Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lovey sistars ♥

 It's sisters day again! YAY! Super love! Planned for so long and today ended up so so. Awww... never mind plan again next time. Okay, we have been like thinking which restaurant to go ever since the day I'm back till this morning then we decided. Sibu is lack of nice good awesome restaurant! We went to ENJOY CAFE.

Outfit of the day.
Top from SG (BUGIS)
Skirt and accessories from Cotton on

Well, erm, the food is quite nice, but it's quite ex and the dish is quite small compared to other restaurants :) Hehehe...


Then, off we go to Delta mall. Zhi Wen drove us there.

 Ofcz, we take pictures. When we were trying to take group photo at Igloo there, I was trying to put my camera somewhere and set the time. But it can't capture all of us. Then Xin Nee goes ask the person there to take for us la (LOUDLY) LOL. Then, I goes "shhh nt so loud la.." Then she say something even shocking " Never mind he don't understand chinese!" (LOUDER SOME MORE). LMAO! We were like "XIN NEE!!!!" LOL Seriously! Main point, probably his partner beside him knows man!
We were so busy taking photos since we are all gonna separate SOON. We are not going to see each other that often like last few years, almost every day.
Joyce and Zhi Wen.

 Joyce and Vivian
Vivian and I

Vivian and Zhi Wen

Joyce and Mabel

Joyce and I
The three of us. Love this!
Joyce and Carey

Group photo 1 without Joyce :(

Grup photo 2 without Carey :(
Seems like I need to bring a camera stand next time LOL
We were too shy to ask strangers to take pictures for us

All of them went home super early except Vivian, Mabel and I cz we need to wait till 4pm so we went to Tom's Too just to have some drinks. Hehehe. What we do again? CAMWHORE :D


Woke up super early these days to learn car. I wanna pass and get my driving license ASAP man! The shifu that is teaching me has a super loud voice man! How the hell they do that everyday?! Don't their voice turned to be like a horse LOL.

My shifu he got a super loud voice but he's quite funny LOL. Asking me why I'm so tan? Have I started to bake cake? Do I know how to bake cake? When I say no, he said har?! Aiya nvr mind la! You know how to eat ok liao la! =.= And... Did you watch the news yesterday?! There's a girl bla bla bla bla bla... LOL

Everyone, ARE YOU READY FOR CNY?! I super want CNY to come! Can't wait to wear my new outfits! Goshhhhhhhh there's 13 days more. LOL everyone, have you guys started to bake cake? Do you guys know how to bake cake? It's ok if you don't. Get your stomach ready to eat. That's enough. Hehehe :)

 Gotta cut my fringe soon. It's so long now. And... my pimples :( And my hair :( I hvn dye it yet :( Awww
Byeya people :D

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