Monday, April 14, 2014


Last last week, i think me and my friend were just crazy. We went out for dinner straight in three days. The thing is one meal cost like $20 don't even convert to MYR, heart pain. Then last week, also same case. Heart pain. I need to stop or else my plan to buy shoes and cosmetics gonna fail :( and obviously diet plan gonna fail too.

My friend got such a tiny stomach, bird's appetite. So whenever we eat out, until a certain amount she eat, she'll be like cnt liao, i'm very full liao! I know you can de! Then i'll have the always same expression not very annoyed but the wth-you-so-fast-full-agn face. Lol thn ended up me eating all the food she can't finish like a trash can.

Suffering from 1 gigantic pimples and 6 big pimples over my face. FML cz the previous week i had too much fried food. Whole bucket of french fries. I swear that's the biggest bucket of fries i'd ever had. At first I was like no matter how full i am, i confirm can finish french fries de cz I LOVE FRIES! Then after eating the spaghetti with chicken chop, salad, and the nearly half of the bucket of fries, I SWEAR I'M DAMN FULL LIAO. If I say i'm damn full means really like damn full cz people who knw me sure knw how big my appetite is. Thanks to that bucket of fries, i duno how many calories i'd gained and also contribute to the pimples i have on my face.

I'm just so crazy about food. People always say just eat abt 70% full. After that don't eat anymore. For me, i'll never ever care about that. LOL wth right. I'll just keep on eating as long as there's still food on the table. That day we went for bak kut teh with one of our guy friend. I swear i ate more than him. When he stopped and put down his chopstick, i was still slowly eating the pork meat drinking my soup LOL shameee 

Now, i need to control before things gone wrong :( eat less! Yes! I MUST!

Forever, 说的跟做的是两回事,nvr ever manage to control myself. Food is just too tempting. Had chicken rice + curry puffs for my breakfast+lunch considered late lunch around 3+, then matcha mcflurry around 5+ then my light dinner ard 8.30 pm. Gonna sleep late tonight, i mean every night . Wonder what I'll be craving for tonight.

Long time nvr take selfie cz i cnt tahan my face, overflow with FATS ... FML

These days, I just got no choice but to eat out. So busy with assignments and I don't even have time to cook. So I better train myself to eat like a bird. I better do so. If not, 2 months later, my mum can't recognize me cz TOO FAT LOL


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