Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today is Saturday and... I woke up early in the morning to go to school. For what? The Marathon/Jogerthem event. Whole Malaysia students who study in the government school needs to take part in this event. And we're all a fool, been fooled.
6.45 am reach school, gather at the padang, wait for the maciam maciam VIPsss. Really banyak maciam. Not punctual one. Let all the students waiting for them under the hot sun!!! FML. Then, we stand at the padang there doing all sort of things. Most students were trying to find some better place to avoid the sun. Holding the umbrella, trying to fix the right angle to avoid the sun. Walking here and there, find someone to talk. Still got many maciam la. Then, finally we got to JOG/RUN. Actually it's walk only. Walk one big round around the school compound. =.= maciam very clever like that... That's so wasting our precious time. That 3 hours I can SLEEP/STUDY! Gahhh! STUPID... Then, went to ALOHA with friends, had LAKSA :P Yummyyyyy :P
Then, went for blood test. :)

Yerrrr......... :P
After that, went home, RELAX :P Then, went for CARDIO. Quite fun
*Spot me :)
maciam I got the 招风耳 LOL
everyone's so SEXAYYY there :P
hahahhahahha after that, smelly smelly le go home bath. Then, tuition. 2 hours 45 minutes. My buttock was flat after that! I'm now so hungryyy :((((( NO!!!!!!!!!! Diet is HARD! :( 
Tomorrow's Sunday party coming up stayed tune :P
안녕 Annyeong :P Byee :)

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