Saturday, December 3, 2011


Haven't been shopping for ages. :( Everyday I only stay at home study, watch tv and internet. That's all about my life before holiday. When I went for shopping these few days, I was SHOCKED. HEY! SIBU IMPROVED A LOT! Hahahahaha that's really a good news. Parkson had renovated like KL's Parkson. It looks much more better and more coordinated. When I stepped in I feel much better. I got the "FEEL" for shopping. Things are more or like the same... some better things are added. The best part for me was the accessories and cosmetics. Outfits are still not that ok.

1st Dec, Parkson just opened after few months for renovation. So, mummy brought my bro n I there. There's tons of people. Everything are on SALE. That's why all the people are there. And there are even free gifts. But we were too late, so, we didn't get it :( 
Outfit of the day. :D
(my teeth is kinda big right?)

That day was kinda tiring reach home, eat, and I need to study my law cz I have the test on the other day. I only study it at 9.oo pm. It was seriously too rush. I can't finish the 500 questions. So I continue the next morning. Read it for the whole morning. Read through once, then I went to a place for my law test. The first bad thing came, I forgot to bring my IC. Luckily the place was near enough to my home. Mummy rush home to get it for me. Second thing, I FAIL MY LAW TEST! I got 40 only (pass is 42). FML. Didn't prepare well. Mummy say I shouldn't have gone for it since I didn't bring my IC that day LOL. That's a bad sign already.

So, I have to pay RM 27 more to retest. So, I reread the 500 questions again. And re-nervous again. Nervous and scared I'll fail for the second time. So, I went there again today at 10.30 am. Good news, I'VE PASSED :D 48/50. Then, went for shopping :D Bought a dress for the dinner two days later.
Shopping in Sibu is really tiring esp when you really need to buy an outfit. There's no super big mall, with tons of nice shop selling awesome clothes. Most of the better shop are not in the mall. So I have to drive here and there. Get in and out of the car. Some more, it rains these days :( Finally I've found one :D I'm so glad :D
Went to GB today. They are having Christmas Party. Just went there to have some fun :D
(I had no idea why the pic is like that)

                                                        The shortest one was super cute

Went to Pizza Hut again with my family since I didn't have enough that day :D Super fattening dinner. Lots of CHEESE things!

 Outfit of the day :D
Please bare with my posts these days. It's kinda.... erm... freaking me out too :(
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