Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living like a birdie ;)

No school, no tuition, no driving lessons, no test. I'm so free now! As free as a birdie :) Oh! I just passed my car test on Monday. YAY! Hahaha. Which means, I'm gonna get my license soon and Imma DRIVE! :D

Okay, back to topic, last Sunday had a BBQ party at my house with mummy's friends at my house's pondok. 

Let  me introduce to you my pondok :) Say hi :)

 Fried chicken, Corn, Green Tea and Rice

Now, I seriously wanna have FOOD PARTY at my house having all sort of AWESOME food. Crab, fried chicken, pizza, french fries, wedges and etc. It's gonna be like AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE TO EAT! My hobby? :)

Went for a movie today with Carey. Only two of us. AIDUHHHHH lonely and weird cz it's only two of us and we usually have more than 3 people.
We watched, Journey 2.
Outfit of the day.

It's only RM 5 today.

Not much people cz it's afternoon time. I swear I had never ever laughed so hardly in a cinema before because of the Hank's boob's part. You'll know what I'm talking about if you did watch this movie. Maybe it's because I seldom watch comedy. Feeling like going for a movie every Wednesday with friends before I'm going to Singapore since it's cheaper on Wednesday and I wanna go for a late night movie!!! BUT it's so creepy out there. 

Okay, here's something from noodle house,
that's crazy right?!
20 layers of choc crepe,
20 layers of ganache
40 layers of HEAVEN!
this is way too awesome!!! :P


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