Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Yerrrlllow from SG. Yes, I'm back in SG for a week plus and school just started for a week I can already feel the stress and pressure :(

After having so much rubbish food back in Sibu, I decided to go on a serious diet back in SG. Week 1 wasn't so intense, gonna be more serious for week 2. And now week 3, dun think week2 was thatintense loh... Opps 😌

So for me, I just spend 30 minutes in the morning for a simple workout at home to tone up some parts. For the first 3 days, my abs and thighs just hurts so much and I feel so shiok which means it's working! Must continue doing it and hopefully I can just be more discipline and NEVER GIVE UP! 

Besides, I have changed a lot on my eating habits. SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Just gotta say, If you never start, you'll never know. Starting to have more fruits and veggies. Fruit juice, smoothies, salads. woah like super healthy man!
One of my meal, salad with egg, breast meat, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and wakame with Italian dressing. I swear I never thought I could ever finish one whole plate of salad by myself cz I'm not a veg person, which means I HATE VEG! But well, for my own good, I had it and it doesn't taste that bad. I was thinking was it because I can't accept veg that are cut in super big size? Like before my mum didn't cut until this small. Like all those veg (cucumber, carrot and lettuce) I forced myself to cut it into smaller pieces and it tastes better. weird me...

Tried to cut down the portion too if I have rice and I changed the white bread to whole meal bread, normal spaghetti to whole meal spaghetti and every thing is about CALORIE! I was counting the calorie for every single item I eat. 

Entering week 3 now, hopefully i'll be more discipline ☺️ Good luck to me 😊

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