Monday, December 17, 2012


Ok finally I have some time to blog. Hey everyone! I'm BACK! Had been so busy these days cz it's exam period. Fyi, my last paper is this Thursday! ASdjnsgkishgbskrgh I can't wait to finish lah! After that, there's awesome plans (in my brain), I hope it's going to be as awesome as it is planned in my brain. Not going to reveal it now, ok one of them is, SHOPPING lah!

Yes shopping, I think this entry is going to be another shopping post. God knows why I love shopping that much! I mean most of the girls LOVE to SHOP! Shopping is like heaven lah! Some more shop for cheap stuffs, INSANE! You know, it's year end, so my shopping is like crazier than usual. God knows how crazy it is. SHOP HARD, STUDY HARD, so tomorrow study hard, now play hard first! :D

So, last friday went to collect my 2nd batch of taobao loots. As you can see, it's all accessories. Quite satisfied :D Perfect service from them! Hehe now, I can't complain I got not enough accessories. Can't wait to wear them all!

Last Saturday, the OSF year end sale! Buy 2 free 1, everything for SGD 10! How can no go? So yes, I went! Me and my friends decided to meet at 10 am but I scared too early though the event starts at 11 am. Meet at 10 means I need wake up at 8 plus! I need sleep! So we postponed to 12. Then, girls are forever slow when it comes to dressing up nicely! We need to choose the perfect right outfit! We need to choose according to the weather, place, occasion, mood and ETC! Seriously, hard lah! After choosing, you need to fit. After you fit, you need to see. See the mirror. After that, not satisfied, CHANGE again! This is the fact! #girlsbeinggirls! So that's why girls took forever to step out of the house! That day, I still don't have that problem, but my dear friend, being super grandmother! Yes, in the end still manage to step out of the house and start travel! 


My another friend was there already, saying how crazy the queue was! Like the whole STREET! Please use your imagination!!! 9.30 am ppl start to queue (flea starts at 11), ppl queue all the way from the 4th floor down to the end of the street! THIS IS MAD!

Imagine, queuing under the hot sun, then up to the stairs suffocating and gasping for air. Bo bian, #girlsbeinggirls big sale must go! While they were queuing, me and my friend were still travelling and using our SG MAP aka GPS finding our way there. And when we reached there, we queue until duno where, we were too paiseh to join my another friend which was like wayyyyy infront! Then after queuing for like 20 minutes, I see the organizer tweeting like STOCKS RUNNING LOW! And we were like freaking behind the stupid long queue like the last two then infront still got like almost hundred of them? Then, later, there's staffs coming down, announcing that the stocks are running REAL LOW almost no stock and not sufficient for all the people queuing and we were still like the last few ppl in the queue. Then, people start leaving after queuing so hard. We still like don't give up, we follow the people infront of us, we went up! Inside was even crazier! Totally packed like hell! Like hard to move. Then in the basket is like totally nothing liao then once the staff restock, people like go insane snatching whatever there is without seeing what is it first. We like snatch first then say! No time for you to go slowly like should I take this or that! So I just get whatever it's passed to me LOL! But I super regret that I never get the damn expensive looking like heels! It's like some lace up heels, freaking nice and it's my size! I just thought I won't wear then I say i don't want when my friend passed it to me!  :( At last, I still manage to get 7 items :D I'm the lucky one. There's people queued for 2 hours and went home with nothing! POOR THING! The only thing I can say is, the crowd is crazy. 700 plus items are not enough!

After study, went to Bugis Street again cz friend wanna buy shoe. In the end, friend never buy shoe and it's me, buying clothes! Uhhh totally PHAILED

Those are things from the shopping haul. Nothing above SGD 10! *proud but without trying I'll still get some things that doesn't fit me well. I mean it looks nice bt not on me or some like too tight :(

This is the problem. Things at those fleas or Bugis is CHEAP but you can't try before you buy so, you won't know exactly how it looks on you! So sometimes, I'll still fail a bit, some times too tight, some times doesn't look good on me, and also other problems. So in the end, there's some clothes that I never wear them before and I just abandoned them inside the wardrobe. Like super pity. And some I'm still figuring out how to wear it nice! LOL still working hard. But some totally can't cz totally not my size! And some, I totally had no idea why I buy it cz it's totally not my style! Uhhh So, I think I wanna sell some of my stuffs. Needa find new owners for them! If interested, tell me :) Trying to see if really got some one wanna buy my things :')

That day, at Bugis Junction, spot this 2 young SG celebrities. Okay not spot is wait for like almost 1 hour. Cz we heard their names and decided to wait and see. Who knows, we wait like 30 minutes liao they still haven't come out then we refuse to leave cz we already wait for 30 minutes liao! So in the end, we waited for like 1 hour! Totally stupid! If it's some KPOP stars I got nothing to say but this.... ok erm yea so they are, ALOYSIUS PANG and KIMBERLY CHIA! There are really some "fan girls" there! Holding their fanboards written "ALOYSIUS". And I was thinking how crazy can they be. Surprisingly, they went silent when they appear. =.= Like no scream sound not even clapping sound. Uhh I should have cheered for them lol. Even when I took this picture, my friend already say me fangirl liao la! Don't say scream! lol Then, after that, went to study!

 Selca-ed while in the lift!
My shopping friends of that day

Then, another crazy thing for today. Etude House, having their clearance sale up to 60%!!!! Went after my exam! Things are really cheap SGD 1-10!!! CHEAP LAH! BB Cream, Toner, Facial stuffs one whole set for SGD 10! Lip balm lip tint for SGD 7! Eye shadow for SGD 3! It's crazy! The time I went the things were like 80% cleared! But I still managed to grab some! They say they gonna restock everyday so that means there's more for the upcoming 4 days! I should go on 21st! to see more :D

Okay, that's all! Tomorrow, gonna study HARD! Last paper on Thursday then I'm done! 

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