Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sowwwiee if it's too noisy :)

Hey yo. This is a 3 days ago thing. Friend going to study in KL so, we had a simple farewell around 10 in the morning at MCD. LOL super random farewell. I KNOW. Went to Parkson since it's just opposite it. Then one of us just simply say, " Ei when are we going to sing k? I wanna goooo!" Then the other one just seriously said," Now la! Since we're out now." Then off we go to Terminal.

We went there around 12. SUPER EARLY! Then we sing sing sing sing sing sing, camwhore camwhore camwhore camwhore camwhore and camwhore. For like 4 to 5 hours :D Pro right?  Luckily our voice is still ok cz we didn't really turn crazy.

Five of us. Which five?

Joyce, Carey, Me, Zhi Wen and Xin Nee :D
Pictures, here we go :)

The place is dark and I'm dark so can't really see me. Hehhe

LOL Xin Nee set sth and we duno when it starts to shoot and when we need to pose. So, we ended up like this. :D

This looks better right?


Don't misunderstood us.
we're not ghost.
Ok done. That's all again. I bet you guys found out that I've been blogging like hell much these days. Why? Cz ....
1. I wanna gain more readers/followes. Please help me to spread my blog. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesyyyyyyyyy please please *puppy eye.
I was thinking whether I want to open a facebook page cz it's like super fun Hmmmmm still thinking. What if no one wants to like my page? What if it doesn't help? What if.... this and that? Aww... Should I? Or Shouldn't I? Aduh sakit kepala! I need some suggestions please :D
2. I'm super bored. My schedule is like woke up 11 in the morning, sat in frond of the tv. Watch tv and also play my lappie(fb, youtube, pps, blogger, google). Lunch. Then, back to the same place, doing the same thing. Bath, Dinner, then again back to the same place, do the same thing. Then, sleep. BORING! I need to find a job like ASAP. Someone, wanna hire me? PM me. I'm serious lol. I hvn got my driving license. Boo me right? Reason, I stopped for 15 days cz I went on holiday and when I'm back, the teacher's busy and I need to wait till CNY is over. FML

*Countdaown,18 days to CNY! Gah! Can't wait! You too right? :) Slow slow wait lar. Hehe bye ya ;)

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