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Warning, this post is gonna be a super duper fangirl post. And there's gonna be lots of pictures. If you think you can't stand, just cancel this. I warned you already arh.

Okay I start liao arh. Yes! Everybardiiii it's the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III IN SINGAPORE!!! FYI, SM Entertainment is one of the biggest entertainment in South Korea. They got lots of super popular stars under them ( KANGTA, BOA, SUJU, SNSD, SHINEE, FX, EXO). Singapore I think it's their 5th or 4th stop for their third world tour. And this is their first time having their world tour concert in SG. How happy! And, FYI again, I'm a big big fan of KPOP and one of the biggest fan of F(X) and so I'm a big fan of SM. No idea who's F(X)? Can I whack you? Just kd. Okay so imma intro you a  bit of my FAV KPOP STAR!

Left to right : Krystal (maknae), Victoria aka Vic-Omma (leader), Amber (rapper), Sulli (2nd maknae), Luna aka Vitamin Luna (main vocal)
They are all so pretty, so cute, so nice, so love-able  So my FAV is Victoria she's the best, cute, prettiest leader ever! Seriously! You can just simply search KHUNTORIA or whatsoever related to her on YOUTUBE and you'll find her cuteness. And Luna is definitely awesome too cz she's so damn passionate! So touching to see her sing! Okay, I KNOW! Too much fangirl-ing. Who cares! I warn you before liaoooo....

So yes, as a biggest fan of SM and F(X), I went! It's 23rd of Nov 2012! One of the most memorable day in my life.


This is my first time attending live concert and also a kpop concert. Totally a newbie so I duno anything much. Before the concert, there's fanclubs sharing things about what to bring, fan events and stuffs. thanks to that I remember to bring ponchos. Luckily! Or i'll be wet!!!Cz it's at The Float MBS there a rise and shine event. 

Didn't got the moshpit tickets cz it's super hard to get so me and my friend got the yellow seats ticket. We got our seats fixed so we didn't go early to queue and we didn't plan to buy any merchandise to save money esp me, for my SHOPPING PLAN! Uhhhh i'm just in between a fangirl and a shopaholic. So we went there around 1 pm. The concert starts around 6.30 pm. So, we are not considered early already cz thr's ppl started queuing ONE WEEK before the concert! That's super crazy! I had no idea how they did that. SUPER LI HAI!

Must have a good preparation! So those are what I brought : portable charger, shades, money, wet and dry tissues, lightstick, small fan, ponchos and my FX's tattoo and ofcz I got bring water. 

OOTD, I scared hot until die. So singlet top and my leather shorts. And red converse and longchamp.

Met friend at Promenade and we walked there. So hyper on my way there! When we heard people rehearsing, we got more excited!

We arrived late or else, we could have seen all those celebrities rehearsing! Only managed to hear Boa and TVXQ. HEAR ONLY cz when they rehearse, we are on our way walking -.-. Then, we only got to see KANGTA rehearse.
Me and my FX TATTOO.

After that, we went to find for merchandise. And, there's the super AWESOME SAMSUNG BOOTH there giving out OFFICIAL SMTOWN lightsicks and sportstowel for FREE! FREE HELLOO FREE! No matter how long the queue is, just QUEUE! Typical Asian! MUST QUEUE! So, me and my friend queued for it!

After that, we went to queue for merchandise. The queue was super LONG. And in the end, so many things sold out :( Damn regret I didn't pre-ordered the SMTOWN PASSPORT cz I thought can buy it on the spot! :(((( It's the most awesome thing ever!

Seriously like real passport k! Not that you can use that to travel around the world lahhh~~~ It's like every SMTOWN concert you attend, you'll get a stamp and those will be counted for future discounts + benefits. ANY SM's CONCERT! *calmmmm... One day, I'll get it!

Actually, I planned to buy F(X)'s trading card BUT unfortunately, SOLD OUT! So, I just bought Victoria's fan ONLY :((
There's lots lots lots of fanclubs, giving out banners. I think I spot the most is EXO's. Maybe because they got lots of members and almost each member got one? So, as a typical asian, free one, MUST GET. Hahaha so I just get it when they give.

Banners, fan, lightsticks.


The closer view of the stage. Taken when I was queuing for merchandise.

Okay, and that day, the weather is like hmmm terrible. It rained quite a few times. Small rain when we were queuing for merchandise, stop, then rain again just right 2 hours before the concert! Some more big rain. I was just drinking some drinks after I got tired queuing for the merchandise. Then the big rain comes! Then, we went to the Esplanade to have some rest. Due to the rain, the concert starts late. Seriously there's so so so many people. If I'm not mistaken, it's 25,000 people! The road is like traffic jam + human jam! TERRIBLE! 

Then, finally it's time for concert. When gate was open, people just chiong arh! Seriously, I think moshpit is even worst!
Taken before the concert starts. Spot the moshpit? It's actually not full but the tickets are sold off. Cz they purposely don't want the moshpit to be full so the crowd in the moshpit can run here and there. Cz actually, there's path for the stars to drive-thru during the concert to get to the extended stage. So, it's very funny cz you can see one whole bunch of people running around following the stars. How I wish I'm one of them! So close to my idol!

Us, before the concert starts.

Me, and my lightsticks :D

So, everyone was waiting there, for the concert to start. My F(X) are the first group to perform. OPENING sia! kekkeke. So, when I heard their first song, HOT SUMMER, I was like OMFG!!!! SCREEAAAAMMMM!!!! It's like seriously, I literally gone crazy when the beat dropped. You know? The feeling? Like dream come true! You'll know when you're there.


Pretty and cute enough right? ahhhh heart melts Amber spoke in Eng, Victoria spoke in Chinese. THE GLOBAL GROUP! And poor Luna fell quite hard cz the floor was slippery. There's like ard 11 of them slipped and fall during the concert and I see NONE! Or maybe only YOONA? Like not clearly slipped? No idea. I think I was just too excited so I didn't see every single thing clearly :(

Then, it's KANGTA's turn. He sang two songs. None of them I know I bet most of them too so the crowds were pretty calm but still show our love and supports. ahhaha

Then, next, is my Victoria aka QIAN with her best friend, SUJU-M's ZHOUMI aka MIMI's special stage. They sang Jolin and Tao Zhe's  今天你要嫁给我 and again, I gone so crazy screaming. You know lahhh.... typical fangirl here. They went to the extended stage man!

Awwwwww too sweet!

Then, it's JUNGSIS' turn to perform California Girls.

Krystal aka Soojung
And her sis, Jessica from SNSD!
Next, is Just the Way You Are from SUJU's Kyuhyun and TVXQ's Changmin! The two cute boys from Kyu-line. This time, they invited a fan girl instead of using Taemin as the lucky girl. Uhhhhh lucky fan They both knelt down in front of her k! How lucky!
Cute Changmin
And the EVIL MAKNAE of SUJU, Kyuhyunnie :D

Damn love the part where Donghae say " I say Donghae, You say Oppa! Donghae, Oppa! Donghae Oppa!" then Eunhyuk is "I say Myeolchi! You say Oppa! Myeolchi! Oppa! Myeolchi! Oppa!"

Then, is the super rookie, EXO's turn! Damn cool performance!
Tao aka Kungfu xiong mao! haha
Baekhyun aka BACON! LOL
Xiumin! aka BAO ZI!
Suho aka the leader
Luhan the mei nan zi. AMIE! Here he is!
The awesomest maknae SEHUNNIE!!!
Chanyeol the rapper aka HAPPY VIRUS
And KRIS! AMIE another one for you!
Didn't manage to take Kai and Chen :( 

Then Taeyeon's Devil's Cry! Her vocal! DAMN!!! AWESOME!!!

Then, the nine angles' turn SNSD! Run Devil Run!
Sunny dyed her hair! Cute!
They introduced themselves. If i'm not mistaken, Hyeoyeon introduced herself in Chinese. Then others mostly english and our maknae, Syeohyunie's eng is so so so so so so so GOOD! Her pronunciation! 

Then, Shinee's turn. LUCIFER!
The Lucifer pose!
The five boys!
Then, Suju's Superman! The opening is damn cool. Personally, super in love with Yesung's voice! And super love Shindong's part " NAEGA SHINDONG!!!" hahaha Then, Don't Don!

Next is finally TVXQ's turn. My dear friend just literally went crazy cz she's a big fan of TVXQ!

Then Shinee's RING DING DONG! Familiar! Fantastic fantastic Elastic elastic! My gawdddd jaws almost drop la! Their remix version is AWESOME and Jonghyun is like ssfansfkianltawbefwebrflaoubew!!!!

Then SJ's Bonamana and TVXQ's Rising Sun.Then Shinee's Julliette

Then Shinee finally got to introduce themselves. Super cute intro! Onew started like, 'Now we going to introduce ourselves.' in korean. Then he waited for the translator to translate but the translator didn',t so they were like errrr O.o.... the translator kinda fail cz they tell fans that they gonna have their SHINEE WORLD II in SG on 8th Dec thn the translator translate it to 8th NOV! Then Onew was like DECEMBER! Fans just laughed lol.

Then, then then, it's FX's JET!!!! OMG it's their first time performing it at SMTOWN's CONCERT! How lucky SG fans are!!!! So so so so so happy! I was just screaming my lungs out!
Cute right????? Almost faint! Sulli's puppy hairstyle is like OMG! Spot! Krystal's ABS! hahha

Luna's high tone is like OMG impressive and Krystal's head turn or swirl or whatsoever-it-is-called is like SWAG and Vic's Seoul Tokyo London Paris NY is like CUTEEEE!!!

Then Open Arms by Ryeowok, Kyuhyun, Chen and Baekhyun! Impressive vocal line.

Then, TWINKLE by TAETISEO!!!! I can't believe I was there listening to that song LIVE!!! Oooolalalalala~~~
Then it's their collaboration between TTS and EXO DJ got us falling in love again!
Then, Like a G6 by AMBER, KRIS and KEY! Amber's so cute. She tweeted after the concert that she decided to sit beside Kris and i the end, she got a wet butt. PHAILED! hahhaha Then they went to the extended stage
The extended stage.
When the stage like slowly lifted up, the three of them were like JUMPING! And we saw the stage like shakey! And I was like OMG and they stopped I think they felt it too lol

Then, it's the Dance Battle by Fx's Victoria, Exo's Tao, Kai, Suju's Eunhyuk, Shinee's Taemin, SNSD's Yoona, Hyeoyeon, Yuri and TVXQ's Yunho! I got so excited and I didn't watch so carefully of my VIC-OMMA cz she's the first one and her part is only like 30 sec? Uhhhh whatever she's still awesome. And Hyeoyeon was so amazing! The dancing queen of SM!

Next, is the queen - BOA's turn. She performed Hurricane Venus, My Name and No. 1. In between, she did her intro. She's cute! like really cute! Her eng was perfect and she like "okay so now, the next song is..." then everyone was like ONLY ONE! But not so fast lahhh so she's like "okay only one, you guys have to wait for a lil bit more okay?"

Then again SUJU's turn, SORRY SORRY! 
Fanchats are AWESOME!
Then they finally got to introduce themselves. OKAY THEIR INTRO WERE THE BEST! Super cute and funny! They got Suju-M's Zhoumi and Henry out with them too. some of them did it in eng, some in chinese.
Kangin! He's there!
The MAKNAE, Kyuhyun-ie. Super like Kyuhyun's part! His epic chinese intro like forever the same!  大家好现在你们收看的是。。。thn blablabla in the end, he said, 是不是?是!对不对?对!好不好?好! Everyone laughed at him. Like forever won't sick of his cute intro. 
Eunhyuk aka Myeolchi!
Eunhyuk's part is the best. So he's like in Sg, you guys got Singlish, in Korea, we gt KONGLISH! So, he demo some SINGLISH. So lol la! He's like "I miss you lah! I love you lah~ He's just so good at entertaining us. Then, he mentioned LEETEUK. Okay when he mentioned LEETUEK, everyone just screamed! Eunhyuk was like so Leeteuk is now in the NS and he'll be the new leader of SUJU! Everyone was like EIIIIIII~~~~ for the members but I think the fans cheered including me! haha. Then eunhyuk asked the fans if it's ok? We were like NEH~~~~~ And also Yesung was like EUNHYUK AH! Why every time you must have so many things to say!

Then, SJ-M's Henry told everyone that thy are gonna have a new album soon. thn thy performed TAI WAN MEI!
Then, A-CHA. Yesung's voice MY GAWD!

Then, suddenly, I saw a guy came out half naked with awesome body built ABS! MY GAWD! It's Jonghyun from Shinee lah! Internet war by him and maknae, Taemin! They both like so so so close to each other face to face like seriously almost kiss. wooooooo~~~

Then, TVXQ's turn again. Continuosly 4 hot songs. *thumbs up la! Pictures la pictures!!!

Yunho! The charisma one!

Changmine, the cute maknae


Then, you can tell la! SNSD's GEEEEEEEEE. Gee gee gee gee babeh babeh and also Kissing you!

Suju's Dancing Out!

Then, finally Boa's ONLY ONE! My GAWD flawless! Her dance and everything awesome! This time, is EXO's maknae Sehun's turn to collaborate with her! Ooooolalalalala

Then, it starts to drizzle. Everyone like so well trained like that taking out our ponchos. I was so worried cz next is my babies' turn! FX's Electric Shock!

The rain is no joke. But, they still perform at the extended stage (no roof) under the rain! I'm so touched and I teared up when I was so excited screaming there (oops, too much fangirl liao!) 





SEEE! Really raining lah! Big rain sia! But they still performed professionally! My poor Vic-Omma, wind too big, keep on blow her hair to the front, and covered her face!
One more!
I really sang the whole song and also screamed so excitedly. The rain actually bring everyone to the top! Like more excited!
Then, Sherlock by Shinee! They performed at the sub stage, also no roof. Can see they are a bit soaked after that!
Then, BRING THE BOYS OUT! The Boys by SNSD! This, they performed at the main stage. I think it's that time Yoona slipped or dropped her mic or what didn't see properly lah~
Then, TVXQ'S CATCH ME lah~~~ OMG lahh! Seriously! so Awesome! Super in love with Changmin's part the high high high tone part! C'MON!

Then, time for the last song where all the artist will come out together, HOPE. The rain just amazingly stopped! Just right at the last song! GANG GANG HAO ARH!
Party with the umbrella

Keep on spotting my girls. They are there!
Last, the bow! arh!!!!
THE END!!!! 

We were so soaked after the concert! After the concert, the place was also a MESS! Poor cleaner!
Sad lahhhh finish liao!
Still want take photo with the STAGE

After the concert, I was rushing rushing and rushing. Trying to catch up with the last train, last bus. Luckily my timing is good! Like gang gang hao like that. My feelings after the concert is just weird. Not so happy cz I started to miss them. And after that, my throat also pain sia! And i was super tired I slept like until 3 pm the next day!
If you want to watch Fncams, visit Thy got like the one whole pack of fancams seriously! *thumbs up!

My girlssss




(P.S some pics are not from me, credits to fanclubs)

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