Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nexcare Acne Patches Review

Acne. Acne are just so irritating!!! People who has acne problems, you'll know how I feel. I had so many friends with acne problems, but I bet I'd the most serious acne problem among them. 

In my case, my pimples are like big ones. First, I'll have a big red bump. Second, the red bump will turn into zits (yellowish, disgusting thingy, so called pus). Third, I'll poke it cz I got no choice, I'll look freaking ugly with those zits and I ain't going out with that! 

I'm a picker. When I was in my teenage, I just can't stand with those bumps, zits! I'll either pick it or poke it! I know it's disgusting, it's not good, but I just can't control myself! I believe most of those people who suffer from acne did that k.

Soon, when I grow up, I start controlling myself, I pick less, but there's still some nights I'll try to poke those acne and squeeze those heads out. Then the next morning, I'll look freaking fugly with red bumps all over my face and worst, scars. So now, I'll warn myself to never pick on my pimples!

Few weeks ago, I did mention on how crazy my pimples are! It's so insane, so luckily I had no school, I won't need to go out so no makeup! I just wait for the pimple to heal itself, but it take ages! and those pimples just grow bigger. One day I need to meet my friend nearby my house for dinner, and the pimple is just so awkwardly lied near my nose there. And one of my friend, she told me to use the Nexcare Acne Patch. She said it's super duper good! And yes! IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! It's a miracle for me!

P.S previously, before my friend recommended me this thing, I did heard before acne patches from those gurus but I never looked into it. Cz I thought it's just a piece of sticker that you used to stick on your acne cz it's so freaking ugly. That's all. I never know it can actually heal your acne in a faster way. I know I sound idiot. lollll

So after my friend recommended me, I straight away went to Watson and buy. I bought the smaller pack one, i can't remember how many patches they got. In one pack, they got two sizes, small and big patches. Btw, the pack I bought is 40% thinner, I had no idea how thick the original one is, cz I never buy it before.

The second time I purchase, I bought the bigger box, with 30 patches, 40% thinner (like the pic above).
However, this time this box only contain small size patches. But I had seen people posting on the normal original ones, they got big and small size patches. I had no idea why. I'll try to find it out soon.

Those patches act as a barrier to prevent yourself from picking your zits, reduce hand contact and infection. It acts like a sponge that absorbs the oily secretion, fluid and pus.

How to use:
1. Cleanse your face, dry your face with a towel. Stick the patch to your pimples before you apply any skin care product. Make sure that your hand and face is dry. Otherwise, it will not stick well.
2. Once the colour changes to white, it means that the oily secretion has been absorbed. Gently peel it off.
3. If wearing makeup, applu the acne patch first.

For me, I'd prefer to use it during the night time. I once use it when I go out. In the end, I ended up looking stupid, a girl with a sticker on her face. Lolll cz it's not completely transparent or skin colour. It's slightly yellow instead.

So during the night, after I cleanse my face, I would stick it onto my acne. After that, I'll apply my skincare products. The next day, when you peel it off, you'll find a yellowish spot on the patch. That's the pus. And then, your zits will be gone. No blood, no pus. Awesome! 

Pickers or I should say anyone suffering from acne should really buy this! Esp those who have big big big pimples like me! Don't pick your pimples as it will leave scars! I'm also saying this to myself! Lollll

I hope you find this post useful :D

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Updates :D

Hi guys, sorry for abandoning this space for so long, had been really busy these days, rushing for assignments, preparing for internship and stuffs.

I had just done blogging. Finally updated my blog on the review of Magic Any Cushion. I'd drafted it ages ago but I've got no time to take pictures. Finally took the pictures yesterday and uploaded the complete post. Please forgive me if it's not a good review post. It's only my second makeup review post k.... :) Do comment if you find it useful :D I'll be so happy to read it :)

If you haven't check it out, here it is :)
Magic Any Cushion Review

So now, this post is gonna be a casual update about my life.

Talking about depress, i believe everyone will have the moment when you feel super duper depress, no matter how cheerful you are in real life. I'm not the super cheerful type, but still considered fine. I'm not the type that got so drag away by my mood. Or maybe I did but I never realise, well those things only your close friends/family will know. Or maybe I'll only express it in front of the people who I'm close with. When I'm happy, ofcz I'll be so happy 24/7. But, if there's something bad happen, I'll feel down, depress, sad, moody, but only in my own space, my own world, my room. Once, i step out, of my own private area, to face other people, I'll make sure I won't bring that sad, depressing mood/face to others. Well, for sure I'll complain to others, that's how I express and release my stress.

There's just some time, things just don't work like how you imagine it would be. Things just go wrong, fail and crashed. If one/two things fail, it's still fine, acceptable, easy to deal with. But if two or more, I CAN'T TAKE IT! If so many things don't go well as what I pictured it would be, I just can't get over it. I'll be super depressed, super stress cz it's like so messed up! I'll just stuck there for a while, think about it and I'll question myself WHY? And after that, it's time to express, first I'll start to cry. (lol, crying baby! I KNOW! but please everyone got their way to express/release their stress ok!) Then, I'll pamper myself first, treat myself a good meal or shopping if i gt the time and extra pocket money. Lolllll

I believe that's what everyone's gonna face, especially when you are getting older (sounds like I very old here, but I'm not k!), when you start to enter the real working environment, being an adult. Every time you fail, you will learn from it. Then the next time, you'll be aware of, then that's where you'll succeed. Well, sounds like I'm so grown up, so experienced, so successful. That's just what I believe and what I thought la! #stilllearning

So there's one day, I just slept like for 1 and half hours. I went to bed around 4 am, insomnia strikes, or maybe I was too hungry, can't get to sleep. Only slept around 7 am and I woke up around 9 plus or 10 am. (I KNOW IT'S CRAZY! BUT I CAN'T HELP! I PRAY THAT THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANY MORE!!!) And that day I got one assignment due date. Not enough sleep, assignment due date, scared that I can't stay up late, it's stressful enough. Then that morning, my landlord just scolded me due to some 'issue'. Ok, BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Ok, so, I'll conclude it as, everything is still gonna move on no matter how depressing you are. That's life! So, get over it! and nail it like a diva!


Ok, so after the depressing moment I'd few days ago, I'm so glad that it's over! And so, yes I went for shopping after that! It's like ages since I shop! I'm so happy!

It's April now, I'll start my internship in 2 months time! So, in this 2 months time, I need to start preparing myself for those interviews.

Bought these shoes. I pray that these won't hurt, won't kill me like how some of my other shoes did! 

Ok, I'll end this post here! Toodles :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Special Mission by Etude House + Magic Any Cushion Review

Few months ago, Etude House Singapore recruited 12 lucky fans for a special mission prior to launching their new mysterious product. Ladies chosen got to try the product and walk away with $200 worth gifts.

As a fan of Etude House, i didn't hesitate at all. I joined! I followed the instructions, left my details, skin condition and stuffs. Few days later, they pm-ed me on FB and told me that I was one of the 12 lucky ladies, I was invited to attend the special mission! I totally forgot about that, that I joined sth like that. I WAS SO HAPPY!

When my friend saw me leaving the comment she was like impossible de la. Then when she knew that I was chosen she was like WOAH! LUCKY AH YOU! I KNOW RIGHT!!!

Okay so that day after my school ended, I headed to their office at Raffles Place. I was sooo excited. I had never attend such an event before. 

So we were brought to a room I supposed it's their meeting room. There were macaroons, cupcakes and drinks on the table. We were asked to sit according to our names.

Name card and that's their mystery new product, the Magic Any Cushion. 

So we were questioned with questions related to skin care and makeups like what we know, what we use, what we prefer, what we thought about. 

Macaroons were served because the packaging of Magic Any Cushion looks like macaroons.

Firstly, the Magic Any Cushion comes in 3 colours, Magic Pink, Magic Peach and Magic Mint.
Each of them are meant for different type of skin tone.

  • Magic Pink is for pale skin tone, to bloom up your skin tone
  • Magic Mint is for red skin tone, to cover redness
  • Magic Peach is for dark & dull skin tone, to brighten up your skin tone

So the main function of the Magic Any Cushion is to express flawless skin after a few pats with the whitening effect. Furthermore, it contains moisture-lock formula that prevents moisture-loss after a few hours of makeup.

This product definitely helps you to achieve the korean look, the dewy makeup instead of powdery or matte. Besides, it also works as a highlighter where you can apply it at your t-zone and cheekbones.

How does the so called 'dewy look' looks like?
If you let me express this term 'dewy' i'll say it's like a layer of water on your face. Your makeup will look refreshing, bright, 3D, moisturized...

It doesn't work as a foundation or bb-cream as it has really low coverage. However, it does work as a base or primer.

How to use:
After skin care, apply it as a base with a few pats over your face. After that, apply foundation/bb-cream.

However, please remember to remove it with makeup remover cz after all, it's still a cosmetic product not a skincare product.

The Magic Any Cushion has an SPF of 34 so you can skip applying the sunblock. I would like to describe it as creamy texture. I found out that the creamy texture makes it slightly harder to blend your bb cream/foundation. I LOVE THEIR SCENT! It smells so good, so refreshing!

The before and after. As you can see, it really brightens up my skin and also it's shinny and seems like glowing.

In my case, I didn't buy the product personally but was given by Etude House. I mentioned my skin condition as I have a dark skin tone and have lots of pimples and acne scars. And I think they forgot that I have a dark skin tone and mistaken that I have redness over my face as I mentioned I have lots of pimples. So they gave me the Magic Mint. So I was pretty confused.

Conclusion, it is a bit too bright for me. The first time, I apply is as a base, I thought that it is too bright. Besides, I always apply powder after bb cream. Hence, if I apply it as a base, after I apply powder, I won't achieve the dewy look. After that, I use it as a highlighter, just slightly pat a bit at my t-zone and cheeks. And I have to say I think it makes my makeup stays longer.

As it has low coverage, quite light and sheer, it is quite suitable for people who have less skin problems and are looking for light makeup.

Asking me if I would use my own money and buy myself, I would like to try again on Magic Peach. But I still don't think it's a MUST HAVE product. I would prefer having a better coverage bb cream/foundation + concealer. 


It's announced on Etude House Global that the Magic Any Cushion will be officially launched globally this coming 1st May!

Tell me how find it if you purchase it :)

Monday, April 14, 2014


Last last week, i think me and my friend were just crazy. We went out for dinner straight in three days. The thing is one meal cost like $20 don't even convert to MYR, heart pain. Then last week, also same case. Heart pain. I need to stop or else my plan to buy shoes and cosmetics gonna fail :( and obviously diet plan gonna fail too.

My friend got such a tiny stomach, bird's appetite. So whenever we eat out, until a certain amount she eat, she'll be like cnt liao, i'm very full liao! I know you can de! Then i'll have the always same expression not very annoyed but the wth-you-so-fast-full-agn face. Lol thn ended up me eating all the food she can't finish like a trash can.

Suffering from 1 gigantic pimples and 6 big pimples over my face. FML cz the previous week i had too much fried food. Whole bucket of french fries. I swear that's the biggest bucket of fries i'd ever had. At first I was like no matter how full i am, i confirm can finish french fries de cz I LOVE FRIES! Then after eating the spaghetti with chicken chop, salad, and the nearly half of the bucket of fries, I SWEAR I'M DAMN FULL LIAO. If I say i'm damn full means really like damn full cz people who knw me sure knw how big my appetite is. Thanks to that bucket of fries, i duno how many calories i'd gained and also contribute to the pimples i have on my face.

I'm just so crazy about food. People always say just eat abt 70% full. After that don't eat anymore. For me, i'll never ever care about that. LOL wth right. I'll just keep on eating as long as there's still food on the table. That day we went for bak kut teh with one of our guy friend. I swear i ate more than him. When he stopped and put down his chopstick, i was still slowly eating the pork meat drinking my soup LOL shameee 

Now, i need to control before things gone wrong :( eat less! Yes! I MUST!

Forever, 说的跟做的是两回事,nvr ever manage to control myself. Food is just too tempting. Had chicken rice + curry puffs for my breakfast+lunch considered late lunch around 3+, then matcha mcflurry around 5+ then my light dinner ard 8.30 pm. Gonna sleep late tonight, i mean every night . Wonder what I'll be craving for tonight.

Long time nvr take selfie cz i cnt tahan my face, overflow with FATS ... FML

These days, I just got no choice but to eat out. So busy with assignments and I don't even have time to cook. So I better train myself to eat like a bird. I better do so. If not, 2 months later, my mum can't recognize me cz TOO FAT LOL

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Immediately drop by to blog right after I finish my assignments. These few days had been like so terrible for me. So damn hectic. Within 5 days, I got 2 assignments due. So I rushed all the way.

There's basically 2 types of assignment. 1 using a lot of brain cells to think, giving your opinion (less theory). Another one, less consuming of brain cells, but so time consuming, browsing through references, trying to find the perfect suitable one. I can say I prefer using more brain cells to think, giving my own opinions.

I was doing the research and analysis report and I need to write a literature review. I almost dozed off, SO MANY TIMES! I just kept yawning in the library. I just tend to read and read and read and read and READ, trying to find the perfect reference. Using may be 1/4 of my brain cells. THE THING IS, IT'S SO BORING! Can't tahan.

Thought that I could finish by 7 pm, in the end, fail =.= after my dinner, I continued. ALMOST DOZED OFF AGAIN. My eyelids were super HEAVY! Don't bother to look through much, just faster finish the 1/4 leftover and hand in. TBT

And now, I'm finally done! The best moment right now! Relaxed a bit. Rest for a few days, next Thurs/Fri got another 1, NEVER ENDING ASSIGNMENTS. I think i got almost 1 assignment due every week, all the way till exam. =.= Geeezzz that sucks

Monday, April 7, 2014

Facts of being a girl + Carousell

Girls are just born to be a shopaholic. Used to shop so much for clothes. Luckily I managed to control myself more now, by just staying at home or avoid going Bugis, or just psycho myself or whatever to prevent myself from buying shit stuffs. I just got this so called "illness" MUST BUY. Like someone trying hard to psycho me to buy the thing.

Like sometimes now I got some random thoughts like I FEEL LIKE BUYING SOME THINGS. So i just scroll those blogshops, gmarket, zalora, singsale or whatever website for few hours, I got things wanna buy add to the shopping carts, then lazy to make transaction. So, I'm like fine forget about it DON'T BUY! It's actually good right. So I'm still not that serious.

I believe most of the girls will have the same problem as me. Well at least most of my girl friends have the same problem as me too. So I'm not the only one :D

Scenarios when girls doing their basic routine, SHOPPING.

1. OMG so cheap! MUST BUY!!!! 不买白不买 , buy for the sake of buying it, since it's so cheap, just buy la. Never mind one, $2 only.... Then you ended up buying 10! And out of 10 probably you'll only wear 3. WASTE MONEY

2. When the lighting at the fitting room is totally different from your house's lighting. The mirror in the fitting room is not the same as your house's mirror. You think look absolutely gorg, absolutely fab when you are trying out the clothes before you purchase it. Then, once you got home, it's different case. You think you look absolutely fat, ugly and none of your top matches the bottom or vice versa. FML so what had happened?? Kena possessed when you were trying out the clothes?

3. Trying to be different from usual. Usually you are more like the casual type of person, a top, a high waisted shorts, slippers and off you go. Not casual till you seems like having a fashion crisis. Just not so fashion but acceptable nice look. Everyday you look people wearing a super nice super fashion outfit but it's not so your style and you go I SHOULD TRY THAT STYLE! And you bought it. After that you're like ermmmmmm I THINK THIS IS A BIT OVERRRRRRRR or DON'T THINK THIS SUITS ME THO =.=

4. When you shop at those place that you can't try those clothes it's even worse. Cz, 1, it's cheap. 2, you won't know if it fits you or not unless you failed so many times until you become so damn professional. Last time, when I used to shop in Bugis, I just buy when I think it suits me and the price is reasonable (below $10), ended up spending $70-100 for 10 clothes, then i'll only wear 6-7 of them. The leftover 3-4 will be forever in my wardrobe. It's either it really doesn't look good on you, too tight, too weird or not comfortable. But I was quite surprised, after so much failure I accumulated throughout 2012 and 2013, I found out that I improved this year when I shopped with my girl friend. LOL practice makes perfect

5. For shoes, I really suck. I bought 3 shoes this year for CNY. None of them I'm satisfied with. 1 almost killed me. Another one painful but still die die wanna wear. Another one just weird. It's really hard cz when you try on it you only walk a few steps. It's hard to tell. Maybe I'm not experience enough :(

ALL IN ALL I'm quite a failed shopper :(
And so my savior is CAROUSELL. One day, I discovered this app from someone on insta that I followed. I remembered that app but never really bother to try on it. Then one day I become really bueh tahan seeing all my clothes then I decided I NEED TO CLEAR ALL THOSE SHITS OUT!

So I began by capturing pictures of the things I wanted to sell and uploading it with the condition, size, price and stuffs of the item. At first, I'm really scared that no one might want to buy my stuffs. I was quite surprised that some people actually pm-ed me and asking for details. I got contacted immediately on that day I started and was so busy that night replying to comments lol. And yes so far I managed to sell 11-15 stuffs already. Not sure if it's a good result or not. But the most important thing is at least I got to clear 1/4 of my things liao.

Experiences dealing with buyers. So far so good, I believe I'm a good seller too. There's once there's a buyer interested in buying a shoe and she came to my place, we met up and I let her tried first before she decided to buy :D

Just a few times, I got pissed off due to some irresponsible buyers. Promised to meet up, then not answering my whatsapp.... and stuffs

Take a look on the things I'm selling too :D

After that I think I should upload it here too :D Watch out for this space for further updates :D


Saturday, April 5, 2014


Just feel like doing this.

Gonna be blogging about my CNY outfits. I'm so satisfied with this year's outfit. My CNY outfits are always more to darker colour. My family, my mum is not the tradition or so called superstitious type so I always don't have the CNY-must-wear-red-thing. I did make an effort to find some colourful clothes like got flower prints, spring-looking clothes. BUT failed. Everything is just black, green, navy, cz it's during chirstmas.

DAY 1 - dress from Hollyhoque, heels from Summit

DAY 2 - dress from ZARA (massive love), flats from RUBI (will mention about this shoe later long story)

DAY 3 - dress from LowrysFarm (massive love, stranger approached me and told me my dress is nice, keke, good taste)

DAY 4 - Top from Bugis, Leather skirt from F21, Loafers from TOPSHOP, Clutch from F21

DAY 5 - Top from Stradivarius

DAY 6 - Top from BUGIS, Skorts from Stradivarius

I got a lot more CNY outfits which I got no chance to wear, 2 more maxi dress and 2 more maxi skirt. Don't even bother to wear it now cz the weather is CRAZY. 24/7 HOT. Can't stand the weather. And thank GOD it finally rained this morning!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hi blog, hi people, abandoned this space for a thousand of years and it's full of dust... hmmm

Ok so I'm just gonna update a bit of my life here right now.

2 April 2014,
It was April Fool ytd, anyone of you got pranked? Yes, I did, at the end of the day.
So yes, my friend sent me a pic of her leg and she said she was hospitalised cz she broke her leg. And I was like OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You ok not?! How did you broke your leg, KENA CHASED BY DOG? In my mind was like, quite impossible for her to fall until so serious leh cz I never ever see her fall before or what minor injuries ever. And then I asked if she cried. And she replied hahhahaha yes! till the whole ocean is my tear. =.=

So yeah, it's the beginning of April right now, I've got 2 more months, I'll be entering my internship and then 6 months later I'll graduate with a DEGREE! And yes I can't wait. I always tell my friend that how I wish I can quickly graduate then get rid of all those crazy assignments and exams. But she'll be like oh please, you'll confirm say you wanna go back to uni life becz the whole working environment will be more stressful. True that, like now, I wanna go back to my secondary school days when I can meet my bunch of sisters everyday, talk non-stop, had fun.......

So this term I had been eating out so often with my friend, tepankyaki, korean food, thai, chinese, western.......... IT'S CRAZY! The thing is my friend is so small size and she only eats a bit she ALWAYS cannot finish her food then ended up me helping her to clear her dish, yes like a trash can! lol then after that it'll be me growing and gaining weight. Awesome thing is, after eating so much fried food (almost everyday) for the past one whole week, I managed to have 6 pimples on my face! No joke, big ones small ones, it's crazy! I can feel the pain whenever I rub my face! SCREW YOU PIMPLES! When can I have flawless face?