Saturday, December 8, 2012


Loha! I'm back! Blogging at this hour just to make sure I blog before tomorrow er I mean the next day? No, I mean before I got busy after I woke up. Finals are coming SOON that's Monday! Gonna go school tomorrow just to make sure I can concentrate 100% and study well and memorize well and score well! (fyi, tmr is SUNDAY) *puke

So today, Imma blog about my finally-arrived taobao loots. Kekekke like finally! My loots arrived like three weeks ago but unfortunately, I'm too busy and the meet-up for collection timing is just not good so yea. and last week I just missed the perfect timing. So TODAY I finally collected it. YAY!

Tada!!!! My Lootsssssss Lemme intro my loots to you. So basically, it's a yellow mustard one-way bag, a black small bag, one necklace, two arm candies for arm swag and one spike hair band.

Had been ordering stuffs from taobao through a Singapore agent, 65daigou. The service is awesome. It made ordering from taobao and those china sites easier and not complicated. You just sit in front of your computer, press press press, choose your stuffs, copy paste url at 65daigou, make your payment, done! Some more you can track your stuffs like from the web. Awesome right? Easy right? My next batch of accessories are gonna arrive soon I think? In one week time should be. :D

Surprisingly, the packaging is like AWESOME too! My bags come like perfectly as in not deformed! Then accessories too! Like no break! :D

So what I love the most is the mustard yellow bag. Soon, will have some outfit post with it. Then the black small bag, then the spike hairband! SUPER LOVE! Then, the neon spike arm candy! The necklace was fine, looks kinda different from the pic from the web but still fine for me :D Overall, still good :D 

Okay, bare with me, I'm just a happy girl with my LOOTS :D Just like a kid got their new toy. You know....

Now, I'm super excited for my next batch of new loots btw it's just all accessories. And another super freaking more exciting thing is, next SATURDAY, there's a END OF YEAR SALE by ohsofickle! I'm a big fan of them! Their outfits are AWESOME SWAG! 

Exam period, still want go! It's like how can no go?!
1. NOTHING ABOVE $10! How can no go?!
2. BUY 2 FREE 1! How can no go?!

MY GAWD! I don't wanna miss it! So, MUST GO! 

Okay, end, BYE!

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