in. Open it and you'll find your present)
11. Mask again. Snail Therapy Mask. LOL She gave me the eww face when I said that.
(It's not moon cake inside OFCZ)

13. It's the BODY LOTION
15. Wa, another BIG BOX.
16. OWH! That's my tupperware i've been looking for the whole afternoon. YOU LIED! I nearly went to my friend's house to look for it k!
18. Another two masks inside. Haha
I added, Mum, I took your Nature Republic member card to have the 25% discount for your b'day month o. And you can't have any further discount for your b'day month, cz I used it ler :) HEhehehhe...
She's like, WHAT?! When did u take it?
Me, I took it SECRETLY :D