Sunday, February 26, 2012


Okay crap I haven't again blog for one week. Lazy just kept staying with me :( and I got nothing special to blog about. Hmmmmmmmm, so just let me blog about what i've been thinking recently then.

I've been like repeating this for so so so many times in my blog. I'm going to Sg for further studies soon but there's so many things just kept freaking me out recently.
#1 I hvn enrolled yet cz they only want my actual result and my actual result will only be released on 22nd March. 
#2 YES! 22nd MARCH! *killme. I'm gonna be so dead at that time once I know my result. (if it's bad) I'M SO SCARED!
#3 I'm going there without any friends :( Friends are like so damn precious to me. Can't live without friends. So, in order to live, I need to make new friends. This makes me so damn excited but yet so damn scary.
Why? Cz I'm so a socially awkward type of person. My PR sucks. I can't start the first step, trying to talk to a total stranger and try to make friends. I mean I love making tons of friends but I'm just not good in it. The first step is always hard for me. But once the first step is over, and we are already in the 'friend state' instead of the 'stranger state', I swear you'll found out that I'm so totally different. Many people said that I'm so fierce and unfriendly. I swear you're wrong! Maybe I'm a bit fierce, I can scold and roar at someone if I'm pissed. But I'm so a friendly person okayyy :D First, I don't have a friendly face (can't blame), and I don't always smile. I mean like why do I keep smiling when I don't meant to smile or kept smiling to strangers. People will think that I'm weird right? #Don't get me wrong, I love to make friends just that it's hard for me. I need people to approach me first. :D
#4 Due to I'm a socially awkward person, and I always feel hard to adapt to a new environment, I'M SO DAMN NERVOUS yet EXCITED. I kept thinking about the orientation day and the first day of college. Most of the people say orientation day is the main point cz you'll get to know new friends. Socially awkward person, me, thought, should I bring my mum along so she can accompany me LOL but I think I shouldn't right? 
#5 I wanna go to a church when I'm in SG! BUT due to the factor, I'M A SOCIALLY AWKWARD PERSON, I had no idea what am I going to do. I needa find someone to accompany me to a church. Sorry about that but I can't help myself too :(

I'm so excited too other than freaked out :P
#1 I'm going back to a place which I used to study there for four years and where I wished to go back there and live there so badly :D
#2 Shopping there is much more convenient than in Sibu :D <3
#3 It's hard to put on weight there and it's easy to keep fit and slim down there. Cz I'm going to walk walk walk walk and walk. I'll walk a lot there.
#4 I'm going to have a college life. OMG. After living like a empty minded person, not studying, kept playing for 2-3 months, I SO WANNA GO AND STUDY! I swear I wanna go there and study ASAP! I swear, I'm gonna work my ass off to study as hard as I can in order to obtain awesome results for, MY FUTURE! :D *good girl ei? :D
#5 After all, I'm a big girl. No parents beside me. Independence. *PEACE. 

Okay, I'm recently so into this cover by SJM's Henry. It's so damn awesome!

Listening it almost everyday :D
And also Block B's Nanrina. Love this song too! If you are a K-Pop freak, I bet you know about Block B's recently issue. Okay, maybe they are just really way over the top but they apologized already and Zico even shaved his head. I mean people, just forgive and forget. Get over it. I mean, who didn't done something wrong ever. They are sorry about it ler. Enjoy their live show, it's AWESOME.

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