Monday, December 12, 2011


 "cooking" - " O.O OMG" that's what I thought last time. Now, "OMG I feel so like cooking! I wanna learn cooking!" Seriously, now I so damn wanna learn cooking! I can still remember I learned to fry an egg first when I was in primary school, then MI GORENG. Then some simple simple simple dishes in GB.
Now, I'm gonna start to learn cooking from my mum. My mummy and her mum, that's my granny really knows how to cook well. Western, Chinese, Japanese (sushi), Indonesian, Nyonya , Malay and bla bla bla. THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT A BIG DEAL! I ain't kidding! I'm gonna learn and post it in my blog next time.

Just learn the simplest one yesterday - Fried Rice :)
Gosh so like the "suri rumah tangga"

Went out early in the morning today to have the practice for the performance in the camp. OMG - exhausting! I nearly crashed my mind thinking everything and following the beats of the songs kept murmuring and counting the beats - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.......... run out of saliva. Finally finish practicing one song going for the next song tmrw :D

5.00 pm went for my first driving lesson. SO OMG! So gam chiong. Gonna have the second one tmrw. Then, escaping Sibu in 2 days! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!