Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Finally the day has come. I'm escaping Sibu tomorrow :D Muahahhahahhahahhahaha FINALLY!!!!!!

Had been packing since two days ago. First I feel like I packed too much so the second time I remove some of my clothes cz I dun want to bring too much clothes since I'm buying more. Third time, that's just now. After packing everything I weigh it. It's 11.1kg! SUPER OMG! Some more, I didn't buy any check in baggage. Gonna share with my friends but still over weight! Urgh! Still need to hand carry some things :(

I bring like only 3 of my GB T-shirts, 3 shoes, wearing 1 (so it's 4), 5 casual outfits ( including 3 shorts, 5-6 tops) , 1 tracksuits and some other things ONLY.

This time camp is a fun camp but it seems like super strict! Living at the PLKN camp site. NO HP. NO CAMERA. NO TOO MUCH MONEY! =.= super OMG. No camera?! How am I going to take pictures?!

Not going to blog for 15 days maybe... Hope that I can find some places that have free WI-FI and a computer for my to blog :)
Weird picture. What ever la. Sayonara people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I'm going to DROP THE BOMB in 15 DAYS :) *winks
Wish me luck. Hope that I got a nice trip and I can meet awesome people in the camp and and and I can shop for those things that I wanted to badly these few months :D

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