Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Chan chan~~~~~ here's the picturessss :P

No more le. Actually, there's more but Joyce refuse to post it. Gonna get from her someday again :P

Yesterday, went for Michelle's farewell at Red Carrots. Before that, Carey and Joyce came to my house. Chat for like one and half hours. Then camwhored a bit. Photos,

Then, off we go to Red Carrots.

outside not enough, toilet :P

I got 斗鸡眼 0.O
CCTV up there :P
People, remember to queue up PLEASE! Dislike people who don't queue up every time!

Gahhhh... too fat :( On diet-ing these days... Didn't eat rice at night ate many vegies :D I'm so hungry :( It's so hard for me, 饭桶 not to eat rice :( Seriously, I love to eat rice and CHICKEN :D Tomorrow, Pizza!!!!!! Yummmyyyyyy. Pizza hut has their awesome promotion :D

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