Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Feb baby's b'day.

SHE IS......
Mabel Wong.
She is a Feb baby.
P.S "Fab" baby :D

Went to Ark AGAIN, to celebrate her b'day. 

Outfit of the day.
Jumpsuit from Cotton On.
Super love it! 
Simply casual ;D
So, we ordered, Fried Rice and Noodles.

It comes in a super big plate. 2 of this sharing with 3 people, still too much I nearly suffocate from stuffing too much food LOL I'm still not a big eater cz we still left some noodles.

When girls sit down, they can just start talking non-stop. That's GIRLS :D So we talked for like 2 and half hours, then we went out for camwhore :D


That's all. No blowing candle, sing b'day song and cut cake. WEIRD EI? Sorry MABEL!!!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Mabel, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Love ya!!!!!!:D
So proud of myself
*Good job!
Teehee :D

 So before that, I was just driving shifu's small car when I was learning. After I passed, I drive Camry and Hilux. It's like super big difference. Good thing, it's auto. Bad thing, it's so BIG, LARGE, LONG and WIDER! First passenger, my mum. So, what she do? I guess 99.99% of you who passed your car and drove your mum out had the same experience as me. That's scream, shout, ROAR! LOL, no kidding. I found out that 99.99% of mums do the SAME thing that includes my mum. The 0.01% of mums is either those who won't get gin tiong easily and just relax or will only scream at you once you BUMPED and screwed up. :D My mum got gin tiong so so so easily. So, I just kept asking my mum when my dad is going to come back. Finally, daddy's back today. And ofcz he's my third passenger (2nd is my bro). He sat beside me and I drove Hilux out so nervous out there LOL. Daddy won't put a gin tiong face. He seems so relax but he's actually a bit nervous so he put his hand on the hand brake so he can pull it whenever i'm in DANGER. JUST IN CASE OKAY? :D Funny right? Mummy did that too. So that's why they insisted me driving Hilux instead of Camry. That's the afternoon one. Went out again at night cz I never tried driving out during night time.

Luckily, everyone's safe and sound back home. Haha :D Daddy said my driving skill was ok ofcz still need some more improvements lar :D Gonna drive again tomorrow hehe. Practice makes perfect or male will always say female's driving skill sucks. Okay erm 80% of boys did that kay. Eg, a car infront can't park or reverse the car skillfully, 80% of the boys will like " Aiya, no need to say, must be a GIRL! or apek or ahmu. " Unfortunately, most of the time is like BINGO! So, I must be a skillful girl driver. Boys, don't look down on girls.
P.S don't curse me for posting this. I only mean 80% maybe you are in the 20%  BOYS! ;P


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