Thursday, February 9, 2012

Funniest B'day Ever!

Last Saturday was Mummy's b'day but she went to celebrate with her friends first at Le Ark Cafe few days before her b'day.
 The food there was quite delicious. They sell mostly chinese food.
我是......饭桶.Hahahhahha :D

 Mummy and I :)
 Mummy and her bunch of friends.
Nic :) 
Mummy and CAKE.

4th FEB, that's mummy's b'day, we went to the same restaurant again to have dinner with daddy.

 The man tou is super cute right?!
 Pumpkin Soup.
 Fish or Chicken, no idea.
Not bad
XO bla bla bla.
I dun really like it 
It's NICE!

After that, we went to Giant.
Super random shot at GIANT.

On the way home, I nearly laugh till I faint cz Daddy just gave the present to mum surprisingly with the help of bro and I. We just secretly place the present as soon as mum got down the car. And when she was back, she was like, " Ei? What's that? Aiyoooooo when you guys buy it? How come I didn't see it?" LOL when daddy was cerita-ing how he get the present and all that I was worrying will he just pop out all my secret plans? It's just under my prediction, YESH DADDY DID. :) He just say 1/25 out, and he stopped and said, "OHO!" and everyone went laughing so hardly. Daddy nearly ruin my plan.  
Here's daddy's present for mummy.

As soon as I reached home, I dashed to my room quickly cz the presents and card is not ready yet. Mummy was already waiting for me lol. Then I just bring down the present and placed somewhere. Mummy was like, "Now, it's ur turn where's my present?" "I told you I didn't prepare la. Oh yea, I got sth for you." I took out the RM30 parkson coupon which Daddy got it from buying the perfume. Haha.

From Aroma Bakery.

A family photo :)
After we cut the cake, mummy goes, I don't believe you didn't buy the present, now, I'm going to look for the present! LOL and she goes EI!!!!! Wa! SO BIG!

It's a tupperware box but inside it's not tupperware hahha

Present BY ME :)

Look from right to left.
1.  Opening the box with my bro's help. LOL
2. WA! What's inside?!
3. Why so many things?!
4. OH! Here's my tupperware!
(LOL I took my mum's tupperware secretly to put her present. And she was asking me did you took my tupperware? The maid say she saw you taking the tupperware box. And I was like NO! I took the box to put my old stuffs nia. It must be you borrow it to your friend la.)
5. What's that?
6. Pose. It's a mask with herbs
7. WA! Olympus camera?!
8. Cheh, it's only two photo frames. LOL
BTW, I just simply took it from home and put two pictures in it. LOL
(Don't get me wrong mum, that LONGCHAMP is mine LOL I didn't want to give you. I only used it to put sth in. Open it and you'll find your present)
11. Mask again. Snail Therapy Mask. LOL She gave me the eww face when I said that.
(It's not moon cake inside OFCZ)

13. It's the BODY LOTION
15. Wa, another BIG BOX.
16. OWH! That's my tupperware i've been looking for the whole afternoon. YOU LIED! I nearly went to my friend's house to look for it k!
18. Another two masks inside. Haha
I added, Mum, I took your Nature Republic member card to have the 25% discount for your b'day month o. And you can't have any further discount for your b'day month, cz I used it ler :) HEhehehhe...
She's like, WHAT?! When did u take it?
Me, I took it SECRETLY :D

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