Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hi blog, hi people, abandoned this space for a thousand of years and it's full of dust... hmmm

Ok so I'm just gonna update a bit of my life here right now.

2 April 2014,
It was April Fool ytd, anyone of you got pranked? Yes, I did, at the end of the day.
So yes, my friend sent me a pic of her leg and she said she was hospitalised cz she broke her leg. And I was like OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You ok not?! How did you broke your leg, KENA CHASED BY DOG? In my mind was like, quite impossible for her to fall until so serious leh cz I never ever see her fall before or what minor injuries ever. And then I asked if she cried. And she replied hahhahaha yes! till the whole ocean is my tear. =.=

So yeah, it's the beginning of April right now, I've got 2 more months, I'll be entering my internship and then 6 months later I'll graduate with a DEGREE! And yes I can't wait. I always tell my friend that how I wish I can quickly graduate then get rid of all those crazy assignments and exams. But she'll be like oh please, you'll confirm say you wanna go back to uni life becz the whole working environment will be more stressful. True that, like now, I wanna go back to my secondary school days when I can meet my bunch of sisters everyday, talk non-stop, had fun.......

So this term I had been eating out so often with my friend, tepankyaki, korean food, thai, chinese, western.......... IT'S CRAZY! The thing is my friend is so small size and she only eats a bit she ALWAYS cannot finish her food then ended up me helping her to clear her dish, yes like a trash can! lol then after that it'll be me growing and gaining weight. Awesome thing is, after eating so much fried food (almost everyday) for the past one whole week, I managed to have 6 pimples on my face! No joke, big ones small ones, it's crazy! I can feel the pain whenever I rub my face! SCREW YOU PIMPLES! When can I have flawless face?

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