Friday, January 27, 2012

Mah 2012 CNY ♥ Part 2

Chu 3 was just resting. Chu 4, went bai nian with friends :)

 Top from KL, shorts from ROMP, ring from DIVA, clutch from VINCCI, loafers/driving shoes from RUBI

First, we met at zhi wen's house then she bring us to Vivian's house. Vivian, she's crazy. She dunno how many dogs she have LOL. She duno so many things. I'm still wandering is she living there?

Joyce and Carey.
We are at.... VIVI's house.
 Next, we move to Mabel's house.

We're at..... MABEL's house :D

Then, we moved to Zhi Wen, Carey and...... Joyce's house :D

Then, we decided to go to our Form 3 Geography/ from teacher. Ms. Jessie :D The whole way to her house was super LMAO. When we nearly reached her house, we can't find where her house is and she's not answering her phone. And I was arguing with Vivian. When teacher finally answered her phone, she told me that her house got hang pineapple. I was like WHAT?! HANG PINEAPPLE?! I was thinking the real pineapple. So, the first thing came to my mind was, IMPOSSIBRUUUUUUUUUUU, must be i heard wrongly. So, I told everyone to look for a house where got plant pineapple one. When we were looking for it, suddenly someone goes Neh, PINEAPPLE! And I was like where?! ON TOP OF THE CEILING!!!!!!!!! Hahahahhahhahahhahha LMAO! STUPID MAN!

Last stop, my house! It's already 5.30 pm. sky turned dark and it's raining, and we quickly take pictures. :)

 Group photo first.

Zhi wen and everyone.
Inside done, we went outside.


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