Friday, April 29, 2011

Praise God!!! :

Ello peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, my big day was FINALLY over :) FINALLY!!! Finally I'm not that busy on certain trainings finally, I'm not that busy on thinking drill things. FINALLY!!!!!

Woke up around 5.15 am this morning, got myself ready and went to school at 6.00 am. On the way to school, there was no car, no jam only a few hardworking people jogging. There's an old lady that scares me. She wearing a yellow shirt with her head bowing so down and her hair so grey! In my mind was :" Am I the one who saw it? Who the hell is she? So free? "

Back to the point. We gathered at the canteen, had uniform checks and everything. Then off we go to Sacred Heart. Nervous like hell. First we had our uniform check by the judges. Yikes. Some people from other school were like yawning, scratching and doing some funny actions. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Finally, the competition starts at 9.00 am. Thank God we were the 2nd team and the weather was fine, no one fainted and we were all so calm and steady though we did big mistakes :) Great that we heard so many people had great comments on our formation esp some parts we heard people screaming and clapping for us. THANKS PEOPLE! You guys gave us more confidence :)

The result was, we've got 1st runner up. :) Thank God :) Not that satisfied but ok. Cried like so silly-ly LOL so damn embarrassing :(

Will try to get some better pictures and videos from others :)
P.S Big big thanks to all the people ( teachers, miss and madam, parents, people who let us practice and didn't play their basketballs or whatever balls) Thank you so so much. You guys made this happen :)

And now, we're proud of GB. We finally proved to others who looked down upon us!!! :))

After that, my mum and I went to Poppies to get Sereni and Shentel's hair band :) Seriously, honestly their hair bands are gorgeous. Today. at Poppies, you can even design, mix and match your own hair band. It's too bad if you didn't went there just now.

Did the mix and match just now and I'll get it probably next week and mummy just bought a
Block Party for me. :) Simple, classic, elegant :)

Will post the other one when I got it :) Now here's sereni, shentel, mummy and I. :)
Will get more next time cz they are way too gorg :)
Remember to help me click and view on the thing below. THANKS :)))

Girls' Power!

It's time to blog again:) If you know me and you've read my last few post, you know I'm real stressed and tomorrow is gonna be my big day. Cz I'm gonna have drill competition with my team mates :) wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~

If I say I'm not nervous at all, I'm lying you. How is it possible right?! Geez.... Because of this competition, my team and I put so much effort in it. Since the day after the first exam, we've been practicing till today 3.30 pm :) hardworking-nya~~~~~~~

Since the first day of practice I've been scolding and screaming due to stress.Esp these few days because the time is pushing me so hard. Felt so sorry for my team mates :) Sorry guys :( The competition is like we need to march basics and formation in 17 minutes anything more than 17 minutes it will not be counted. So we try to change some thing of the formation to make 15 minutes. At the beginning I lost my hope but now I did gained some confidence like only 30/100. We're still in danger. I'm so worried about it. I just don't want our hardwork to be wasted. :( God, HELP! People, PRAY!!!!! We appreciate your prayers :) Thanks to you all first :D Geezzzzzzzz...
Gonna reach school tomorrow early in the morning at 6.00am. The road will be like no one.... No cars, no people, no . NOTHING. Then took bus to Sacred Heart school then the competition will begin. Time ticks and tocks, everything will glides, slips, pass, walk, go, run. VANISHED. Geezzzzzzzzz PRAY :) Will post the video if we win or top 3 if no then oh no :((((((( Pui pui pui CHOIIIIII we'll win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We, GB must show everyone our Girls' Power!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

After that, probably I'll be going to Poppies to catch up with sereni and shentel
They are selling hair bands and making hair bands there tomorrow if I'm not mistaken. Their hair bands are AWESOME and GORGEOUS. Trying to find a simple one in other shopping malls and stalls but I just can't find any. Hope that I can find one tomorrow :)

This Ice Ice Baby was not bad. Simple but yet elegant.
Ice Ice Baby
It's not that suitable to wear Kuching Cat here in SIBU, unless you are a kid or you are brave enough :) *winks
Kuching Cat
It's gorgeous right? Click here to know more :)
It's not that obvious. But never mind :) Btw it's from Forever 21 :)
Fat face :(
Click on the thing below first before you go :)
don't worry you won't loss anything but probably you'll gain something :D *winks :))

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


中分?ooooooooooo~~ :) Love it :D
Tried to update my blog more frequent :) Ellooo peeps it's 9.56 pm now... Geezzzz time flies. Exam is coming soon, drill competition is coming real soon. Fyi, this coming Saturday. Geezzzz O.O. Had been practicing everyday after school. So tiring. Just hope that our hard work is all worth it. Our teacher went to have meeting this afternoon. Very lucky, luckily we were the first team for Girl's team to march. Boy's first team is also gonna be PBSM from our school. Very lucky cause we can avoid the extra hot sun that makes my weak team mates faint.

Well, don't say me bad. I just don't understand why they always faint :( Maybe because they are too weak? Probably. Just hope that they don't faint on that day. Pleaseeeeeeeeee GOD pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Tomorrow morning gonna have practice early in the morning at 6.30 am. We pleaded the teacher to let us practice till 7.30 am because there is no assembly but I got Bio test. Who cares :) But teacher say she needs to ask the Discipline teacher, Mr. Lee. Just in case she's not gonna work it out, someone suggested 30 of us go straight to the office to beg him LOL. Hope we can get his permission tomorrow then :) *winks

This word seems familiar and hateful right? YESH! I hate homework. Homework, I got tons. Since this year starts, homework non-stop. I just can't do homework at home. Reasons :
1. I'm lazy
2. I'm tired
3. Due to the 1st and 2nd reason, I need to have nap
4. After nap, I need to go for tuition
5. If i'm lucky, I only have one tuition a day. If I'm not, I'll have two. The most unlucky is Thursday. 12.40 I finish my school. Reach home around 12.55 pm. When I finish eating and bathing, it's 1.30pm and I got tuition at 2.00pm and I can't even have a nap. 2.00-4.00 english tuition. After that, I need to rush to another tuition because I hate to be late esp the teacher standing there teaching, everyone seating there starring at you till you go back to your own seat. =.=Geez MAINPOINT: I got tuition
6. After tuition, you can't expect me to study cz I need to rest and eat.
7. After dinner, I'm lazy I need to have some entertainment ---> watch tv :)
8. After all my programs, it's late and I need to sleep :)
Teeeheeee :D
I shouldn't so much excuse. 一分耕耘,一分收获 means if you want to succeed, you need to work hard. So, I should work hard. But it's all after this Saturday, the drill competition.
To all SPM candidates, work hard to score or you are going to miss this and time won't rewind and you can't regret :) I'll blog about it more. Some pictures of my look before tuition yesterday :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


It's time for me to blog again. Feel so sorry and guilty for not blogging for so so so so long...

Well, finally I had outdates with family and friends :)
Went to Zen last Thursday to celebrate bro's b'day. Had so many dishes, but i only took a few :( I'm missing them now though I just ate it again just now :)
Potato Karroke or what de :)
Dragon Roll (absolutely yummy)
Salmon Teriyaki (Shio is better)
I duno call what (crab inside)

最后变到我和妈妈是主角似的 :D

Yesterday,went to Zen again to celebrate babe's b'day. Ordered tons of food didn't took any pics of it. Had a great time with my sisters. Chatting for almost three hours sambil eating. We chat, we gossip, we play, we joke. It's so fun. Felt really good after that.

Friends are just different from family. Family are just different from friends. Family cares about you, they won't give you up, they give you unconditional LOVE. Friends can be good and bad. BUT thank God I got a bunch of awesome friends that makes my life colourful :) *winks.
Qiqi & Zhi wen
Qiqi and Mabel
Xin Nee and Qiqi

Vivian and I :)
Mabel and Xin Nee
Zhi Wen and I :)
Cake? Sushi? B'day stick? or tea?

This week is gonna be a stressful week :( Wait for my next post. It will be either a sad or happy one :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Gahhhhhh!!! Life.... Life was just so hard. I got so many things to worry about :( So far no good :( Things just won't go like what you think like. The more you think, the more it goes wrong. An optimistic will think that it's just a challenge that God gave you to make you stronger. An pessimist will like "Oh shit. My life sucks terribly!" So what should I think? How should i feel? I guess I just need to be stronger since my way is still very long. Yeah! :D Btw, I'm really not feeling good the whole noon till now
:((( sad and moody. Ewww you!!!! Arhhhhh!!!!!
What a moody post........................

Let me share something. It's like hell cute. I'm seriously in love with it!!!!

Isn't this cute????? It is k!!! :) Someone please buy me one the pink one :)

P.S gonna do something hell embarrassing tomorrow morning at school. Pray for me :(((( I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Friday, April 1, 2011


Elloooo people!!! It's April fool today! Happy April Fool! Have you tricked someone? If not go now the clock strikes at 12.oo :) Just have some fun :D haha

Seriously, I was like extremely busy these days. I need to study since exam it's like 5 weeks later and I'm having SPM these year (ewww), practice drill cause it's 29 days later and i haven't deal with the formation thing, tons of homework not done, having 6 tuitions..... Life is just.... urghhhh... easy :D

So much thing not done yet. I got to inform tons of ppl and I'm leading praise and worship tmrw but I hvn find any songs yet and I need to find some video for the formation thing tomorrow. And I haven't practice for the praise and worship yet. There's a stupid thing I duno how to start singing the song whenever the pianist finish playing the intro. So that's why I dun like leading praise and worship. So freaking embarrassing after doing it like two or three times. :( But I'll just give it a try. Pray for me :) *winks I'll appreciate :D