Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 6-7

Okayyyy I'm so sorry again for not blogging for so many days hehe :D Now I'm gonna blog for my holiday trip one. :D

Day 6 was the next day after I came out from the camp and it's a SHOPPING DAY! Goshhh I've been waiting it for so long and finally I can shop with my friends. We had our breakfast first then we went all the way to Pavilion by foot since it's not super far away from our hotel.

Straight away we went to forever 21 and cotton on. I'm a big fan of them. Super love their outfit! But I ended up didn't buy anything except a belt from forever 21 and some accessories from cotton on cz I'm going to Singapore the next day and I don't want my luggage to be super heavy. Pavilion is awesome cz they always decorate differently every year. This year, they decorate it with so many bears which represents different countries.

After Pavilion, we walked back to Sg Wang. After the camp I got sunburn, then my nose went super dry that day. When we went shopping in an accessory shop, I went to the mirror and I was shocked!!!!! There's white white thing on my nose. It's the skin. The skin is peeling off. I was covering my nose all the way. When I got really tak boleh tahan, we went back to the hotel cz it's so freaking ugly. Gah sunburn SUCKS! NO more next time! After that, we went back for shopping. And I can't remember what we did after that hehe.

Day 7, I'm going to Singapore. Woke up super early that morning. Friends accompanied me to the lobby to meet the taxi driver. I took the taxi all the way to the LCCT airport. Super long journey. I was so sleepy and tired but I can't sleep on the taxi. Then, finally I reached the airport. Looking for the entrance and everything. Wow, so proud of myself. That's my first time dealing everything on my own :D BUT it's so boring being alone :(

After I reached Singapore, I was super exhausted. Took a rest and I went straight back to the airport again to meet Qiqi and Vivian. After they came out, we decided to take MRT to Bugis to find their hotel instead of taking tax icz it's peak hour and it's expensive at that time. Our decision is so wrong. We almost had our leg broken. LOL it's so crowded and they are carrying their luggage and we can't find the hotel. No one even know where the hotel is. Luckily we still find it. Like FINALLY! :D

That night my cousin asked me to go and  have super that we usually went. I go there every time when I go SG. So, I took MRT to Bedok and a bus to the hawker. BUT I got LOST. That's super scary. I just took the bus and the bus just went to a place that I had never ever been before. Luckily I'm clever enough, I got off the bus at the first stop and I quickly phoned my cousin. I took another bus back. There's only me in the whole bus. Even creepy some more! What an experience. 

Day 8, Orchard day. We decided to go Orchard for shopping. Early in the morning, it rains. First, we went to Ion Orchard. Bought two long sleeves from New Look. Then, we went to Rubi. I love RUBI. Things are so cheap during sales season. A pair of slippers for 5 SGD. Gosh! It's super crowded. I'm trying to find some driving shoes/loafers but there's no size for me! DAMN. Then, we went walking out of the building. I had always wanted to go to to Far East Plaza to look for some shop that I saw it from internet few months ago. At last, I ended up going to Lucky Plaza. I got confused between them. Both got PLAZA ma. SO HATE. 

Another stupid thing is I just can't find a department store which sell tones of awesome things in Takashimaya. STUPID. I've been there like n times and I just can't find it after walking and finding it for like 30 minutes. At last, we gave up. We walked out of the building and headed back to BUGIS straight away cz I'd being so tired finding awesome clothes with awesome price. I didn't bring much money there so I have to save more. I mean like I need to buy smart. For example, using 100 SGD to buy 5-6 clothes and1-2 accessories instead of 100 SGD for only 1 outfit and 1 accessories. You know what I mean??? I always feel like, us teenagers who always follow the fashion won't need to buy stuff that cost you "a hand and a leg? ". What ever. Fashion will change. Unless you know how to earn or you are rich. :D Whatever back to topic.

 Trying to imitate her . LOL

Bugis is just way too awesome. I still can't finish the whole Bugis street :( Lack of time. I'm definitely going to finish it next time :D After Bugis, I went back home. Super exhausted.

Day 9. Disastrous day. Around 6 sth, I woke up cz I felt so unwell. Who knows, I'M SICK!. I'm sick on the day when I need to go to Universal. FML! The first time I went to Universal was 2010. I didn't got to finish the whole Universal Studio cz I went there around 12, the queue takes you more than 30 minutes some even more than 1 hour. After the Shrek 4D, we went to the I-duno-call-what, which will make you wet. After queuing up for 30 minutes, it's finally our turn. And of cz we got wet. So, we decided to go back to the hotel to take a bath then go back and play again. Who knows, when we got back and after our dinner, it's 7 pm and everything is CLOSED! DAMN STUPID! So, we only got to take pictures. So, I only played 3 things. That's the first time.

This time, I'm going to SG again. So, we planned to go to Universal Studio again. So, we paid 72 SGD for the entrance fee. And that day I'm super sick. KILL ME! The journey is so torturing. Starting from the MRT then queuing part is even worst. Tried to vomit, nothing comes out! :( At last, I really tak boleh tahan, I quickly bought some souvenirs and went back. In the end, I only played 4 things :( Only 1 more than last time :(((((( SUPER UNFAIR :( I wanna go again next time!
 Sick face. EFF


 That day, I only got energy to take pictures for the Madagascar part. :( I went back alone and I kept dozing off on the MRT. Super embarrassing :(

Day 9, I'm still a little bit not well. But, I can't make myself stay at home, not going shopping, so my cousin, grandma and I went to Tampines to have our lunch.
My grandma. Guess how old is she?
She's in her mid 70.
Looks young right? Teehee :)
Then after my cousin had left, we went to RUBI again :) Super beh song cz that day I didn't bought any, so I went in again. So glad that I bought two shoes from there. I'll show you guys next time :) Then, we went to look stuffs for my mum. Then, we went to Bugis again to have our dinner. Btw, that night was Christmas Eve.

We had Japanese food :) Can't remember what's the name of the restaurant.

Btw, I'm super sad cz I didn't get to eat the Hai Nan Chicken Rice this time. My favourite food leh! :( :( But I did eat this, Xia Mian. Eat this since I was young. Super love!

Day 10, going back to KL again. First time, not feeling sad to leave SG. Cz I'm going to meet my family! We had lunch in the airport. After that, it's time to depart. Holding back tears. Awwwww... 
I feel like I sat in the plane for like 30 minutes but the plane havn't depart yet. Sucks right? Why? Cz planes were all queuing up so they can fly. I was like why the hell took so long? When I look out the window, There's a row of planes, queuing there. Again, a lonely flight. After I reached KL, I felt so so good. Waiting for mummy and daddy's flight. Super excited. Finally mummy came out while daddy and brother are waiting for their luggage. First thing, HUG. Second thing, CRY SUPER EMBARRASSING man! Urghhh. 
We were all super exhausted. We had our dinner then, back to the hotel.

END. Super long post! LOL. Bye ya :D

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