Saturday, July 16, 2011


It's Saturday. My Saturday is going to gone SOON and my Sunday is coming soon. Then Monday. Time flies. That's what I always say.
Joyce Lau is back to Melbourne! Awwwwwwwww :( Haiz, when can we meet again? Didn't do much things this time cz everyone's busy having tuition and school and she's the only one who's on holiday. Next time lar.... camwhore camwhore camwhore, overnight, gather.....

Next thing is, since last Sunday, everyone's busy checking the PLKN, National Service thingy. When I reached school, everyone's busy discussing and asking me did I got it or not. But I haven't check cz since that Sunday, the line was so laggy and cnt go in to that website. Tried for so many times and it PHAILED. Finally I can get into it on FRIDAY! And..... I DIDN'T GOT IT! :) Some of my friends were sad when they knew they'd got it. But, it's actually ok for me. Actually I do feel like going in, experience some cool stuffs like flying fox and etc. Experience something that you couldn't experience in your life except those boring talks :D And and and the most important is, you've got to meet many many friends from other places. It's awesome! You still can get some money during that 3 months. Then you can use those money to buy some goods. LOL I'm so money face. But thinking of staying in that sucky place for 3 months and cnt be with your family for 3 months, that's saddening :( Please don't mind. Don't be so sad about that lar. Just take it :D
* P.S don't come and hit me and scold me for saying this. I was just trying to comfort those who got it :D

Next Sunday is our school's Food Fair. Something really shit and unfair is, students who got open stall cnt get the money you earned. Not even 50%, 40% or even the modal. FML. UNFAIR RIGHT?! Hate!

Fashion is always my passion. Loved everything about fashion. Always wanted to do a fashion blog but due to some reasons ( don't have an awesome camera, don't have a photographer, and I'm still stuck in Sibu) :D I'll do it some day :D Wait for me :D *winks

Here's a skirt that I love.
Zara's Tulip skirt. It's gorgeous. It's nice going with a simple singlet or tanks or basic tees. LOVE!

Gahhhh!!!! My life's boring here! Wanna go somewhere.

Arhh, BYE :D

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