Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The four days with Mummy

Everything is back to normal. Mummy just left yesterday and now i'm alone again :( pretty sad :( I miss my FAM and home :(

Sunday, we went to Singapore Cricket Club to have some buffet with the big family. It's located beside The Padang, some atas place with lots of ang mos lol. They are quite strict with guests' attire, jeans and slippers are not allowed. No phone calls in the lobby. Mehhhhhhh....

Met auntie and her family who came all the way from London. Mummy had some great time gathering with her sister plus my grandma, talking non stop from the moment they met each other. You know lah girls, women, all the same, talk talk talk. Just like me and my friends. haha

Buffet starts. They got everything, from Western to Asian, asian still got sg's style, jap style! Quite awesome tho
Chicken, beef damn awesome! Didn't try the lamb cz I don't like lamb. The potato was awesome too! 

This plate got some weird combination lol. French fries with sushis and also salad hahaha. Anyway the sushi was fine, taste like sushi (what am I saying? LOL) French fries and nuggets are awesome I think I'm the only one having it cz it's under kid's corner LOL. First time eating oyster it tastes hmm fine maybe becz I don't like the weird taste but it's still fine for me :D

Another weird combination lol nuggets I LOVE french fries oh gosh I'm so hungry now typing this! and there's the duck salad not bad tho

Last one, desserts. Desserts there were just fine, wanted to have the chocolate cake but all gone :(
That day I really eat a lot I think more than what I'd shown here, cz even my cousin was shocked, she said I REALLY EAT A LOT! My auntie too lol and ofcz after that my stomach is incredibly big :(

Then we all took photos. It's really important since we hardly meet each other, we only got to meet each other once a year or twice since we live in diff places. Now, I realise everyone only uses a phone to take picture, we don't bother to use a camera. All pictures are taken with iphone. Iphone is just too awesome, pictures taken, edit then share, everyone will see it! Awesome right?

After that, we head to orchard for some shopping at Taka, and I got myself a rolled clutch and a Charles and Keith purse. Didn't have a picture of my rolled clutch now, gonna show it when I got to use it :D I LOVE IT

Night time, me and mummy decided to shop at orchard also. Went to Ion Orchard.

Polka sheer top from COTTON ON
Skater skirt from COTTON ON
Shoe from RUBI

New babe from my aunt.
Can't stop loving Longchamp it can really fit in tons of things. This time, I chose a shorter handle cz I realised the long one which I always carry it had caused some damage to my top esp cotton ones :( but short one now I realize not so convenient when you go shopping and it's really heavy but I still love it :D

Next day, mummy went out to have some gathering with her old friends, starting from 11 am. I was at home and she asked me to shop some things for my bro first so I went to Vivo alone and after that went to Somerset to meet her. By the time I reach there, it's alrd 3 plus and she's still with the same gang and we left around 4 plus so they were there for around 5 hours! POWERRRRR SIA!!! After that, we just shopped around Somerset and left to Vivo AGAIN cz mummy wanna look for some gifts for her friends and seriously I was so tired and hungry and my hands almost broke. After that we had Hokkien Mee for supper and head back to auntie's house.

Top from H&M
Skirt from COTTON ON

Woke up early to send mummy to the airport. 

Dress from H&M
Look skinny here right? Lol cz my legs are covered by my bag! AWESOME lah!!! hahahhaha honestly in this photo i'm not looking at my face or my outfit, I'm looking at my ankle! It looks so small for me and I assume my legs are skinny too lol! (wth I'm saying) And I realize, every morning, my hair looks damn awesome if I didn't wash it in the morning! Seriously! 

It's always so hard to send someone off :( had some teary moment at the airport :( Uhhhh can't wait for September to come! I WANNA GO HOME!

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