Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 - 5 Part 1

Here comes my holiday trip post. Like finally. Sorry for delaying it for so many days.

Went to KL on the 15th of Dec for camp, shopping and also visiting my relatives in SG. Slept super late (I cnt remember wat time) on 14th Dec cz I scared I cnt sleep that night because I was too excited. Then I still ended up lying on the bed for like 1 or 2 hours thinking those ojibala stuff and kept recalling what I'd packed        
so scared I missed out sth. 

Next morning woke up at 6 am to get myself prepared. Then waited for Grace to pick me up cz on the same day my parents went to Kuching and no one else can drive me to the bus station so I have to ask Grace for it. Thanks Grace :)

Then we went to the bus station around 7 sth and ended up, we are the earliest :) 
Feeling weird why we went to the bus station instead of the airport? Cz we took bus to Bintulu then airplane from Bintulu to KL. Super tiring but it's cheaper. We're th jimat cermat one k :) *winke .
 Me and Evelyn
We chat for like super long. The kid beside us already sleep till duno whr.
So, at last, we decided to sleep LOL :)
Stopped by somewhere.
Friend asked me whether I wanna go to the toilet or not.
I said no cz I don't feel like pee-ing after I pee-ed like an hour ago at the bus station there.
Then, I ended up super wanna pee like 30 minutes after we left this place. FML
Baring for like hours.
Stupid I know.

Then we went to a near by coffee shop to have our lunch. I had chicken rice. Seriously, that's the worst chicken rice I'd ever had! WORST! A chicken rice that used white rice as the rice and the chicken is like tasteless. So, the whole plate of chicken rice is like tasteless and it cost me like RM 5. 

Then another big thanks to Ah Bia and her dad for sending us to the airport. At the airport, we were like super idiots loading and unloading our luggage on the super-lousy-market-like-scale. BECAUSE I didn't buy any luggage and my luggage is like 11 kg. It's super heavy! I cnt even hand carry that and I can't put at my friend there who did buy 20 kg and the other bought 15 kg cz they can only spare 8/9 kg more for me but main point my luggage is 11 kg. So I bring out some of my clothes for hand carry and some i put in my friend's luggage. Blur right you? Never mind that's not the main point :)

*In the airport.

We left Bintulu around 4 sth then we reached around 6.40 pm. We were like super tired but I still talk with my friend who's sitting beside me about K-POP. LOL I felt really really really sorry for the guy sitting beside me who tried to sleep but we were talking there. Sorry man! Hehe :)

Then, we took a van to Wisma Methodist Church. Super long journey from the airport to the church and we were again talking. Can't help, teenage girls like us are hell talkative. 

The church's lift was like super small. Something funny is, there's 10 of us and most of us were scared by the image of us in the mirror once the lift door opened which was just opposite the lift. STUPID RIGHT. I was like, "Ei, who's that huh? Gosh it's me. That's a mirror." =.=

The room wasn't bad.

And the view too.
Went to a nearby street after that to have our dinner. People there speak cantonese. And my cantonese was like suck cz I just simply learn it from those Hong Kong dramas. LOL so we just speak the rojak cantonese while ordering.

Da Bao lok lok for late night supper.

Went out for breakfast then back to church and pack our luggage cz we're going to our camp site soon.
Ofcz camwhore before we leave.

We took a bus, again.
Journey: 1 and half hour.

How's our campsite? Hotel-like? Like the church? NOOOOOOOOOOO! It's a National Service place. Take a quick look.

These are the good ones.
Taken by the officers before we went in.
They didn't show us these:

The yellow bed some even with signatures.
Luckily we got bed sheets
I was like freezed
my face was like 0o0
WTH is this?!
Don't tell me everyone's gonna bath there TOGETHER!
Luckily not cz we got this
Toilet with shower on top.
the walls.
Spiders all over the wall.

Luckily we found a better one with tiles one not far away from our dorm. Gosh I'm so so so sorry for not posting this earlier for esp those who are going to the NS. Sorry for not letting you guys to have self preparation and prepare your hearts before you guys go in LOL. showeeeeeeeeeee :) 

Back to just now.
Register first before heading to our dorm.
 They prepared goody bags for us.

Listening to the camp rules and everything.

Night time, we walked like 10 minutes to the super-far-away-hall for the opening ceremony.
 waiting for it to start.
Spot me?

This time it's an international camp so we have friends came from Thailand, Philippine and Singapore.
Singapore girls.
 Thailand girls.
 Philippine girls
Before we start, we pray first.
Opening ceremony starts

And also special performance from girls from Sabah and 6th Sibu.

6th Sibu's Satu Malaysia performance
if i'm not mistaken.
Sabah's cool and funny performance LOL.

Photo taking starts. It took more than 10 minutes to arrange all of us in a right position.
Everyone's busy getting to their own position. 
First time taking picture with such a big crowd.
Spot me? I can't even find myself lol
I can only remember that
I'm squatting at the 5th or 6th line.
The one who took this picture needs to climb up the ladder. 

Then we got the cool flash mob dance.
 17th Dec (2nd day),
Praise and worship after breakfast.
After that, group photo again.
This time with our camp t-shirt on.
Super hot. Nearly got my hair burnt LOL.

Next, transformed team that's my team went for outdoor activities first.
Listening to the Pak Cik talking about... I cnt remember wat.
Sth funny lol 
Everyone trying to get all those stuffs and life jackets .
Ready, start tying 

Pak Cik came to help.
Finish, group photo.
Spot me?
We're ready to go.
Carry the whole thing all the way across the road to the lake.

Here we go!

Maciam very kong bu.
No idea where are we going 

After that, we were super tired. It's time for lunch. After lunch, there's more to go.
Pak Cik explaining.
Here we go.
Hate this part. Cz I made them failed for three times LOL. 

We need to make everyone go across that blue thing without touching it. 
If we touched it. Whole group REDO!
Go across it. 
You can either walk or crawl.
It's not as easy as you see.
Go across the wall.

Go across it. I mean swing.

Oh no~~~
Next, the monkey bar.
It's hard cz it's slippery after the rain.
Immediately throw away my shoes and trousers after this.
Got sunburn after this. Honestly, I haven't got sunburn after living for 17 years. That's my very first time. The part I got sunburn is my cheeks and my nose. I had no idea why. I was like laughing infront of the mirror when my friends told me I was sunburn. Btw I still duno that's sunburn cz that's my first time. I only know that my nose and cheeks are red! N it's painful. Well, now I know, that's called sunburn :)

Night, after dinner, we got theme talk. I'm sorry to say that, it's super boring I bet most of us dozed off because we were too tired after the whole day outdoor activities.
 Then, flash mob again.

I got no more energy anymore to jump and dance in the crowd. So, I was there moving like a dead fish. I was far far away behind. Finally the day end and we went to bed.

Stay tuned to part 2. :) Nights people! :D

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