Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doong doong ♥ ~~~

Hahahahhahhahahhahahha. I was just trying to put no face expression. And then the problem is my hair esp my fringe. LOL. Next time I should tie my hair up. 

Went out with my bunch of GFF :) But there's only four of us........ We got,
Me, Xin Nee, Joyce and Carey.
Mah lovely babes :D
We had such an awesome day !!!

We waited for this meet up for so so long. We finally decided it on Wednesday. Most of them can't make it so there's only four of us. First, we went to cafe cafe at 12.00 pm. Had so much fun chit chatting :) ME LOVE IT! After that, we walked to Parkson. OMG the weather is so so HOT!!!!!!! Like damn HOT burning man! Actually we wanted to go for movie but the time is so alang alang so we just went to Joyce's house.

We played X-Box first, then ofcz, CAMWHORE :)

Inside done, we went outside. Hehe :D

Half way, Xin Nee went home, BYE BYE hehe






CNY is coming real soon. 3 days left. Are you guys ready? Bought all your stuffs already? Decorate your house already? Clean your house already? Bake cakes and cookies already? I'M READY! :D

Now, Sibu is full of cars cz many people are coming back to celebrate CNY with their families :)

Byee yooooooo~~~~~~~~~~

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