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Day 1 - 5 Part 2

Ok here comes part 2. Hvn seen part 1? Day1 - 5 Part 1 <--- CLICK.

Day 3, 18th Dec was workshop day for transformed team while enriched team will go for outdoor activities.
They organized 5-6 workshops for us to attend and each of us can attend two workshops.
The photography workshop.
The man in blue is Mr. David Wong. (if i'm not mistaken, sry if I'm wrong)
Manicure and pedicure by Tracy and Debbie.
No idea what workshop is this.
Praise Dance workshop.
DON'T LAUGH though it's weird
The skin and foot care workshop.
Batik workshop

 I attended the photography workshop and the manicure and pedicure workshop. I was like "YESHHH!"
Cz when I filled the form, photography is my first choice and manicure is my second choice and I got both!

I was like "OMGGGGGGGG!" during the photography workshop. I got no friends going with me so I was so bored and due to the outdoor activity the day before and we slept at 11 sth and woke up around 6 sth, I WAS SUPER SLEEPY that time. Main point, I cnt sleep cz the Mr. David Wong was just right in front of me. If I sleep, it seems like I'm not respecting him. I bet he can see that all of us had the sleepy face. After the class, I kinda regret cz I didn't copy down what he taught and I kinda forgot almost everything he taught except the ISO thing. FML. I was so happy when I knew I'm in this workshop cz I can learn and take photo with the DSL like a pro but not setting everything in AUTO mode like a dumbo. At last, I still ended up like usual, simply set. Gah!

Bought these all for RM 5 for the manicure and pedicure workshop. 
Super cheap right?!
We learned how to cut and polish our nail prettily.
And massage. 
That's all for the morning and afternoon. After that everyone went to bath and got prepared for the talent night. We were all so excited and nervous.
*Back to one week before the camp.
I just suddenly received a message from Esther saying that we need to perform during talent night. I was like "WHAT?! Not again man! SPM had just ended and I need to crash my mind once again thinking what and how to perform?!". Bo bian (no choice). We met up and slightly discuss what we wanna perform and what song we chose. Conclusion, we decided to perform fancy drill and we chose "last christmas and jingle bell rock" as our song. Then we practiced for like 5 days only from morning till afternoon. From the practice, I found out that I'm so so bad at counting beats though I did learn piano. LOL 

*Back to the talent night.
Okay we just wear so simple (a red GB t-shirt, a pair of jeans, shoes, gloves and a christmas hat). Everyone's so well-dressed. Some even with make-up on. At that time I was super tan :(

Talent time started with the cat walk show. 

The Philippine girl who really pose like a super model.
And this twin Li Wen or Li Bin I had no idea.
She's the Miss Fonomarae.
Thumbs up for her and her company who made this hat.
There's light. It glows! WOOOO :D
P.S she's a sweet nice girl.

Every company needs to have one girl to perform cat walk with a special hat. Unfortunately some of them just knew it on that day so they got no time to prepare. One of them is this girl. Thumbs up for her. The whole company only her who came and she didn't know about the cat walk thing until that day. She didn't prepare anything. So, 
See and see and see. Study man! She made her hair as messy as possible I guess. With her toothbrush in her mouth. And her shoe LOL. And the thing she hold is taken from the toilet.

After that, ofcz is the performance by each of the company.

6th Sibu.
At first, we were oh no! Dead. We got the same song and same theme.
Their dance was like so cool too.

It's us! YAY! Hehe :D

Then it's time to announce the winner of the night. 3rd place goes to Sabah, 2nd goes to Teluk Intan and and and,
*Drum Roll please.
1st place goes to................................ 1st Sibu! YAY! That's my company! woah!
Back to that time, when they were announcing 2nd place, going to 1st place, Xin Nee was like impossible one. Don't think too much. I was like yeah with a super sleepy face cz that time was 11 sth and I was like c'mon lets do the drum roll for them. So we were actually doing the drum rolls for ourselves. LOL. Then the mcees were like 1st place goes to..... 1st Sibu! Silence for 5 seconds, me and Xin Nee looked at each other with our eyes and mouth wide open. STUPID FACE I know. I'm not kidding we were really like that.Then we heard other people start cheering for us. We went up the stage to get our trophies.
For everyone of us.
For our company.
So damn happy even after few days :D

19th Dec. Last day! We were like FINALLY! Can't wait to go for shopping! Gosh! We took a bus back to KL for 2 hours then a van back to hotel for 30 minutes due to traffic jam. When we reached the hotel, we were like "SHUANG ARH!" Nice bed and clean bathroom! 
First thing, bath first.
Second thing SHOPPING!
Went to Times Square first then to Sungei Wang. Bought mostly accessories. Then we met our friends at Sungei Wang's T-bowl. Not much to say about it and I'm lazy. Picture tells everything :D

Gah done. Stay tuned to my following post. :D

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