Thursday, February 9, 2012


Went out for Xin Nee's farewell the day before she went to Melbourne. There's six of us.
There's no me, cz I'm taking the picture ma. :)
Left to Right.
Carey, Evelyn, Xin Nee, Shau Tian and Mabel.
We took pictures there, then went to Parkson.

This is funny. haha
(sowwwieee friend)

Love this pic so so much
And this too!
Love my outfit?
Top - Forever 21
Shorts - Cotton On
Shoes - Rubi
The shoe is simply so casual, simple and comfort :)

Well, this is the time when everyone (my age) decides where to study and what to study. Some friends choose to study overseas or local and some choose Form 6. Friends are leaving slowly. And soon, me too. I got mixed feeling. Excited + happy + nervous = WEIRD. I'm excited cz I'm gonna have a new life out there and I'm going back to my hometown where I spent almost my childhood life there. EXCITED YEA! That's SINGAPORE!!!! YESH! I'm going there to study my diploma. I chose to study Event management. I'm going there this April. I'm going there first by my own with my "properties" then mummy/daddy will go later. Btw, the enrollment thing is freaking me out. It's so troublesome lar! Happy because haha Singapore is way different from SIBU. I can go anywhere whenever I wish to. Cz there's public transport and it's easy for me. Btw it's not easy to gain weight there cz you'll walk walk walk WALKING everyday. I'm nervous cz, I'll be alone, I got no friends going there to study. The first day is going to be weird. SUPER WEIRD. Okay well, I'm still more excited than all those other feelings. :D Anyone, wants to go there with me? LOL

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