Sunday, July 3, 2011

SISTA DAY ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ok ok finally, the today has come! I've been waiting for like one month :)
*One month ago...
ME: wat?
JOYCE: i got sth to tell you
ME: wat?
JOYCE: erm nth la...tell u two weeks later
ME: what thing?! tell me NOW!
JOYCE: dun want.
ME: fasater! you got a bf?!
JOYCE: ... yeaaaa :P
ME: SERIOUSLY?! who? show me!!!!
JOYCE: I was just kd... :)
ME: =.= faster tell me
JOYCE: actually I'm going back to sibu in July.
ME: Seriously?! YAYYYYY!!!!!
JOYCE: actually, i'm just kd .... haha
ME: =.= WEI!!!
JOYCE: no la. I'm really going back in July.
ME: really?!
JOYCE: yea.... don't tell anyone...

Then... everything starts from that day... we started planning... planning how to tell everyone to go out without let them suspect me :P, planning what to do, where to go. That's my 专长 k! I'm good in planning :P Teehee :D So we planned to go Baba and Siam II in the afternoon. Told everyone to go out with an excuse of celebrating everyone's b'day in one go. Actually, we didn't even celebrate and not even singing the b'day song today. LOL... Then, all the details...

12.15 reached Baba and Siam II. Everyone's still sitting there chatting without knowing Joyce is coming. LOL Then, finally she reached. Came in, everyone's face was like O.O... " ei,..... JOYCE O." I just need to say. Girls.... What reaction lar?! Then, eating time. The food there was like extra LARGE

It's NICE! :) Try next time :)
Then, camwhore and chit chat

My name :)
The Menu :D
Qi, Vivian, Mabel, Me :P
Me :) (insisted Xin Nee to take for me :P)

Extra large spoon and knife :D
(Ignore my flat flat hair :( )
Qi, Vivian, Me :P
Then, off we go to Parkson. Walk and walk and walk.

Finally, WE'VE REACHED! :D Walk and walk...
Camwhored :P

Went to the PADANG to camwhore. Duhhhhh~~~~ So HOT!!!!!!

LOL she's blowing her hair

Then, it rains :( off we go to MANA :)

More pictures, but it's not with me. Will upload as soon as I got it :)
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  2. ookie sure :D Thanks for viewing my blog :D