Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free like a bird?

Yessssssssssss I just finished my exams and I'm set to be free. FREE like a birdie! YAY!!!!!!! It's year end, and there's lots of fun things to do! I can't wait!!!!! And there'll be lots of post.

Printed cropped top
High waist-ed black shorts

Okay so today, my last day of exam, last day of school, last day of diploma. Somehow, it's pretty emotional! I forgot to take picture with my school :( and my favourite study place! oh man!

Decided to go clarke quay to have some 'high class chill' and when we were on the bus, we saw our 'third home' aka Queensway Shopping Mall we decided to go there to have our favourite curry chic rice + bread and after that, walk to another 'home' to walk walk and see see, go to our normal selca place aka the toilet. LOL and our fav cotton on outlet! It's like memories. So, yes we spend our first half awesome night there  Lol say until like we will nvr go back there haha.

Went to the toilet, then have our last pic their. The toilet mirror selca

They are still in the mid of getting ready! And I just shot!

And another not ready shot!

 Forever our selca toilet lol!

After that, took bus to clarke quay to have some chillax moment! YEAH! The environment is awesome ! And have some live bands!

After that, rushing for last train and last bus again!

Tomorrow, is the day! SHOPPING DAY! Muahhahhahhaha! Feeling so awesome now! And after that sleepover at friend's house! Then the next day, Sentosa! Gonna have some sun bathing. I'm already tan I think after that even worst. Oh my....

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