Tuesday, December 6, 2011



5th Dec is a super busy day for me. Cousin's wed and I'm the bride's maid. Woke up at 4 sth to wash my hair cz my hair got oily real fast. Then went to the bride's house to have make up and this and that. Super tiring :(

 Night time, went to RH to have the dinner. Wore a super high heels. Too bad I didn't snap a photo of it. It's super high/tall. Love it. It looks awesome! Show it to you guys next time. It's from Summit :D

Outfit of the day :)
Dress is from Vintage Diary.
(Outfit sold in Vintage Diary are AWESOME and the price there is quite reasonable. RECOMMENDED :D )

My hair.
Super like the curls :)
Just edit it brighter to make my hair more obvious.
My super dark, shinny and black hair :)

                Many people didn't come for the wedding. My table for ten, only 6-7 people..

The only picture I snap from the slide show :)

Please ignore my fringe and my curls. I kinda freaked out. The fringe was too short in some of the pics so I didn't post it and my curls are not curly anymore cz I didn't spray much :(
(The kid beside me was super talkative LOL. Kept finding me since morning and talking to me. I'm exhausted but she's still cute :D )

My diet plan was like totally not working cz I'd been like eating outside food for so many days. Gah.... gonna go for cardio!
Good news, my room is finally cleaned! :D Congratulations to me! I'd spent 4 to 5 hours tidying up my super messy rooms this afternoon. Woke up around 11 this morning, went to cousin's house to have lunch at 12. Went home around 1 sth, I start tidy up my bed with tons of books. I started throwing all my books onto the other bed (which I'm not sleeping on it) whenever I finished one subject. Just imagine the day after I finished 9 subjects. My bed was like full of books and papers and my study table was also half filled with books and my lappie was on the table too. The wires and cable and this and that makes my table so messy. Now, my table is finally back to normal. Very neat and tidy. Just like the table when I was in Form 1 & 2, cz I never sit down and study at home when I was in Form 1 & 2.LOL....

Tomorrow another dinner at mummy's friend's house. That is even terrible. Got tons of my favourite food :)

That's all for tonight. It's 6th Dec. 9 more days, it's a climax for my holiday. YAY!!! Shopping (eyes drop)! Hahaha. 
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