Monday, December 31, 2012


This is gonna be my last post of 2012. 2012 is gonna end in a while! OMG!! Fast fast blog liao!!!

Okay, i'm back to Sibu for like 1 week liao! SO far so good! Had been so busy meeting with the bunch of girls like almost once in every two days! YES!!! It's so freaking crazy! And we just went for lunch, dinner and movie. So far, done two movies in a week. CZ12 and Ah Boys to Men! Both are so so awesome! It's been so long, we get to gather together and have some quality time, talking nonsense aka talk kok! hahaha I really had so much fun with my babes! And yes my FAM!!!!! Spend some quality time with my family too but not much enough.

The second day I'm back, I spend like almost half of the day, unpacked my luggage and tidy up my room! I feel so good to be back in my big room, with my comfy bed, using my big closet and having an awesome dressing table! Everything is just too awesome here! The night, straight away I went to have dinner with the ladies at cafe cafe and have some drinking moments at The Queen and after that, my parents came too then friends left.

Next day, movie day with Zhi Wen, 十二生肖 by Jackie Chan! It's so awesome!  And that night, we meet up AGAIN at Baba and Siam.

The next night is crabie night! Had crabs the next night with my family! And now I wanna have more!

Another night, no one wants to have dinner with me. Just kd lah, parents went Kuching, brother has his own thing so I meet up again with Xin Nee and Zhi Wen at One o One for dinner!!!

Then, yesterday night, my favourite girl is back so I can't wait to meet her, so I went out AGAIN!


Due to too much meet ups, money gone :( so now, I'm trying to lessen it but I still got more coming up! Oh no~~~

Okay, so in 1 hour more it's 2013! Now trying to recall my 2012. 2012 is definitely one of the most memorable year ever! It's totally a different year and it's so special. Half year in Singapore half year in Malaysia. A year where I got to meet some new people, a year that I shopped a lot, a half lonely year and an interesting year. WTH I'm talking about! Anyway, I wish and hope 2013 is gonna be an awesome year! Work hard, play hard, study hard, shop hard!!! 

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